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Kurakat shrine

Kurakat shrine, The sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is brimming with secrets waiting to be unearthed. Among these hidden gems are the Shrines of Light, enigmatic trials that test Link’s skills and resolve. One such shrine shrouded in a touch of mystery is the Kurakat Shrine. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Kurakat Shrine, from its cunningly concealed location to the puzzle that awaits within.

Locating the Elusive Kurakat Shrine

Unlike some Shrines readily visible on the landscape, the Kurakat Shrine requires a keen eye and a dash of deduction to find. Here’s where your exploration prowess comes into play:

Setting the Course: Head towards the East Hill Chasm, located at coordinates (1822, -1002, 0112) on your Sheikah Slate map. This area is situated near Kakariko Village, a familiar landmark for Zelda veterans.

Scaling the Ruins: As you approach the East Hill Chasm, you’ll encounter imposing ruins. Utilize Link’s trusty “Ascend” ability to navigate these ruins and reach higher ground.

A Guiding Construct: Once you’ve scaled the ruins, you’ll encounter a Steward Construct. Interact with this construct to initiate the Shrine Quest associated with the Kurakat Shrine, titled “Dyeing to Find It.” This quest serves as the key to unlocking the shrine itself.

Unveiling the Kurakat Shrine: The Quest “Dyeing to Find It”

The name “Dyeing to Find It” offers a subtle hint about the nature of the quest. Here’s how to conquer this challenge and reveal the hidden Kurakat Shrine:

The Power of the Ultrahand: The “Dyeing to Find It” quest heavily relies on the Sheikah Slate’s Ultrahand ability. This ability allows Link to grab and manipulate objects from a distance.

Manipulating the Structure: You’ll find a peculiar structure near the Steward Construct. This structure consists of a platform with a wheel and two wooden planks lying nearby.

Aligning the Pieces: Using the Ultrahand, carefully insert the wooden planks into the designated slots on either side of the existing slab on the platform.

Harnessing the Sun’s Power: This is where the time of day becomes crucial. You’ll need to wait until sunrise, roughly around 6:00 AM in-game time. As the sun rises, the shadow cast by the structure will begin to shift.

The Revealing Shadow: The objective is to manipulate the wheel on the platform so that the shadow cast by the structure perfectly aligns with a specific white marking on the ground. This alignment will trigger the activation of the shrine.

Tips for Success:

If waiting for sunrise feels tedious, you can utilize Fire Fruit or Flint to create a campfire and pass the time until the necessary sunlight arrives.

Several online resources like videos offer visual walkthroughs of the “Dyeing to Find It” quest, providing a clear demonstration of the steps involved.

Conquering the Kurakat Shrine: What Lies Within

Once the “Dyeing to Find It” quest is complete, the previously concealed Kurakat Shrine will materialize before your eyes. Now, it’s time to tackle the challenge within the shrine itself:

A Test of Resourcefulness: The Kurakat Shrine’s puzzle is classified as a “Blessing Style Shrine.” This means there’s no intricate puzzle or combat encounter to overcome.

Claiming Your Reward: Simply enter the shrine and approach the chest within. This chest holds a valuable treasure – the Magic Scepter. This weapon will undoubtedly prove useful in Link’s ongoing adventures.

An Additional Blessing: Exiting the shrine after acquiring the Magic Scepter isn’t the end of the story. You’ll also be rewarded with a Light of Blessing for completing the shrine.

Lights of Blessing: Power Up Your Hero

Lights of Blessing are a recurring reward in Tears of the Kingdom, obtained by conquering Shrines of Light. These blessings hold immense value for Link’s growth:

Empowering Choices: Lights of Blessing can be exchanged at specific statues scattered throughout Hyrule. You have the option to convert them into either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.

Heart of a Hero: Heart Containers permanently increase Link’s maximum health, allowing him to endure more punishment in combat situations.

Enduring Stamina: Stamina Vessels enhance the size of Link’s Stamina Wheel. This translates to Link being able to perform actions that consume stamina for longer durations, such as climbing or swimming.


Where is the Kurakat Shrine?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive online map pinpointing the exact location. However, players report finding it scattered throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for the standard glowing entrance that marks most shrines.

What’s the name of the quest to access the Kurakat Shrine?

The quest to unlock the Kurakat Shrine is called “Dyeing to Find It.”

What’s the challenge inside the Kurakat Shrine?

The Kurakat Shrine throws a curveball. The entire room is dark, and you’ll need to use special dyes to reveal the path and solve the environmental puzzles.

How do I solve the Kurakat Shrine puzzle?

The key is using the colored dyes you collect throughout the challenge. Splash them on the environment to make platforms, pathways, and mechanisms appear. It’s all about using color strategically to navigate the darkness.

Are there any hints to solving the Kurakat Shrine puzzle?

Look closely at the walls and ground for faint markings or shapes. These might indicate where specific colors need to be used.

Is there a boss battle in the Kurakat Shrine?

No, the Kurakat Shrine focuses entirely on environmental puzzles and creative dye mechanics.

What reward do I get for completing the Kurakat Shrine?

Once you conquer the darkness and solve the puzzles, you’ll be rewarded with a new Spirit Orb, a crucial item for enhancing your character’s abilities.

Is the Kurakat Shrine difficult?

The Kurakat Shrine is considered one of the tougher shrines in Tears of the Kingdom. Its unique mechanic and reliance on abstract thinking can leave some players stumped.

Where can I find a walkthrough for the Kurakat Shrine?

Many YouTubers have uploaded helpful walkthroughs for the Kurakat Shrine. Search for “Kurakat Shrine Tears of the Kingdom” to find visual guides that will walk you through the puzzles step-by-step [YouTube].

Any tips for tackling the Kurakat Shrine?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the dyes! Try splashing them on different areas to see what gets revealed. Patience and a bit of trial and error are key to conquering this challenging shrine.

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