Breathtaking Beauty Restored: A Guide to the Laurel Village


The majestic world of Laurel Village: Tears of the Kingdom offers countless adventures, from thrilling battles to intricate puzzles. But nestled along the tropical coast lies Laurel Village, a place that needs your help to regain its former glory. The Laurel Village Restoration Project is a rewarding side adventure that allows you to breathe new life into this charming community.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about the restoration project, answering the most common questions players have been searching for online.

Restoring Paradise: Unlocking the Project

Before you can roll up your sleeves and get to work, there’s a prerequisite to tackle. Laurel Village has unfortunately been overrun by ruffians, making it unsafe for its residents. To initiate the restoration project, you must first complete the “Ruffian-Infested Village” side quest. This straightforward quest involves clearing out the monster menace and restoring peace to the area.

Once the village is secure, seek out Bolson, a determined construction worker eager to see Lurelin Village flourish again. He’ll be the one to kickstart the “Lurelin Village Restoration Project” and enlist your help in rebuilding various structures.

Rebuilding Lurelin Village: A Step-by-Step Guide

The restoration project unfolds in several stages, each focusing on a specific aspect of the village. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to complete each stage:

Stage 1: Restoring the Inn

  • The Task: Bolson needs your help in clearing out the wreckage inside the distinctive pirate-ship-shaped building that serves as the village inn.
  • Tools of the Trade: This is where Link’s trusty Sheikah Slate comes in handy. Utilize the magnetic power of the Sheikah Slate to manipulate and remove unwanted junk inside the building.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t waste time hauling away each piece individually. Use the magnetic power to combine multiple pieces of junk and carry them away all at once. This will save you valuable time and effort.
  • Reward: Once the inn is cleared, Bolson will get to work on restoring it. The innkeeper will then return to Laurel Village, offering his gratitude and a reward of five Volt Fruit. Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to use the inn’s services for free – a well-deserved perk after your hard work.

Stage 2: Rebuilding the Shop

  • The Task: The local shop in Lurelin Village is in shambles, and Bolson needs your help to clear the debris blocking the entrance.
  • Tools of the Trade: This stage is all about brute force. Equip yourself with a sturdy weapon (a basic axe will suffice) and smash through the crates and boxes hindering access to the shop.
  • Pro Tip: Be mindful of your weapon’s durability. While a powerful weapon might seem tempting, it can quickly break. Opt for a more durable option to avoid wasting valuable resources.
  • Reward: With the entrance cleared, the shop can reopen its doors, offering you a convenient place to buy supplies and restock your inventory.

Stage 3: Rebuilding the Treasure Room

  • The Task: Lurelin Village boasts a hidden treasure room, but accessing it requires some effort. Bolson tasks you with finding specific materials to complete the reconstruction.
    • 20 Hylian Rice: This staple crop can be found growing in various locations across Hyrule. Keep an eye out for rice paddies, particularly near villages and settlements.
    • 15 Logs (not Palm Logs): While palm trees are abundant in Lurelin Village, they’re not what Bolson needs. Head to the Civil Shrine located northwest of the village. Here, you’ll find suitable trees to collect the required logs. Don’t worry about carrying them back one by one; you can leave gathered logs near Bolson, and he’ll add them to the total count.
  • Tools of the Trade: This stage requires a bit of exploration and resource gathering. Utilize your map to locate rice paddies and equip your weapon to chop down the necessary logs.
  • Pro Tip: While exploring for Hylian Rice, consider talking to the villagers. Some may offer helpful hints or even sell you the rice directly, saving you time on your search.
  • Reward: Once you’ve delivered all the materials, Bolson will complete the treasure room. This exciting addition allows you to participate in a daily mini-game. By dropping a specific item (the type of item may change) into a designated slot, you have a chance to win valuable treasure, including rare weapons and armour.


Q: What is the Lurelin Village Restoration Project?

A: The Laurel Village Restoration Project is a side adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom where you help rebuild a village ravaged by monsters. By completing tasks for Bolson, a handyman, you’ll restore shops, houses, and amenities, bringing life back to Laurel Village

Q: How do I start the Lurelin Village Restoration Project?

A: You can’t begin rebuilding until you complete the “Ruffian-Infested Village” side quest. This involves clearing out the monsters that took over Laurel Village. Once they’re gone, speak to Bolson, who’s standing near the ruined inn.

Q: What are the requirements to complete the Lurelin Village Restoration Project?

A: The restoration project unfolds in phases, with Bolson giving you new tasks each time you finish the previous one. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need to do:

  • Phase 1: Gather 15 logs (not palm tree logs) and 20 Hylian Rice.
  • Phase 2: Clear out the junk inside the ship-shaped building (use the Sheikah Slate’s magnetic power to make this easier).
  • Phase 3: Find a giant Honeycomb hidden somewhere in the world (the exact location might vary depending on playthroughs).

Q: Where can I find the materials for the Lurelin Village Restoration Project?

  • Logs: Look for regular trees near the Civil Shrine fast travel point, northwest of Lurelin Village. You can even use the magnesis power to stack them for easier transport.
  • Hylian Rice: These can be bought from various shops across Hyrule. Check stores in villages like Hateno or Kakariko.
  • Giant Honeycomb: The exact location might vary, but keep an eye out for hints or clues from Bolson or explorative gameplay.

Q: What are the rewards for completing the Lurelin Village Restoration Project?

  • Restored Village: Lurelin Village transforms into a bustling hub with shops, a revamped inn (free to use!), and a mini-game called “Bolson’s Treasure Room.”
  • Free Übernachtung ( Übernachtung is German for ‘ Übernachtung’: Übernachtung can also be translated to “stay” or “accommodation” depending on context): You can stay for free at the restored inn.
  • Volt Fruit: The innkeeper rewards you with five Volt Fruit upon completing the project.
  • Bolson’s Treasure Room: This mini-game offers a chance to win valuable items like Rupees and weapons.

Q: Are there any tips for completing the Laurel Village Restoration Project?

  • Don’t waste time collecting palm tree logs – Bolson needs regular wood for this project.
  • Use the magnetic power strategically to collect and stack multiple logs at once.
  • Explore thoroughly to find the Giant Honeycomb. Look for suspicious markings or areas that seem out of place.
  • Check online resources for specific locations of the Giant Honeycomb if you get stuck.

By helping Bolson and rebuilding Lurelin Village, you’ll not only unlock new shops and amenities but also breathe life back into this once-desolate community. So grab your tools and get ready to restore paradise!

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