Mastering Merlin’s Magic: A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy’s Merlin Trials

Merlin Trials

Merlin Trials, As you embark on your enchanting journey through Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter remnants of a bygone era: Merlin Trials. These scattered, spell-casting challenges hold the key to expanding your gear inventory, allowing you to carry more magical loot and treasures. But don’t be fooled by their seemingly simple stone circles – these trials pack a puzzling punch that will test your wit and wizarding prowess.

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer Merlin’s Trials, from unlocking them to mastering each unique variation.

Unveiling the Trials: A Brush with History

Your introduction to Merlin’s Trials comes courtesy of Nora Treadwell, a kind witch you encounter during the “Trials of Merlin” quest in Hogsmeade. She’ll explain the basics: locate the stone circles marking the trial sites, then sprinkle Mallowsweet leaves (a readily available herb) on the designated pedestal to activate the challenge.

But before you get puzzling, there are a few key things to remember:

Unlocking Merlin Trials: You’ll need to progress through the main story until you complete “The Girl from Uagadou” quest involving Natty in Hogsmeade. This unlocks the “Trials of Merlin” quest and Nora Treadwell’s introduction.

Finding Merlin Trials: Keep an eye out for two key identifiers:

Map Icons: Look for white feather symbols scattered across the map – these mark Merlin Trial locations.

Stone Circles: In the open world, you’ll encounter intricate stone circles etched on the ground. These are the physical locations of the trials themselves.

Stocking Up for Success: Essential Supplies

While Merlin’s Trials primarily test your spellcasting abilities, having the right supplies can make a world of difference:

Mallowsweet: This herb is the key to activating trials. You can buy them from potion vendors in Hogsmeade and other settlements, grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement, or find them scattered throughout the world.

Inventory Management: Merlin Trials reward you with increased inventory space. As you complete more trials, you’ll be able to carry more gear, allowing you to explore further and experiment with different equipment sets.

A Compendium of Merlin’s Mysteries: Trial Variations

There are nine distinct variations of Merlin Trials, each requiring a specific approach and spell set. Here’s a breakdown of each type to help you strategize:

Illumination: These trials involve moths and glowing cubes. Cast Lumos to attract nearby moths and guide them into each cube. Once all the cubes illuminate, the trial is complete.

Bombardment: Look for cracked stone pillars with glowing orbs perched on top. Use basic attacks or Accio to destroy all the orbs and complete the challenge. Revelio can be helpful in uncovering hidden orbs.

Reparo: Keep an eye out for broken bridges. Cast Reparo to mend the fractured sections and create a complete pathway across the gap.

Trials of the Troll: These involve giant stone troll statues. Locate a nearby cauldron and cast Incendio or Confringo to light all the fires beneath the statues, shattering them and completing the trial.

Break the Targets: Similar to Bombardment trials, you’ll find stone circles with surrounding pillars etched with symbols. Use spells like Flipendo or Depulso to rotate the pillars until the symbols align, completing the puzzle.

Moving Platforms: These trials involve navigating a series of floating stone platforms. Use strategic jumping and hovering spells like Wingardium Leviosa to reach the designated end platform.

Cube Rotation: Look for a central stone pedestal with several surrounding stone cubes. Each cube has symbols facing outward. Use Flipendo or Depulso to rotate the cubes until all the symbols match, solving the puzzle.

Hogwarts Clock: These trials involve a large stone clock face with movable hands. Use Flipendo or Depulso to rotate the hands until they point to the designated markings, completing the challenge.

Ball Popper: These feature stone circles with multiple divots and scattered stone balls. Use Accio to collect the balls and place them within the divots on the stone circles. Once all the divots are filled, the trial is complete.

Tips and Tricks for Triumph

Now that you’re familiar with the different Merlin Trials, here are some additional pointers to help you conquer them with ease:

Exploration is Key: Use Revelio to reveal nearby objects and hidden components within each trial area.

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t solve a trial on the first try. Experiment with different approaches and hone your spellcasting skills.


What are Merlin Trials?

Merlin Trials are scattered challenges throughout the Hogwarts Legacy world. Completing these puzzles unlocks increased gear inventory space, making them super handy for loot-loving witches and wizards.

How do I unlock Merlin Trials?

You’ll need to complete the main story quest “The Girl from Uagadou” in Hogsmeade. After that, chat with Natty (involved in the quest) and keep your ears peeled for a nearby NPC named Nora Treadwell. She’ll introduce you to Merlin Trials with the quest “Trials of Merlin.”

How do I activate a Merlin Trial?

Look for the Merlin Trial symbol on the world map – it resembles a black and white flower. Approach the symbol in the game world and interact with it using Mallowsweet Leaves (purchasable from The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade). This activates the Trial.

Are there different types of Merlin Trials?

Yes! There are nine different types of Merlin Trials, each requiring a specific approach to solve. These involve using spells like Reparo, Lumos, or simply moving objects around.

Where can I find a guide to solve all Merlin Trials?

Several resources online offer comprehensive guides to Merlin Trials. A quick search for “Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial Guide” will lead you to helpful walkthroughs with explanations for each Trial type [you can find video guides on YouTube as well].

Can I complete Merlin Trials with a friend in co-op?

Unfortunately, co-op play isn’t available in Hogwarts Legacy at this time. So, you’ll have to tackle Merlin Trials as a solo witch or wizard.

Is there a reward for completing all Merlin Trials?

Apart from the increased gear inventory space you get along the way, completing all Merlin Trials awards you a special trophy – a great way to showcase your puzzle-solving prowess!

What’s the best strategy for tackling Merlin Trials?

Since there are nine different types, the best strategy depends on the specific Trial. Generally, it’s helpful to pay attention to your surroundings and identify clues. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to consult those online guides!

Are Merlin Trials difficult?

The difficulty varies depending on the Trial type. Some are quite straightforward, while others require more thought and experimentation. But with a bit of patience and those handy online guides, you’ll be conquering Merlin Trials in no time.

Are Merlin Trials worth completing?

Absolutely! Increased gear space is a major benefit, and completing these challenges adds another layer of accomplishment to your Hogwarts Legacy adventure. So, grab your Mallowsweet Leaves and get puzzling!

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