Landing with the Force: Mastering the “Land During Find the Force”


Land during find the force, For seasoned Fortnite players, tackling weekly challenges is a familiar routine. But with the arrival of Chapter 4 Season 2, a new quest titled “Land during Find the Force” has sparked some confusion. This guide delves into everything you need to know to conquer this challenge and earn those valuable Battle Stars.

Land during find the force

What is the “Land During Find the Force” Challenge?

This week’s challenge in Fortnite is a straightforward one: you need to land successfully from the Battle Bus five times across different matches. There’s no specific location requirement or time constraint. Simply jump out of the Battle Bus and touch down anywhere on the map to complete one instance of the challenge.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the objective:

Challenge: Land during Find the Force

Objective: Land successfully from the Battle Bus five times in different matches.

Reward: Battle Stars (amount depends on the season)

About “Land During Find the Force”

Since its introduction, players have taken to YouTube to seek clarification on this seemingly simple challenge. Here are the most common questions and their answers:

Do I need to land at a specific location?

No, the challenge doesn’t require landing at any particular named location on the map. You can choose your usual landing spot, a contested area for some early action, or a secluded corner – the choice is entirely yours.

Is there a specific time to jump out of the Battle Bus?

The challenge doesn’t have a time limit. You can deploy your glider whenever you feel comfortable and glide down to safety.

Can I complete this challenge in Team Rumble mode?

Yes, the “Land During Find the Force” challenge can be completed in Team Rumble mode. Since respawns are enabled in this mode, you can land quickly, get eliminated, and respawn to repeat the process until you complete all five landings.

What if I don’t land successfully? Does that count?

For the challenge to register, you need to land successfully. This means deploying your glider before hitting the ground. If you forget to deploy and take fall damage, that attempt won’t count towards the challenge.

Do I need to win the match for the landings to count?

Absolutely not! Your landing attempts only need to be successful, regardless of your overall performance or where you finish in the match.

Strategies to Complete the Challenge Efficiently

While the challenge itself is straightforward, here are some tips to streamline the process and complete it in as few matches as possible:

Hot Drop for Early Completion:
Landing at a hot drop location like Tilted Towers or Condo Canyon increases your chances of getting eliminated quickly. This allows you to respawn and repeat the landing process faster. However, be prepared for intense early-game fights.

Prioritize Landing Spots: If hot dropping isn’t your style, prioritize landing spots that offer quick access to loot and a potential escape route. This way, even if you encounter enemies, you might be able to gear up and fight back or make a strategic retreat.

Utilize the Glider Redeploy Mechanic: Remember, deploying your glider before hitting the ground is crucial. Don’t be afraid to deploy early, especially when landing from a significant height. Glider redeploy allows for course correction and ensures a safe landing.

Team Up with Friends: Teaming up with friends can make this challenge more enjoyable. You can strategize landing locations, support each other in early fights, and potentially complete the challenge faster by covering each other’s backs.

Beyond the Challenge: Mastering Landing Techniques

While the “Land during Find the Force” challenge focuses on successful landings, mastering landing techniques in general offers significant advantages in Fortnite. Here are some advanced tips to consider:

Learn about Drop Paths: Understanding the Battle Bus’s flight path and common drop routes taken by other players can give you an edge. You can use this knowledge to land strategically and avoid high-traffic areas if desired.

Prioritize Chests and Loot: Landing near chests or high-concentration loot areas is crucial. By prioritizing these locations, you can quickly acquire weapons and shields to defend yourself in the early game.

Practice Building on Landing: Being able to build structures on landing can be a game-changer. Practice building walls or ramps as you descend to create immediate cover or reach higher vantage points.

Master the Side Jumps and Slide: Utilizing side jumps and the slide mechanic can help you gain additional distance or maneuver quickly upon landing. These techniques can be particularly useful when landing in contested areas or escaping unexpected encounters.


What is “Land During Find the Force” and where did it come from?

“Land During Find the Force” is a challenge from the popular battle royale game Fortnite. It’s part of a series of quests called “The Force Within” that was introduced in Chapter 4 Season 2. Completing this challenge grants you valuable in-game rewards.

What do I need to do to complete the “Land During Find the Force” challenge?

This challenge is refreshingly straightforward. All you need to do is land successfully from the Battle Bus five times across different Fortnite matches. There’s no specific location you need to land at, so you can choose your favorite drop zone or explore new areas each time.

Are there any specific times I need to jump out of the Battle Bus?

Nope! The challenge doesn’t require you to deploy your glider at any particular point during the flight. You can jump out whenever you feel comfortable and glide down to land safely.

How many times do I need to complete this challenge?

You only need to land successfully five times. However, since you can only jump out and land once per match, you’ll need to play at least five Fortnite games to complete the challenge.

What are the rewards for completing “Land During Find the Force?”

Completing this challenge will grant you some valuable in-game experience points (XP) that contribute to your overall Fortnite level. The exact amount of XP you receive may vary depending on your current season level and any active Battle Pass bonuses.

Are there any tips for completing “Land During Find the Force” faster?

Here are a few tips to help you complete this challenge efficiently:

Prioritize landing: Since you only need to focus on landing this time, you can prioritize getting to the ground quickly. Don’t worry about engaging in early fights or looting chests right away. Just deploy your glider at a comfortable height and land safely.

Choose hot drop zones: If you’re confident in your combat abilities, consider landing at hot drop zones where many players gather. This can help you complete multiple challenges simultaneously, as eliminating opponents and looting chests often contribute to other quests.

Play Team Rumble: Team Rumble mode is a great option for completing landing challenges. It features larger teams with respawns, so you can focus on landing and get back into action quickly if you don’t make it the first time.

What if I accidentally fall off the Battle Bus or forget to deploy my glider?

Unfortunately, falling off the Battle Bus or forgetting to deploy your glider will result in taking fall damage and potentially getting eliminated. Be mindful and make sure to jump out at an appropriate height and deploy your glider in time for a safe landing.

Is “Land During Find the Force” a difficult challenge?

This challenge is generally considered one of the easier ones in the “The Force Within” questline. As long as you remember to jump out of the Battle Bus and deploy your glider, you should be able to complete it in a few games.

I’m still having trouble completing the challenge. What should I do?

If you’re encountering difficulties, double-check the challenge requirements to ensure you’re understanding everything correctly. You can also try searching online for helpful guides or tutorials. Many Fortnite content creators offer tips and strategies for completing challenges.

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