Man City vs Red Star Belgrade: How to Watch?


The UEFA Champions League group stage may be over, but Manchester City fans eager to see their team in action still have a treat in store!  A much-anticipated friendly match against Serbian powerhouse Red Star Belgrade is on the horizon. If you’re wondering where you can catch this exciting encounter, you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will explore all the available options for watching Manchester City take on Red Star Belgrade,  ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of the action.

Knowing the Date and Time

Before diving into broadcast options, let’s lock down the specifics of the match. Make sure to double-check the date and time in your local time zone to avoid any last-minute surprises!

Official Club Broadcasts

Manchester City: Manchester City often provides live streams of friendly matches on their official website and app. However, these broadcasts may be geo-restricted, meaning they might only be available in certain regions. Check the official club channels closer to the match date for confirmation and any subscription requirements.

International Broadcasters

Finding a broadcaster for the match will depend on your location. Here are some possibilities:

United Kingdom: Some channels in the UK, like BT Sport or Premier Sports, might pick up the game, especially if there’s significant interest. Check their schedules closer to the match date.

Serbia: Local broadcasters in Serbia are highly likely to air the match. Look for channels like RTS or Arena Sport.

United States: While Champions League matches are typically shown on CBS or TNT Sports, friendlies might have different broadcasters. Keep an eye on channels like ESPN+ or local sports networks.

Subscription-based Streaming Services

Some subscription-based streaming services might offer the match, depending on their broadcasting rights. Here are a few possibilities:

DAZN: This platform has acquired the rights to broadcast various sporting events worldwide. Check their schedule to see if they’ll be showing the City vs. Red Star Belgrade match.

Fox Soccer Plus: This streaming service, available in the US, might offer the match if they have the rights for the specific region.

Finding Online Streams (Use Caution):

Be wary of websites offering free, unauthorised streams of the match.  These streams can be unreliable, with poor quality video and potential security risks. It’s best to stick with reputable sources mentioned above.

Matchday Experience

Once the final whistle blows, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can expect:

Match Report: Our detailed match report will give you a comprehensive overview of the game. Who scored? Who assisted? Who made those crucial tackles? We’ve got it all.

Highlights: Relive the best moments with our match highlights. Goals, near misses, and jaw-dropping saves they’re all here.

Full-Match Replay: Missed the live action? No problem! Our full-match replay on CITY+ will let you catch up on everything you missed.

Following Social Media

Following the official social media channels of Manchester City and Red Star Belgrade can be a great way to stay updated on any last-minute broadcast announcements or changes. They might also offer match highlights or behind-the-scenes content after the game.

In-Game Experience

During the match, you have two options:

Live Audio Commentary: Tune in to our live audio commentary with Alistair Mann and Michael Brown. They’ll guide you through every pass, every tackle, and every heart-stopping moment.

Text Commentary: If you prefer to read along, our Matchday Centre will provide real-time text updates. Stay informed even if you’re on the move!

Plan Your Viewing Experience

With the plethora of options available, catching the Manchester City vs. Red Star Belgrade friendly should be a breeze.  Remember to check the date, time, and broadcast restrictions in your region.  Official club channels, international broadcasters, and subscription services are the safest and most reliable options. Steer clear of unauthorised streams to avoid security risks and poor viewing experiences.


Is there a Manchester City vs Red Star Belgrade friendly match happening?

There’s no official announcement of a friendly match between Manchester City and Red Star Belgrade as of today, March 24, 2024. The article you read might be outdated, referring to a match from last season’s Champions League group stage.

How can I watch Manchester City friendlies in general?

Manchester City sometimes broadcasts friendly matches on their official website and app. These broadcasts may be limited by region, so check closer to the match date. They’ll also announce any subscription requirements.

Where can I find out about upcoming Manchester City friendlies?

Here are some ways to stay updated on Manchester City friendlies:

Official Manchester City website and app: Keep an eye on their news section and schedule.

Social media: Follow Manchester City on Twitter, Facebook, etc. They often announce upcoming matches and broadcast details.

Reliable sports news websites: Check websites and apps like ESPN, BBC Sport, or Sky Sports for upcoming fixtures.

Are there other ways to watch football friendlies?

Yes! Here are some options:

International broadcasters: Depending on your location, local channels might pick up friendly matches.

Subscription streaming services: Platforms like DAZN or Fox Soccer Plus (US) might broadcast friendlies depending on their rights.

Is it safe to watch friendlies on free streaming websites?

It’s best to avoid free, unauthorised streams. These can be unreliable, with low video quality and potential security risks like malware. Stick to official sources or reputable streaming services.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to watching Man City vs Red Star Belgrade. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of watching hardcore football or just a casual viewer, we hope this guide will help you enjoy the beauty of this game to the fullest. So grab your snacks, invite your friends, and let’s make this match one to remember!

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