Jey Uso’s WWE Exit: A Work or a Walkout?


Jey Uso’s dramatic departure from WWE on the September 1st, 2023 episode of SmackDown sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. Following a contentious storyline with his twin brother Jimmy and their cousin Roman Reigns, Jey seemingly walked out on the company. This article will delve into the events leading up to Jey’s exit, explore the questions surrounding its legitimacy, and analyze what the future might hold for the popular tag team wrestler.

Jey Uso's

A Strained Relationship: Jey Uso and the Bloodline

Jey Uso’s exit was the culmination of a long and complex storyline. For over a year, Jey had been entangled with Roman Reigns, the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, who also happens to be their real-life cousin. This storyline positioned Reigns as the domineering “Tribal Chief” of The Bloodline, a faction that included Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Initially, Jey resisted aligning himself with The Bloodline, creating tension within the group. However, he eventually relented, seemingly falling in line with Reigns’ dominance. This internal conflict became a recurring theme, with Jey often caught between loyalty to his family and his own aspirations.

A SummerSlam Heartbreaker and a Shocking Betrayal

The boiling point arrived at SummerSlam 2023. Jey challenged Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in a highly anticipated match. Jey had a strong showing, pushing Reigns to the limit. Just as it appeared Jey might dethrone the Tribal Chief, Jimmy Uso returned from injury and delivered a shocking superkick to his own brother, costing Jey the match.

This betrayal deeply affected Jey. The following episode of SmackDown featured a raw and emotional exchange between the twins. Jey confronted Jimmy, expressing his hurt and confusion. Jimmy, motivated by fear and a desire to protect his family’s standing within The Bloodline, admitted his actions were fueled by a desperate need to ensure Reigns retained the championship.

A Walkout or a Well-Executed Angle?

The final act of Jey’s apparent exit unfolded later that same night on SmackDown. Jey, visibly distraught, attacked Jimmy and even Reigns. He then declared his departure from The Bloodline, SmackDown, and WWE altogether. This dramatic sequence left fans stunned and questioning the validity of Jey’s exit.

Several factors fueled speculation that Jey’s walkout might be a pre-determined storyline angle. First, professional wrestling has a long history of using staged walkouts to generate interest. Second, Jey’s profile on WWE’s official website was promptly moved to the alumni section, a move typically reserved for wrestlers who have definitively left the company.

However, other details clouded the issue. Jey’s emotional performance on SmackDown seemed genuine, and reports suggested that his contract with WWE wasn’t set to expire until April 2024. This ambiguity regarding Jey’s future with the company kept fans on the edge of their seats.

What the Future Holds for Jey Uso

As of today, June 6, 2024, Jey Uso hasn’t returned to WWE programming. This continued absence has fueled ongoing debate among fans. Here are the two main possibilities:

A Planned Storyline: The most likely scenario is that Jey Uso’s walkout is part of a larger storyline. This angle could lead to a future rivalry between Jey and The Bloodline, particularly Jimmy Uso. Jey might eventually return to WWE seeking revenge for his brother’s betrayal. This storyline could culminate in a highly anticipated and emotionally charged match between the Uso brothers.

A Legitimate Departure: While less probable, it’s also possible that Jey Uso has genuinely left WWE. Perhaps he desires a break from the grueling wrestling schedule or wants to pursue other opportunities outside the company. However, given Jey’s unresolved issues within the storyline and his ongoing contract, this scenario seems less likely.

The Intriguing World of Professional Wrestling Storytelling

Jey Uso’s situation highlights the fascinating world of professional wrestling storytelling. The lines between reality and kayfabe (scripted elements) are often blurred, leaving fans to decipher the true nature of events. This ambiguity creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, keeping fans engaged and invested in the ongoing narratives.

Jey Uso’s apparent exit has undoubtedly captured the imagination of the WWE Universe. Whether it’s a meticulously crafted storyline or a genuine departure, one thing is certain: Jey Uso’s future in professional wrestling promises to be captivating. Fans will continue to speculate and eagerly await his next move, inside or outside the WWE ring.


Q: Did Jey Uso really quit WWE?

The on-air scene depicted a dramatic exit. Jey attacked his brother Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns, then declared he was leaving The Bloodline, SmackDown, and WWE altogether. However, reports suggest this is a storyline angle. Jey’s contract wasn’t expiring until April 2024, and WWE even moved his profile to the alumni section of their website, further fueling the storyline fire.

Q: So, when will Jey Uso return?

There’s no official confirmation, but rumors suggest he might be back before Survivor Series later in 2024. The duration of his absence is likely part of the storyline’s development.

Q: Why did Jey Uso (seemingly) quit?

The storyline points to a rift within The Bloodline. Jey’s frustration with Jimmy’s actions and his loyalty conflict with Roman Reigns might be the key reasons behind his rage and supposed exit.

Q: Recap the events leading to Jey Uso’s exit.

At SummerSlam 2023, Jey challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Just as Jey was about to win, Jimmy Uso returned and betrayed his brother with a superkick, allowing Reigns to retain the title. This betrayal seemingly pushed Jey to the edge, leading to his outburst on SmackDown.

Q: Is there a chance this storyline might change?

Professional wrestling storylines are fluid and can change course. While Jey’s return seems like the most likely scenario, there’s always a possibility that WWE might decide to take the storyline in a different direction.

Q: Where can I watch the highlights of Jey Uso’s exit?

You can find highlights of the episode on the official WWE website or their YouTube channel [YouTube wwe].

Q: What’s next for The Usos?

The future of The Usos is uncertain. Jey’s return could reignite their tag team dominance, or their internal conflict could lead to a feud. Jimmy’s actions and Roman Reigns’ leadership will significantly influence the direction of the group.

Q: What are the fan reactions to Jey Uso’s departure?

Fans have expressed mixed reactions. Some are excited about the potential for a fresh storyline, while others are disappointed to see The Usos potentially split. Many fans are curious to see how Jey’s return will unfold and how it will affect the dynamics within The Bloodline.

Q: Where can I stay updated on Jey Uso and WWE?

Follow WWE’s official channels on social media and their website for the latest updates on Jey Uso, The Usos, and all things WWE. Fan forums and reputable wrestling news websites can also be good sources for information and discussions.

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