Lobster Roll: A Dreamy Delight in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Lobster Roll – a quintessential summer dish that combines succulent lobster meat with toasted bread and a touch of creamy indulgence. And guess what? You can enjoy this delicacy in the charming world of Disney Dreamlight Valley too! This five-star recipe offers a delicious energy boost and is a valuable asset for completing quests and challenges.

This guide delves deep into the world of Lobster Rolls in Dreamlight Valley, answering all your burning questions and providing tips to whip up this culinary masterpiece.

Lobster Roll

Unveiling the Recipe: Ingredients and Acquisition

Here’s what you’ll need to create this delightful dish:

Lobster: The star of the show! Head to the Glade of Trust and cast your line at the shimmering golden fishing spots. These spots are rare, but perseverance will reward you with a juicy lobster.

Wheat: This pantry staple is readily available at Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. You can either purchase individual wheat or a bag of seeds for future planting.

Lemon: A burst of citrus adds a refreshing touch to the lobster. Harvest lemons from trees scattered throughout the Forest of Valor or the Glade of Trust.

Butter: Essential for that creamy goodness! Stock up on butter at Remy’s Restaurant, Chez Remy.

Garlic: This aromatic bulb adds a subtle depth of flavor. Find garlic hidden amongst the flora of the Forest of Valor.

Additional Note: Don’t forget to pack some coal in your inventory. Every recipe in Dreamlight Valley requires coal to fuel the cooking station.

Crafting the Perfect Lobster Roll: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to unleash your inner chef! Here’s how to create a mouthwatering Lobster Roll:

Head to any cooking station in the Valley.

Interact with the pot and select the Lobster Roll recipe.

The cooking menu will display the required ingredients. Drag and drop one of each ingredient (Lobster, Wheat, Lemon, Butter, and Garlic) into the designated slots.

Hit the Cook button and watch the magic happen! It’ll take a few seconds for your Lobster Roll to be ready.

Voila! Your delicious and energy-replenishing Lobster Roll is complete.

Lobster Roll: A Culinary Powerhouse

The Lobster Roll isn’t just a tasty treat; it packs a powerful punch in the kitchen:

Energy Restoration: This five-star meal restores a whopping 4,928 energy, making it perfect for those long days spent mining, fishing, and exploring the Valley.

Selling Price: While it’s tempting to chow down on your creation, the Lobster Roll fetches a respectable 1,900 Star Coins at Goofy’s Stall.

Pro-Tip: For maximum benefit, consume the Lobster Roll yourself to activate the Well Fed buff, which grants you additional energy for a limited time. This is especially useful during intense quests or grinding sessions.

Lobster Roll: Beyond the Recipe

The internet is abuzz with questions about the Lobster Roll.

Is the Lobster Roll worth the effort? Absolutely! This recipe offers a fantastic energy boost and is a valuable commodity for completing quests and earning Star Coins.

Are there any variations of the Lobster Roll recipe? Currently, there’s only one official recipe for the Lobster Roll in Dreamlight Valley. However, as the game updates, new variations might be introduced.

Can I substitute any ingredients in the Lobster Roll recipe? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow for ingredient substitutions in recipes.

Lobster Roll: A Delicious Journey Through the Valley

Crafting the Lobster Roll takes you on a delightful adventure through the various biomes of Dreamlight Valley. Here are some additional tips to optimize your Lobster Roll experience:

Prioritize Friendship: Focus on building friendships with characters like Goofy and Remy to unlock more items at their shops. This ensures a steady supply of wheat and butter for your Lobster Rolls.

Fishing Frenzy: While searching for golden fishing spots in the Glade of Trust, cast your line at regular fishing spots too. You might catch other valuable ingredients or fish that can be cooked or sold for Star Coins.

Farming for the Future: Invest in purchasing wheat seeds from Goofy’s Stall. Planting and harvesting your own wheat ensures a reliable source of this crucial ingredient.


What’s in a Lobster Roll?

This recipe is all about fresh flavors! You’ll need:

1 Lobster: Caught by fishing in the Glade of Trust.

1 Wheat: Purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow.

1 Lemon: Harvested from trees in the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust.

1 Butter: Bought at Remy’s restaurant, Chez Remy.

1 Garlic: Found throughout the Forest of Valor.

How do I cook a Lobster Roll?

Once you have all the ingredients, head to any cooking station. Simply throw everything in the pot along with a piece of coal, and voila! Your delicious Lobster Roll will be ready to enjoy.

Is a Lobster Roll worth eating or selling?

This depends on your needs! A Lobster Roll offers a whopping 4,928 energy points, making it fantastic for long exploration sessions. However, it also sells for a respectable 1,900 Star Coins at Goofy’s Stall. If your energy is full, selling it might be a good way to boost your wallet.

Are there any quests requiring a Lobster Roll?

While there are no quests specifically for the Lobster Roll, it can be helpful during certain friendship quests that require a five-star meal. For example, Maui might request such a dish during “A Tale Of Stone And Fire.”

Is the Lobster Roll a difficult recipe to get?

Not at all! The biggest hurdle might be unlocking the required areas. You’ll need access to the Glade of Trust for fishing and the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust for Lemons. The other ingredients are readily available for purchase.

Are there any variations of the Lobster Roll recipe?

Currently, there’s only one recipe for the Lobster Roll in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, as the game updates, new variations might be introduced in the future.

Can I level up my cooking skill by making Lobster Rolls?

Yes! Cooking any meal contributes to your cooking skill. The higher your skill, the greater chance you have of creating higher-quality meals that sell for more or restore more energy.

What are some tips for finding Lobsters?

Lobsters can be caught at any fishing spot in the Glade of Trust. Using a fishing rod with a high star level might increase your chances of reeling one in.

Are there any special effects for eating a Lobster Roll?

Consuming a Lobster Roll activates the “Well Fed” status, giving you a temporary boost in energy regeneration. This is perfect for tackling tough tasks or long mining sessions.

Is the Lobster Roll a real-life dish?

Absolutely! Lobster Rolls are a popular seafood dish in North America, particularly along the Eastern Coast. They typically consist of buttered lobster meat nestled in a toasted hot dog roll.

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