Lakiha Spicer- Resilience, Redemption, and Reinvention


Lakiha Spicer, also known as Kiki Spicer, is a businesswoman and the wife of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Her journey has been one of resilience, redemption, and reinvention.

While many know her as the wife of a celebrity, Spicer has her own compelling story that deserves attention. This article delves into Lakiha Spicer’s background, her relationship with Mike Tyson, her challenges, and her journey towards a successful life.

Early Life and Background

Lakiha Spicer was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.She is the daughter of Clarence Fowler, a well-known and respected figure in the Muslim community, and his wife, Faridah Ali. While much of Spicer’s early life remains private, it’s known that she grew up in a family with deep roots in religion and community.

Meeting Mike Tyson

Lakiha Spicer first met Mike Tyson when she was a teenager. The connection was facilitated through her father, who had business dealings with Tyson’s manager, Don King. Their initial encounters were brief, but they reconnected years later.

By then, Tyson’s career had seen its share of ups and downs, and his personal life was mired in controversy. Despite these challenges, Spicer and Tyson found common ground, leading to a deeper relationship.

Marriage and Family

Lakiha Spicer and Mike Tyson married in 2009 in a small, private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel in the Las Vegas Hilton. The marriage was Tyson’s third, and he was coming off a turbulent period in his life. Their relationship brought stability and a sense of normalcy to Tyson’s life. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Milan and a son named Morocco.

Spicer’s role in Tyson’s life has been significant. She has been credited with helping him overcome personal struggles and find a new direction in his career. Tyson has often spoken about her positive influence on him, highlighting her strength, wisdom, and unwavering support.

Legal Troubles and Redemption

Before her marriage to Tyson, Lakiha Spicer faced legal troubles that made headlines. In 2004, she was convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud, resulting in a four-year sentence. However, her sentence was reduced to six months, which she served in a federal prison in Texas. This challenging period in her life proved to be a turning point.

After her release from prison, Spicer decided to turn her life around. She focused on rebuilding her career and personal life, and her marriage to Tyson was a significant part of this transformation. The experience gave her a new perspective on life, and she has since dedicated herself to building a stable and loving family.

Reinventing a Legacy

Lakiha Spicer’s role in Tyson’s life extends beyond the personal sphere. She has been instrumental in helping him rebuild his public image and create new business ventures. Spicer has worked closely with Tyson on various projects, including his one-man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” which has enjoyed critical acclaim.

Spicer’s influence on Tyson’s business ventures has been profound. She has helped him navigate the complexities of show business and played a significant role in managing his career. Together, they have launched successful ventures in entertainment and cannabis, among others.

Maintaining Privacy in the Public Eye

Despite being in the public eye, Lakiha Spicer and Mike Tyson have managed to maintain a level of privacy in their personal lives. They have been careful about what they share with the public and the media, choosing to keep much of their family life out of the spotlight. This discretion has allowed them to create a stable and loving environment for their children.


Q. Who is Lakiha Spicer?

Lakiha Spicer, also known as Kiki Tyson, is an American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and socialite. She is best known as the wife of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. The couple has been married since 2009 and has two children together.

Q.  How did Lakiha Spicer meet Mike Tyson?

Lakiha Spicer met Mike Tyson through her father, who had connections in the boxing industry. The couple’s relationship evolved over time, and they married in 2009, following Tyson’s previous relationships and personal challenges.

Q. What is Lakiha Spicer’s background?

Lakiha Spicer was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She comes from a family with connections to the boxing world, and her father, Shamsud-Din Ali, was a prominent figure in the community. Despite her family’s background, Lakiha has largely maintained a low public profile.

Q. What does Lakiha Spicer do for a living?

Lakiha Spicer is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. While her exact ventures are not widely publicized, she has been involved in various business activities and has supported her husband’s endeavours, including his one-man show and podcast.

Q.  How many children do Lakiha Spicer and Mike Tyson have?

Lakiha Spicer and Mike Tyson have two children together: a daughter named Milan Tyson and a son named Morocco Tyson. The couple focuses on raising their children and maintaining a stable family life.

Q.  What role does Lakiha Spicer play in Mike Tyson’s life?

Lakiha Spicer has been a significant source of support and stability for Mike Tyson. Since their marriage in 2009, she has helped him navigate through personal and professional challenges. Their relationship has been described as a turning point in Tyson’s life, contributing to his transformation and new career ventures.

Q.  Are there any controversies associated with Lakiha Spicer?

Lakiha Spicer’s father, Shamsud-Din Ali, was involved in a high-profile corruption case, but Lakiha herself has not been implicated in any significant controversies. She has generally maintained a private and discreet lifestyle, focusing on her family and personal endeavours.

Q.  Where can I find Lakiha Spicer on social media?

Lakiha Spicer maintains a low public profile and does not have a significant presence on social media platforms. However, she occasionally appears in photos and posts shared by her husband, Mike Tyson, on his social media accounts.

Q. What is Lakiha Spicer’s influence on Mike Tyson’s career?

Lakiha Spicer has had a positive impact on Mike Tyson’s career and personal life. She has supported him through various projects, including his one-man show, podcast, and other business ventures. Her steady presence has been credited with helping him find stability and success in his post-boxing career.

Q. What does Lakiha Spicer do in her free time?

Lakiha Spicer is known to be family-oriented and enjoys spending time with her children and husband. She supports her children’s interests and activities, including their education and hobbies. While specific details of her personal interests are not widely publicized, her focus is primarily on her family and business pursuits.


Lakiha Spicer’s story is one of resilience, redemption, and reinvention. From a challenging legal past to becoming a stabilizing force in Mike Tyson’s life, her journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking a second chance.

Her influence on Tyson’s personal and professional life is undeniable, and together, they have built a life that transcends their past struggles. Spicer’s ability to reinvent herself and support her family is a testament to her strength and determination, qualities that continue to shape her legacy.

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