Conquering the Cryo Challenge: A Guide to the Mayanas Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Mayanas shrine, The sprawling lands of Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are littered with Shrines, each offering unique puzzles and rewarding players with valuable items and Spirit Orbs. Among these, the Mayanas Shrine stands out for its frosty theme and physics-based challenges. This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer the Mayanas Shrine, nicknamed “The Ice Guides You” by some.

Locating the Mayanas Shrine

The Mayanas Shrine resides high above the clouds, nestled on a floating island east of the map. Reaching this aerial abode requires utilizing Revali’s Gale or another method of flight. Here are two common approaches:

Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower: This method involves activating Revali’s Gale at the peak of Mount Lanayru. Paraglide towards a nearby island with updrafts, allowing you to gain enough altitude to reach the Mayanas Shrine.

Crafting a Paraglider Sail: For players who haven’t unlocked Revali’s Gale yet, crafting a Paraglider Sail from strategically placed Korok seeds offers an alternative. Search for Crafting Guides online to find suitable locations for these elusive seeds.

Mayanas shrine

Navigating the Frigid Trial

Once you touch down on the island, the entrance to the Mayanas Shrine awaits. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a frosty environment with a central chamber and multiple pathways blocked by ice walls. Your objective here is to complete two challenges that involve manipulating ice to solve puzzles.

Challenge 1: Guiding the Glacial Guardians

The first challenge presents you with a central platform surrounded by four slopes leading down to pressure plates. Scattered around the platform are several spherical ice blocks. Your task is to use these ice blocks to activate all four pressure plates simultaneously. Here’s a breakdown of the solution:

Embrace the Elements: Look around the central platform for Sheikah Slate runes that control environmental elements. You’ll find a Flamethrower Rune and a Cryonis Rune. The Flamethrower Rune will melt ice, while the Cryonis Rune allows you to temporarily freeze and push ice blocks.

Craft a Slippery Path: Use the Cryonis Rune to grab an ice block and position it on the edge of the platform, angled downwards towards one of the slopes. The goal is to create a ramp of ice that will guide another ice block down to the pressure plate at the bottom.

Icy Chain Reaction: Use the Flamethrower Rune to melt a small section of the crafted ice ramp, causing the ice block to slide down. If positioned correctly, it should activate the pressure plate. Repeat this process for the remaining slopes, crafting ice ramps and using the Flamethrower Rune to trigger avalanches that activate all four pressure plates.

Challenge 2: Targeting the Icy Colossus

The second challenge takes place in a separate chamber. Here, you’ll encounter a giant, immobile ice statue resembling a colossus. Your objective is to hit a target switch located on a raised platform using a large ice block.

Unearthing the Icy Arsenal: This chamber provides several tools for manipulating ice. Look for strategically placed metal crates and spherical ice blocks.

Crafting a Projectile: Use the Cryonis Rune to grab a metal crate and position it near one of the ice blocks. The metal crate will act as a weight, causing the ice block to shatter upon impact, leaving behind a large, flat ice shard.

Precision and Patience: Again, utilize the Cryonis Rune to grab the flat ice shard and position it strategically. You need to create a path for the ice shard to slide down and hit the target switch on the raised platform. This might require some trial and error to find the perfect angle. Here’s a tip: the metal crates can also be used to create makeshift ramps to guide the ice shard.

Overcoming the Optional Challenge

There’s an additional, albeit unofficial, challenge that some players have discovered within the Mayanas Shrine. This involves bypassing the puzzles altogether and reaching the exit directly. While not recommended for those seeking the full puzzle experience, here’s a brief explanation:

Strategic Positioning: Climb onto the raised platform in the second challenge chamber (where the target switch is located).

Magnificent Magnesis: Use the Magnesis Rune to interact with a specific metal beam protruding from the ceiling. This beam can be pulled towards you, creating a makeshift bridge.

Shortcut to the Finish: Carefully maneuver across the metal beam bridge, leading you directly to the exit of the Mayanas Shrine. This approach might require precise jumps and well-timed button presses.


Where is the Mayanas Shrine?

The Mayanas Shrine is located high in the sky, east of the central landmass on the map. You’ll need Revali’s Gale or another method of reaching high altitudes to access it.

What’s the challenge in the Mayanas Shrine?

The Mayanas Shrine features two main puzzles. You’ll need to use your understanding of physics and ice mechanics to manipulate icy objects to hit targets and progress.

How do I solve the ice puzzles?

The key to the Mayanas Shrine is using the provided ice fruits and environmental elements. Freeze the ice fruits with your Sheikah Slate to create slippery surfaces. Use metal objects and strategically placed ice to guide them towards targets.

Is there a trick to solving the Mayanas Shrine puzzles?

While there’s a intended solution, some players have found a quicker method. You can use the metal object and strategically place yourself to block a laser beam, creating a shortcut to the end. However, this might not be the most satisfying way to complete the challenge.

What happens when I complete the Mayanas Shrine?

Once you conquer the icy puzzles, you’ll be rewarded with a Spirit Orb and complete the “The South Lanayru Sky Crystal” Shrine Quest.

Are there any helpful resources for the Mayanas Shrine?

Absolutely! Many YouTubers have created walkthroughs for the Mayanas Shrine. Search for “Mayanas Shrine Tears of the Kingdom” to find visual guides that can help you through the puzzles.

I’m stuck on a specific part of the Mayanas Shrine. Any tips?

If a particular section is causing trouble, consider referencing those walkthroughs or online forums. Vague details might help others offer assistance without spoiling the solution entirely.

Can I brute force my way through the Mayanas Shrine puzzles?

While some trial and error is expected, solving the puzzles requires understanding the mechanics. Simply throwing objects around might not be the most efficient approach.

What if I’m not good with physics-based puzzles?

Don’t worry! The Mayanas Shrine challenges you to think creatively. Be patient, experiment with different approaches, and you’ll eventually crack the code.

Is the Mayanas Shrine difficult?

The difficulty can be subjective. For some, the Mayanas Shrine might be a refreshing puzzle challenge. For others, it might require more time and experimentation. But with perseverance, you’ll conquer the ice and claim your prize!

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