Kaigaku: A Spark That Ignited Despair


The world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a brutal one, where humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation by ferocious demons. But amidst this darkness, an even greater evil lurks – the betrayal of trust. Kaigaku, a former Demon Slayer, embodies this treachery. 

His journey, from aspiring demon slayer to Upper Moon 6, is a cautionary tale of jealousy, ambition, and the allure of power that consumes even the most promising individuals.

A Flickering Talent Under the Lightning Hashira

Kaigaku’s origins remain shrouded in mystery. The manga offers glimpses of his early days as a Demon Slayer trainee under the tutelage of the enigmatic former Lightning Hashira. 

Here, he encountered Zenitsu Agatsuma, a fellow student with exceptional talent but a lack of discipline. Despite their contrasting personalities, they trained together, pushing each other to their limits.

However, a seed of resentment began to grow within Kaigaku. Zenitsu, the seemingly carefree slacker, possessed a natural aptitude for the Lightning Breathing techniques that eluded Kaigaku. 

This disparity fueled a burning jealousy within him, twisting his ambition into a consuming desire to surpass Zenitsu at any cost.

The Corrosive Power of Envy

Kaigaku’s path takes a drastic turn when he encounters a demon, most likely Muzan Kibutsuji himself. The demon capitalizes on Kaigaku’s festering discontent, promising him power beyond his wildest dreams. Blinded by his envy and the allure of surpassing Zenitsu, Kaigaku succumbs to the temptation, making a pact and transforming into a Demon.

This transformation marks a pivotal point in Kaigaku’s story. The once-determined Demon Slayer sheds his humanity, becoming a twisted reflection of his former self. The burning jealousy that fueled him now manifests as a demonic hunger, further consuming his sense of self.

A Tempest of Thunder: Unleashing Demonic Might

Kaigaku’s abilities as a Demon are a warped version of his Lightning Breathing techniques. He retains the core principles of the style but channels them through demonic power, imbuing his attacks with a sinister edge. This grants him immense speed and destructive force, making him a formidable opponent.

However, a grotesque aspect of his transformation lies in the grotesque mutation of his arm, resembling a monstrous claw. This serves as a constant reminder of his pact with the demons, a twisted symbol of the power he craved at the cost of his humanity.

A Betrayal that Echoes Through the Entertainment District

Kaigaku resurfaces during the Entertainment District Arc, his presence a malevolent storm cloud looming over Zenitsu. A bitter rivalry reignited, this time on a far more perilous stage. Kaigaku’s motives for siding with the demons during this crucial mission are multifaceted.

One factor is his unwavering desire to humiliate and overpower Zenitsu. By aligning himself with the demons, he seeks to prove his superiority over his former rival on the grandest possible stage. Additionally, his allegiance to Muzan grants him access to immense power, further fueling his twisted ambition.

The battle between Kaigaku and Zenitsu is a clash of thunder and lightning, both figuratively and literally. It is a brutal fight fueled by years of simmering resentment. Yet, within this storm of violence, a flicker of Zenitsu’s growth emerges. Despite his initial fear, Zenitsu manages to tap into his full potential, ultimately defeating his corrupted former comrade.

A Spark Extinguished: The Legacy of a Fallen Demon Slayer

Kaigaku’s defeat marks the end of a tragic descent. His story serves as a stark reminder of the destructive nature of envy and ambition. By succumbing to these emotions, he not only betrayed his fellow Demon Slayers but also sacrificed his humanity for a power that ultimately consumed him.

The impact of Kaigaku’s actions is far-reaching. His betrayal serves as a wake-up call to the Demon Slayers, highlighting the ever-present threat of internal strife. For Zenitsu, the battle becomes a catalyst for growth. By overcoming his fear and defeating Kaigaku, Zenitsu takes a significant step towards becoming a true pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Kaigaku may be a cautionary tale, but his story also raises intriguing questions. Was there a glimmer of his former self buried beneath the monstrous exterior? Could his descent into darkness have been prevented? These lingering questions add depth to his character and the world of Demon Slayer.


Who was Kaigaku before becoming a Demon?

Kaigaku’s past is shrouded in mystery. The manga offers glimpses of him as a Demon Slayer trainee under the tutelage of the enigmatic former Lightning Hashira. Here, he encountered Zenitsu Agatsuma, a fellow student with exceptional talent but a lack of discipline.

While details about Kaigaku’s early life and motivations are scarce, it’s evident that he possessed a strong desire to become a skilled Demon Slayer. However, his journey takes a dark turn when his ambition becomes warped by jealousy towards Zenitsu’s natural talent.

What motivated Kaigaku to become a Demon?

The reasons behind Kaigaku’s transformation are multifaceted. The primary factor seems to be his deep-seated jealousy of Zenitsu’s natural aptitude for the Lightning Breathing techniques. Despite Kaigaku’s relentless effort, Zenitsu surpassed him, fueling a constant sense of inadequacy.

Muzan Kibutsuji, the series’ main antagonist, capitalized on Kaigaku’s vulnerability. The promise of immense power and the opportunity to finally surpass Zenitsu likely enticed Kaigaku into making a pact with the demon, ultimately leading to his transformation.

What were Kaigaku’s abilities as a Demon?

Kaigaku’s demonic abilities mirrored a twisted version of his former Lightning Breathing techniques. He channeled demonic power through these techniques, imbuing his attacks with increased speed and destructive force. This transformation granted him immense physical prowess, making him a formidable opponent.

One grotesque aspect of his transformation was the mutation of his arm into a monstrous claw. This served as a constant reminder of his pact with the demons, a physical embodiment of the power he craved at the cost of his humanity.

How did Kaigaku’s fighting style differ from Zenitsu’s?

Both Kaigaku and Zenitsu utilized the foundation of Lightning Breathing techniques. However, their approaches differed significantly.

Kaigaku, consumed by envy and a desire for dominance, focused on brute force and destructive power. His movements were likely more deliberate and calculated, reflecting his strategic mindset.

In contrast, Zenitsu’s style relied more on instinct and explosiveness. While seemingly lacking focus, Zenitsu could unleash devastating attacks when asleep, a stark contrast to Kaigaku’s calculated approach.

What was Kaigaku’s role in the Entertainment District Arc?

Kaigaku’s presence in the Entertainment District Arc served multiple purposes. It reignited his bitter rivalry with Zenitsu, providing a dramatic conflict within the larger battle against the demons. His betrayal also highlighted the vulnerability of the Demon Slayers to internal strife.

Kaigaku’s primary motivation for siding with the demons seems to be his desire to humiliate Zenitsu. He relished the opportunity to prove his superiority on a grand stage. Additionally, his allegiance to Muzan granted him access to immense power, further fueling his twisted ambition.

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