A Guide to the Mayaumekis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Mayaumekis shrine, The sprawling world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is littered with Shrines, hidden trials that test Link’s skills and reward him with valuable items. One such Shrine is the Mayaumekis Shrine, nestled amidst the icy peaks of the Hebra Sky Region. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to navigate this aerial labyrinth and claim its treasures.

Mayaumekis shrine

Locating the Mayaumekis Shrine

The Mayaumekis Shrine resides in the Rising Island Chain, part of the Hebra Sky Region. You’ll likely encounter it while completing the quest “Tulin of Rito Village.” Following the questline will naturally lead you towards the trampoline boat, which propels Link high into the sky. As you glide through the air, keep an eye out for the Shrine’s distinct structure – a towering edifice made of ancient stone. Its coordinates for those who prefer a more precise approach are (-2946, 3052, 0897).

Entering the Shrine: A Trial of Timing

Upon reaching the Mayaumekis Shrine, you’ll find yourself facing a seemingly locked entrance. Don’t fret, for the key lies within the small antechamber preceding the main hall. Look for a glowing yellow switch on the wall. Here’s where your trusty bow and arrow come in handy. A well-placed shot will activate the switch, unlocking the door and granting you access to the heart of the Shrine.

However, if you’re running low on arrows, fret not! The developers have included an alternative solution. Equip your spear or sword with enough reach and activate the switch through the bars of the entrance gate. This method might take a little more finesse, but it ensures you’re not locked out due to arrow scarcity.

The Gauntlet Awaits: Downward Force

Stepping through the unlocked door, you’ll enter the main hall of the Mayaumekis Shrine. This vast chamber is unlike any other you’ve encountered before. Multiple “Lift Ships” – large, mechanized platforms – hover in mid-air, and a single enemy, a “Construct,” patrols the area. The name of the challenge within this chamber is apt: Downward Force.

Unraveling the Downward Force Challenge

The objective of the Mayaumekis Shrine is deceptively simple: reach the exit located on a higher platform. However, the seemingly straightforward path is cleverly obstructed. Here’s where the true test begins:

Understanding the Lift Ships: The Lift Ships move along predetermined tracks, offering a key element for navigating the chamber. Your goal is to use them as stepping stones to reach higher ground. Carefully observe their movements and plan your jumps accordingly.

The Downward Wind: A constant downward wind current blows within the chamber. This adds a layer of complexity to your jumps, pushing you ever so slightly downwards. Adjust your jump height and direction to compensate for this wind, ensuring you land precisely on the moving platforms.

Facing the Challenge: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you understand the core mechanics of the Downward Force challenge, let’s break down a step-by-step approach to conquering the Mayaumekis Shrine:

Neutralize the Enemy (Optional): The lone Construct patrolling the chamber can be a nuisance while you’re focusing on navigating the Lift Ships. If you prefer a smoother run, eliminate it using your weapons.

Plan Your Jumps: Carefully observe the movement patterns of the Lift Ships. There’s a central platform that moves in a square pattern. This will be your primary stepping stone.

A Well-Timed Leap: As the central platform approaches your position, jump towards it, factoring in the downward wind. Aim for a precise landing to avoid getting pushed off by the wind current.

Scaling the Heights: Once on the central platform, use it to reach another stationary platform located slightly higher. From there, another Lift Ship will take you even further up.

Reaching the Exit: The final leg of your journey involves jumping across two more Lift Ships in quick succession. Remember to account for the wind and make calculated jumps to reach the exit platform.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the Downward Force challenge and reached the exit of the Mayaumekis Shrine. But your reward awaits…

Claiming Your Prize: A Treasured Reward

Having conquered the Shrine’s challenge, you’ll be presented with a chest containing a valuable reward. In the Mayaumekis Shrine, you’ll be rewarded with a set of 10 arrows, a much-needed addition to your arsenal, especially considering.


Where is the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Soar above Hebra Mountains in the Sky Isles, specifically the Rising Island Chain. You’ll likely encounter it during the “Tulin of Rito Village” quest. Look for coordinates (-2946,3052,0897) for a more precise location.

How do I enter the Mayaumekis Shrine?

The entrance is guarded by a switch that needs activating. If you have arrows, shoot it. No arrows? No problem! Use a spear or sword with enough reach to flick the switch from outside the bars.

What’s the challenge inside the Mayaumekis Shrine?

The aptly named “Downward Force” challenge requires using your paraglider and understanding how wind affects your movement.

How do I solve the Mayaumekis Shrine puzzle?

The main room has multiple “Lift Ships” and one enemy. Use your paraglider to maneuver around the wind currents created by the Lift Ships. Aim for the exit, but be mindful of the wind pushing you back!

Is there a way to cheese the Mayaumekis Shrine puzzle?

There’s a neat trick! Paraglide down to a Lift Ship to avoid getting blasted by the wind towards the locked door. Then, carefully climb the moving platform to reach the exit.

What happens if I mess up in the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Don’t worry, falling won’t hurt you. Simply climb back up or use the strategically placed updrafts to get back on track.

What reward do I get for completing the Mayaumekis Shrine?

A chest awaits you at the end, containing a handy reward of 10 arrows.

What if I don’t have any arrows to start the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Remember the trick from question 2? Use your spear or sword to activate the switch. You’ll still be able to complete the shrine and claim your arrow reward.

Are there any video guides available for the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Yes! Search online for “Mayaumekis Shrine walkthrough” or “Mayaumekis Shrine Tears of the Kingdom” to find helpful video guides [YouTube].

I’m stuck! Any tips for conquering the Mayaumekis Shrine?

Be patient, take your time understanding the wind currents, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your paraglider. Remember, you can always climb back up and try again!

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