Knights of the Old Republic Remake: A Journey Back to a Beloved Star Wars Era


KOTOR, For Star Wars fans, Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) holds a special place. Released in 2003, this BioWare RPG transported players thousands of years before the Skywalker saga, to a time when Sith Lords and Jedi Knights waged war across the galaxy. News of a remake sent shockwaves through the gaming community in 2021, but since then, information has been scarce. Let’s delve into everything we know so far about the KOTOR remake, addressing the burning questions fans have been asking on YouTube and Google.

Is the KOTOR Remake Still Happening?

Yes! Despite a period of radio silence, development on the KOTOR remake is confirmed to be ongoing. In March 2024, Saber Interactive, which acquired the developers Aspyr following their split from Embracer Group, reassured fans that the project is alive and well [3]. While details remain under wraps, this official statement puts to rest anxieties about the remake’s cancellation.


When Will the KOTOR Remake Be Released?

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date yet. The announcement trailer in 2021 offered no timeframe, and subsequent news has been quiet on that front. The development delay is likely due to several factors. Remaking a beloved classic is a significant undertaking, and the recent shift in development studios (from Aspyr to Saber Interactive) might have caused additional hurdles.

Considering the lack of concrete details, a 2024 release seems improbable. A 2025 release window appears more realistic, but even that’s speculation. Patience, fellow Star Wars fans!

What Platforms Will the KOTOR Remake Be On?

The original announcement confirmed the KOTOR remake as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) [2]. This means it will launch first on the PS5, with a potential release on Xbox Series X/S and PC later. While no official confirmation exists for the Xbox or PC versions, considering the immense popularity of KOTOR on those platforms, it’s highly likely they’ll follow eventually.

What to Expect from the KOTOR Remake

Here’s where things get exciting. The remake promises to rebuild KOTOR from the ground up, leveraging modern game engines and technology. Expect stunning visuals, overhauled character models and environments, and potentially even improved combat mechanics.

However, the big question remains: how far will the remake stray from the original experience?

Based on interviews and limited information, here’s a breakdown of what we can expect:

Faithful Recreation: The core story, characters, and world of KOTOR are likely to remain untouched. The developers have expressed a desire to stay true to the spirit of the original while offering a fresh coat of paint.

Enhanced Visuals and Audio: The remake will undoubtedly boast a graphical leap. Expect detailed environments, high-resolution textures, and improved character models. The soundtrack, a cherished aspect of the original, might also receive a remaster.

Potential Gameplay Tweaks: While the core gameplay loop of exploration, dialogue, and combat is likely to remain, there’s a chance for some refinements. Improved combat mechanics, more streamlined menus, and potentially even quality-of-life features could be implemented.

It’s important to remember that these are educated guesses. The developers haven’t revealed specific details about gameplay changes.

Questions Fans Still Have

Here are some of the most common questions swirling around the KOTOR remake:

Will the story or characters be altered? There’s no indication of major story changes. However, minor tweaks to dialogue or character interactions are possible to fit the revamped narrative flow.

How extensive will the gameplay overhaul be? We don’t know for sure. The developers might focus on visuals and keep the core gameplay intact, or they might introduce more significant combat or inventory management changes.

Will there be additional content? New areas, quests, or characters are a possibility, but unconfirmed. The focus seems to be on faithfully recreating the original experience with a modern makeover.

Will the remake be canon to the current Star Wars universe? This remains unclear. The original KOTOR wasn’t considered canon after Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, but the remake’s status is unknown.

Will there be microtransactions or DLC? There’s no official word on monetization strategies. While microtransactions are less common in single-player RPGs, it’s something to keep an eye on.


Is the KOTOR remake actually happening?

There was an official announcement in 2021, but development seems to be on hold. The latest reports suggest an indefinite delay.

What platforms will it be on?

While details are scarce, rumors point towards a PlayStation 5 and PC release.

Will the story change?

The developers haven’t confirmed any story changes. Most likely, the core plot of the beloved RPG will remain intact.

How different will the gameplay be?

Expect a modern overhaul! While the turn-based combat might stay, graphics, character customization, and user interface will likely receive a significant upgrade.

Can I romance my favorite characters again?

The jury’s out on romance options. The original’s cast and relationships might be faithfully recreated.

Will there be more companions?

The original KOTOR offered a memorable crew. Whether the remake introduces new companions or expands existing ones is unknown.

Will the remake be harder than the original?

Difficulty options will likely be available, letting you choose a challenge that suits your playstyle.

Is this a remake of KOTOR 1 or 2?

The focus seems to be solely on the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

Should I play the original KOTOR before the remake?

Absolutely! The original is a masterpiece, and while the remake will be stunning, it won’t replace the classic experience.

When can I play the KOTOR remake?

Unfortunately, with the delay, there’s no confirmed release date. Stay tuned to gaming news channels for official updates!

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