Hunting Red Dead Redemption 2’s Legendary Alligator


Legendary alligator rdr2, The swamps of Lemoyne in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) hold many dangers, but none quite as formidable as the legendary alligator. This monstrous reptile, known as the Bull Gator, is a coveted prize for hunters and a terrifying encounter for the unprepared. This guide dives deep into everything you need to know about the Bull Gator, from its location and behavior to the best strategies for taking it down.

Legendary alligator rdr2

Where Does the Bull Gator Lurk?

Unlike other legendary animals in RDR2, the Bull Gator won’t appear on your map until you’ve progressed through the story. Specifically, you’ll need to complete missions in Chapter 6 before the hunt begins. Once you meet the criteria, head south of Lagras, a small town located in the Lemoyne swamp region. Your target resides in the marshy area northwest of Lakay, within the Bayou Nwa region.

Finding the Bull Gator itself requires a bit more detective work. Travel to the designated area and keep an eye out for a search area highlighted in yellow on your mini-map. Within this zone, you’ll find three mutilated corpses. Examine each body to gather clues about the gator’s location. After examining all three, a green question mark will appear on your map, pinpointing the Bull Gator’s lair.

A Worthy Adversary: The Bull Gator’s Traits

The Bull Gator lives up to its legendary status. This behemoth is significantly larger and more aggressive than any regular alligator you’ll encounter in the swamps. Its immense size makes it a formidable target, but its true danger lies in its speed and ferocity. Don’t be fooled by its sluggish appearance on land; the Bull Gator can explode out of the water with surprising speed and inflict serious damage with a single bite.

Here’s a breakdown of the Bull Gator’s key traits:

Size: The Bull Gator dwarfs all other alligators in the game.

Speed: Despite its size, the Bull Gator can move surprisingly fast, especially in water.

Aggression: Highly aggressive and territorial. Will attack on sight.

Durability: The Bull Gator can take a significant amount of punishment before succumbing.

Preparing for the Hunt: Gear and Strategies

Taking down the Bull Gator requires careful planning and the right equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:


High-powered rifle: A scoped rifle like the Springfield Rifle or the Rolling Block Rifle is ideal for dealing heavy damage from a distance.

Repeater or shotgun: For close-quarter encounters, a fast-firing repeater like the Lancaster Repeater or a powerful shotgun like the Double-Barrel Shotgun will come in handy.

Improved Throwing Knives: While not the primary weapon, throwing knives can be useful for finishing off a weakened Bull Gator.

Horse: Choose a fast and agile horse like the Missouri Fox Trotter or the Turkoman. You’ll need to outrun the gator if things get dicey.


Dead Eye tonics: These will slow down time during Dead Eye, allowing you to land precise shots.

Health potions: Stock up on health cures or potent healing tonics in case the gator gets the upper hand.

Cover scent lotion: This can help mask your scent and get you closer to the gator undetected.

Snacke food: Keeping your cores full will ensure you have enough stamina to dodge attacks and Dead Eye focus for precise aiming.


There are multiple approaches to take down the Bull Gator. Here are two popular methods:

The Long-Range Approach: Use your scoped rifle from a safe distance, preferably on higher ground or behind cover. Dead Eye will be your best friend here. Line up critical hits to maximize damage and bring the gator down quickly. Be aware that the gator may charge if it spots you, so have your horse ready to flee.

The Aggressive Approach: This method requires more risk but can be faster. Use cover scent to get close to the gator and unleash a barrage of shots from your repeater or shotgun when you’re in close proximity. Be prepared to dodge the gator’s attacks and use Dead Eye for critical hits if needed. This strategy is best suited for experienced players who are confident in their gun-slinging skills.

Remember: No matter which approach you choose, prioritize staying out of the water. The Bull Gator is much faster and more dangerous in its natural habitat.


Where do I find the Legendary Alligator?

The Legendary Alligator, also known as the Bull Gator, lurks in the murky waters south of Lagras, in the Lakay region of Lemoyne. However, it won’t appear on your map until after you complete Chapter 6 of the story.

How do I know I’m in the right area?

Once you’re in the Lagras swamp south of Lakay, look for a body partially submerged in the water. Inspecting the body will trigger a map update, revealing the Legendary Alligator’s location.

How do I kill the Legendary Alligator?

This gator is no pushover. Here are some tips for a successful hunt:

Preparation is key: Use potent predator bait to lure the gator closer. Equip your strongest rifle, like the Bolt Action Rifle, and ensure you have enough powerful ammo.

Defense is vital: The gator’s size and speed can overpower you quickly. Consider using shotguns or throwing knives for close encounters.

Dead Eye is your friend: Use Dead Eye to target the gator’s vital organs for critical hits. Aim for the head for a quick takedown.

Don’t get cocky: Even with good weapons, the gator can inflict serious damage. Maintain cover and use caution while approaching.

Are there any alternative strategies?

Some players prefer a more explosive approach. You can craft explosive arrows and use Dead Eye to land a precise shot, potentially killing the gator instantly.

What do I get for defeating the Legendary Alligator?

Skinning the gator yields the Legendary Alligator Skin, a valuable crafting material for the Trapper. You’ll also get the Legendary Alligator Tooth, which can be crafted into the Alligator Tooth Talisman, an accessory that slows down the depletion of your Dead Eye core.

Is there anything else to know?

The Legendary Alligator is one of 16 legendary animals you can hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2. Tracking down all of them is a challenging but rewarding endeavor for completionists.

Bonus Tip: While hunting the Legendary Alligator, keep an eye out for the Legendary Gar, another formidable creature that resides in the nearby waters.

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