A Field Guide to the Lethal Company Menagerie: Every Monstrous Encounter You’ll Face


Lethal Company throws you onto a strange, hostile planet with a single mission: collect valuable resources and make it back alive. But between you and that lucrative payday lies a whole host of terrifying creatures ready to turn your dreams of riches into dust. From lumbering giants to creepy crawlies, the monster variety in Lethal Company is as diverse as it is deadly.

This guide equips you with the knowledge you’ll need to not only identify these threats but also develop strategies to survive encounters, drawing upon the latest information available online. So, grab your trusty mining laser and get ready to delve into the fascinating (and terrifying) world of Lethal Company’s monsters.

Lethal Company

Navigating the Perils: Environments and Encountering Monsters

Lethal Company’s world is divided into distinct biomes, each with its own unique set of dangers. Here’s a quick rundown of where you can expect to find specific types of monsters:

Forests: Home to towering Forest Keepers, lumbering Thumpers, and the unsettling Ghost Girl. Tread carefully and listen for sounds – these behemoths announce their presence with booming roars or chilling giggles.

Caves: These claustrophobic tunnels are teeming with Bunker Spiders, Spore Lizards, and the elusive Masked figures. Light sources are crucial here, as many cave dwellers rely on a heightened sense of smell or hearing to track prey.

Open Fields: While seemingly less dangerous, open fields present the risk of encountering Eyeless Dogs, Baboon Hawks, and Circuit Bees. These creatures rely heavily on sight or sound, so staying out of sight and using the environment for cover is key.

Abandoned Buildings: Keep an eye out for Hoarding Bugs, Snare Fleas, and the creepy-crawly Bracken. These smaller creatures might not pack the same punch as a Forest Keeper, but they can overwhelm you if not dealt with swiftly.

Understanding the monster distribution will help you strategize your exploration and prioritize resources. For instance, packing a flashlight becomes essential when venturing into caves, while open fields might necessitate a long-range weapon to deal with flying threats.

A Bestiary of Lethal Company: Encounters and Strategies

Now that we know where to find them, let’s delve into the specific details of each monster you’ll encounter:

Forest Keeper: These colossal tree-like creatures are the undisputed kings of the forest. Their bark-like skin provides excellent camouflage, and their eyesight is exceptional. Strategy: Forest Keepers can grab and instantly devour players. Avoid them whenever possible, and if caught in their path, use the environment (trees, rocks) to obstruct their line of sight and create escape routes.

Thumper: These bipedal monstrosities with massive shark-like mouths are relentless pursuers. They rely on sound to track prey and will relentlessly chase players down. Strategy: Thumpers are vulnerable from behind. If they spot you, lead them on a chase, dodge their stomps, and circle around to land a decisive blow from behind.

Eyeless Dog: These hulking beasts with razor-sharp fangs and no eyes rely entirely on sound to navigate. Highly aggressive, they can kill players in a single attack. Strategy: Eyeless Dogs are attracted to noise. Stay quiet and crouch to avoid detection. If they get alerted, use your surroundings for cover and unleash a barrage of attacks before they close the distance.

Ghost Girl: This spectral entity won’t directly attack you, but her haunting presence will slowly drain your crew’s sanity. She announces her arrival with chilling giggles and heavy footsteps. Strategy: There’s no fighting the Ghost Girl. Run! Escape the area and complete other objectives to break her hold on your crew.

Bunker Spider: These monstrous arachnids lurk in the darkness of caves. They are highly aggressive and can inflict significant poison damage. Strategy: Light is your friend! Use a flashlight to reveal their location and unload on them before they get close. Spreading fire around choke points in caves can also help deter them.

Spore Lizard: These reptilian creatures spit toxic spores that deal damage over time. Strategy: Maintain good distance. Shotguns or flamethrowers are effective against them due to their close-range attacks.

Masked: Elusive and shrouded in mystery, the Masked are humanoid figures that appear in caves. Their attacks are unpredictable and can inflict significant damage. Strategy: Information on the Masked is scarce. Avoid them if possible, and if forced into an encounter, prioritize dodging and use powerful weapons to take them down quickly.


What are the different types of monsters?

Lethal Company features a nightmarish bestiary. You’ll encounter lumbering Forest Keepers, screaming Coil-Heads, and packs of ferocious Eyeless Dogs. There’s also the speedy Thumper and the phantom menace, the Ghost Girl in Red.

Which monster is the scariest?

Opinions vary, but many players dread the Ghost Girl. She can’t be directly fought, and her haunting presence slowly drains your crew’s sanity. Run away if you hear her giggles!

How do I beat a Thumper?

Thumpers are fast and deadly, but not the brightest. They charge in straight lines. Dodge around corners or jump on platforms to avoid their crushing attack.

What about the Eyeless Dogs?

These blind hunters rely on hearing. Stay quiet and move cautiously to avoid attracting them. If they get close, it’s usually curtains.

How do I handle a Coil-Head?

These creepy creatures with spring-loaded heads can kill instantly. Don’t fight! Just back away slowly while keeping eye contact. If you’re with teammates, take turns maintaining sight of it.

Are there any helpful monsters?

Not exactly. Some creatures like the Spore Lizards and Bunker Spiders are less aggressive, but they won’t be giving you high fives.

Where can I find specific monsters?

Certain areas have higher spawn rates for particular creatures. For instance, you’re more likely to encounter Forest Keepers on the 56-Vow map.

Are there any good resources to learn more about monsters?

The internet has you covered! Websites like Rock Paper Shotgun [all lethal company monsters and how to beat] and IGN [Lethal Company Monsters] offer detailed guides on each monster’s weaknesses and behaviors.

Is there a way to cheese the monsters?

Some players use strategies to exploit monster weaknesses or AI limitations. These can be helpful, but the game is constantly updated, so these tricks might not always work.

Most importantly, how do I survive?

Stay alert, plan your movements, and prioritize objectives. Learn from your mistakes, and use your environment to your advantage. Remember, in Lethal Company, knowledge is the key to staying alive!

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