Tracking Down the Legendary Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2


legendary elk rdr2- The sprawling wilderness of Red Dead Redemption 2 is teeming with life, from the majestic bison herds to the elusive cougars. But among these creatures, there exist whispered tales of legendary beasts, possessing unmatched size, strength, and ferocity.

The LegendaryElk is one such creature, a magnificent stag with a pelt coveted by hunters and crafters alike. This guide delves into everything you need to know about tracking down this majestic beast.

Where Does the Legendary Elk Roam?

The first hurdle in your hunt is locating the Legendary Elk. Unlike its standard brethren, this elk won’t be found grazing peacefully in meadows. Look to the eastern edge of Big Valley, specifically the woods just east of Bacchus Station and northeast of Fort Wallace. This area straddles the border of New Hanover and Ambarino, so be prepared for a change in climate as you ascend into the foothills.

Consulting your in-game map will reveal an elk icon within this region. However, some players have reported inconsistencies. The true first clue often lies north of the marked location, just across the railroad tracks from Bacchus Station. Equipping your trusty binoculars and utilizing Eagle Eye vision will prove invaluable in spotting tracks or the glint of antlers through the dense foliage.

Preparing for the Encounter: Gearing Up for the Hunt

The Legendary Elk is a formidable opponent, so proper preparation is key to a successful (and hopefully less stressful) hunt. Here’s a rundown of essential items:

  • Weapons: A powerful rifle is recommended. The Lancaster Repeater Rifle with High-Velocity Rounds is a popular choice for its accuracy and stopping power. A shotgun like the Pump Action Shotgun can be a useful backup for close-quarter encounters, especially if the elk charges.
  • Dead-Eye: This ability can be a game-changer, allowing you to mark multiple vital organs for a quick and clean kill.
  • Bow and Improved Arrows: For a more challenging and immersive experience, consider using a bow and improved arrows. This method requires more precise aiming but can be rewarding for skilled hunters.
  • Provisions: Stock up on health tonics and potent provisions like Big Game Meat to replenish your health core during the hunt.
  • Horse: Choose a fast and agile horse, like the Missouri Fox Trotter or the Turkoman, to keep pace with the elk and for a quick getaway if needed.

Optional but Useful Items:

  • Cover Scent Lotion: Applying this can mask your scent, making it harder for the elk to detect you.
  • Herbivore Bait: While legendary animals aren’t typically lured by bait, it can attract regular elk to the area, potentially leading you to the Legendary Elk’s tracks.
  • Improved Binoculars: These will provide a clearer view when scouting for the elk from afar.

The Thrill of the Hunt: Tracking and Taking Down the Legendary Elk

Once you’ve reached the search area, activate Eagle Eye to scan for tracks. Follow the trail patiently, using Eagle Eye frequently to ensure you’re on the right path. As you get closer, the elk may become spooked and flee. Don’t panic! Maintain a calm approach and avoid spooking the elk further with loud noises or sudden movements.

When you finally spot the Legendary Elk, assess the situation. If you’re confident in your marksmanship, use Dead-Eye to mark vital organs like the head or heart for a clean kill. If using a bow, aim for the same critical areas. Remember, a single well-placed shot is preferable to multiple, poorly aimed ones that might enrage the elk.

Be prepared for the elk to charge if it feels threatened. Here, your shotgun or a well-timed Dead-Eye shot can save you from a potentially fatal encounter. Once the elk is down, approach cautiously and skin it using your hunting knife. This will yield the prized Legendary Elk Pelt and the Legendary Elk Antler.

The Spoils of the Hunt: Crafting and Rewards

The Legendary Elk Pelt is a valuable material for crafting at the Trapper. Here’s what you can create:

  • Legendary Elk Studded Cripps Satchel: This unique satchel increases the carrying capacity of your crafting supplies.
  • Legendary Elk Flopped Hat: A stylish and practical hat crafted from the elk’s pelt.
  • Legendary Elk Roping Duds: A sturdy outfit perfect for the seasoned hunter.

The Legendary Elk Antler is another valuable reward. Take it to a fence and craft the Elk Antler Trinket.


Q. Where to Find the Legendary Elk:

The Legendary Elk roams the woods east of Bacchus Station, bordering New Hanover and Ambarino. Look for it north-east of Fort Wallace on your map.

Tips for Tracking and Hunting:

  • Eagle Eye is your friend: Activate Eagle Eye to spot animal tracks, including the elk’s distinct trail. Follow the trail patiently, using Eagle Eye again if it disappears.
  • Don’t worry about perfect pelts: Unlike normal animals, the quality of the kill doesn’t affect the Legendary Elk pelt. Focus on taking it down however you see fit.
  • Prepare for a fight: Legendary animals are tough, so pack your best weapons. A scoped rifle like the Lancaster Repeater with high-velocity rounds is a good choice. Dead Eye can also be a helpful tool for aiming for critical hits.
  • Crafting Bonuses: Skinning the Legendary Elk yields the pelt and the Legendary Elk Antler. The pelt can be crafted into three unique clothing items, while the Antler can be crafted into the Elk Antler Trinket, which offers a permanent 10% increase in the value of looted money.

Q. Is there a specific time of day to hunt the elk?

 No, the Legendary Elk can be found at any time of day.

Q. Can I miss the Legendary Elk and come back later? 

No worries. Legendary Animals respawn in the game world, so if it escapes or you die during the hunt, you can return later to try again.

Q. What happens if I sell the pelt accidentally?

 Don’t fret! You can repurchase the Legendary Elk-crafted items from the Trapper at any time, though it will come at a cost.

Bonus Tip: The Trapper sells special gloves (crafted from Legendary Animal pelts) that increase the quality of pelts you acquire. Upgrading your pelts can bring in more money when you sell them.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to taking down the Legendary Elk and crafting some truly unique gear in Red Dead Redemption 2. Happy hunting!

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