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Macclesfield F.C. might not be a household name in world football, but for fans of the beautiful game in England, particularly those with a love for the lower leagues, the club holds a special significance.

After a tumultuous period that saw their predecessor, Macclesfield Town F.C., liquidated in 2020, the club rose from the ashes as Macclesfield F.C. This article delves into the club’s current league standings, exploring their remarkable journey and the exciting future that lies ahead.

A Brief History of Macclesfield F.C.

Founded in 1874, Macclesfield Town F.C. enjoyed a rich history, competing in the Football League for a period. However, financial difficulties eventually led to their expulsion from the National League in 2020. This could have been the end of the road, but a phoenix rose from the ashes.

Robert Smethurst, owner of Stockport Town, purchased the assets of the liquidated club, with the aim of reviving professional football in Macclesfield. Thus, Macclesfield F.C. was born in October 2020, inheriting the legacy of its predecessor but starting afresh in the fifth tier of English football, the Northern Premier League Division One West.

Soaring Through the Ranks: Macclesfield F.C.’s League Standings

Macclesfield F.C.’s journey in the Northern Premier League has been nothing short of remarkable. In their inaugural season (2021-22), they dominated Division One West, securing the league title with an impressive 17 points clear of the runners-up.

This dominant performance earned them a well-deserved promotion to the Northern Premier League Premier Division.

The 2022-23 season saw them face a tougher challenge in the Premier Division. However, their determination and attacking prowess remained evident. Macclesfield F.C. finished the season in a commendable first place, securing another promotion and reaching the fourth tier of English football, the National League North.

As of today (October 27, 2023), the National League North season is still in its early stages. 

However, based on their impressive performances so far, Macclesfield F.C. currently sits comfortably in second place, just two points behind the leaders. Their ambition to climb the league ladder and potentially return to the Football League is clear.

Beyond the Standings: The Rebirth of a Club and a Community

The story of Macclesfield F.C. transcends league standings. It’s a testament to the unwavering passion of fans, the dedication of the club’s management, and the resilience of a community. 

The club’s revival has brought back a sense of pride and excitement to the town of Macclesfield. The Stadium, once silent, is now echoing with the roar of the faithful “Silkmen” cheering on their heroes.

The club’s management, led by chairman Andy Morris and manager Michael Clegg, has instilled a clear vision of rebuilding the club on a solid foundation.

This includes a strong focus on youth development, with the academy playing a crucial role in nurturing future stars. The return of professional football has also had a positive impact on the local economy, generating revenue and creating jobs.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

While the future looks bright for Macclesfield F.C., there are still challenges to overcome. The National League North is a highly competitive league, with several established clubs vying for promotion. Maintaining their current momentum and consistency will be key to achieving their goals.

Furthermore, the financial realities of lower league football require careful management. Building a sustainable financial model and attracting sponsors will be crucial in supporting the club’s ambitions.

Nonetheless, the unwavering support of the fans and the dedication of the management team suggest that Macclesfield F.C. is well-equipped to navigate these challenges.


Q: How is Macclesfield F.C. doing in their league?

A: Macclesfield F.C. is currently sitting in 6th place in the Northern Premier League Premier Division  as of March 16, 2024 [multiple sources including Football Web Pages, LiveScore].

Q:  Wow, that’s impressive! How many points do they have?

A:  Macclesfield has 53 points after playing 29 games.  This includes 16 wins, 5 ties, and 8 losses.

Q:  Who is the owner of Macclesfield Football Club?

Macclesfield Football Club is currently owned by businessman Robert Smethurst, along with Robbie Savage and Sarah-Jane Smethurst as shareholders. Smethurst purchased the assets of the former Macclesfield Town F.C. in 2020 and established the new club.

Q:  Is Macclesfield in the promotion zone?

A: No, not currently.  The top of the table is quite competitive, with Radcliffe F.C. leading the pack with 71 points. However, 6th place still puts Macclesfield in a good position for a strong finish to the season.

Q:  Who are Macclesfield biggest rivals?

Macclesfield FC’s biggest rivals depend on the era you’re considering:

Traditionally: Altrincham and Northwich Victoria are considered their historic rivals. These rivalries stem back to their time together in the Cheshire League and continued through the Northern Premier League and Football Conference.

Recently: Stockport County has been a strong contender for their biggest rival during their Football League years due to geographical proximity. However, due to relegations from both teams, this rivalry hasn’t been as consistent.

Q:  Where can I find the latest Macclesfield F.C. standings?

A: Several websites provide up-to-date standings for the Northern Premier League, including:

Football Web Pages:


Q:  Anything else exciting happening with Macclesfield F.C.?

A:  Macclesfield actually enjoyed a remarkable run in the 2021-2022 season, winning ten consecutive games and securing promotion from the North West Counties Premier Division to the Northern Premier League Premier Division  [Wikipedia]. This kind of momentum bodes well for their future performance!

A Beacon of Hope: Macclesfield F.C. and the Future of English Football

Macclesfield F.C.’s story serves as an inspiration for other clubs facing similar financial difficulties. Their phoenix-like rise demonstrates that with a passionate fanbase, a clear vision, and a commitment to the beautiful game, success can still be achieved.

Additionally, the club’s focus on youth development aligns perfectly with the growing emphasis on nurturing homegrown talent in English football.

The success of Macclesfield F.C. could pave the way for a more vibrant and competitive lower league system in England.

By providing a platform for young players to develop and attracting passionate fans, these clubs can play a vital role in enriching the English footballing landscape.

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