Mastering the Arcane: A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy’s Merlin Trials

Merlin trials

Merlin trials, As you embark on your magical journey in Hogwarts Legacy, the sprawling open world beckons you to explore its hidden secrets and forgotten wonders. Scattered throughout the landscape lie enigmatic challenges known as Merlin Trials, designed to test your burgeoning wizarding skills. Completing these trials not only grants you a sense of accomplishment, but also unlocks something far more valuable – additional gear inventory slots.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Merlin Trials, from unlocking them to conquering their diverse puzzles. So, grab your wand, witches and wizards, and prepare to unravel the mysteries of these ancient trials.

What are Merlin Trials?

Merlin Trials are a series of small, magical challenges spread across the Hogwarts Legacy map. These puzzles pay homage to the legendary wizard Merlin, who is known for his enigmatic creations and enchantments. Each trial requires you to utilize your spells and problem-solving skills to overcome a specific obstacle.

Why Should You Complete Merlin Trials?

The primary reward for completing Merlin Trials is the expansion of your gear inventory. As you progress through the game and acquire new equipment, you’ll find yourself yearning for more space to store it all. Merlin Trials alleviate this issue by granting you additional gear slots upon completing a set number of trials.

But the benefits extend beyond mere inventory management. Solving these puzzles hones your spellcasting abilities, encouraging creative use of your magical arsenal. Additionally, conquering these challenges adds another layer of depth and engagement to your exploration of the vast Hogwarts Legacy world.

Unlocking Merlin Trials

Before you can embark on your Merlin Trial odyssey, you’ll need a little guidance. Merlin Trials become accessible after completing the main story quest, “Trials of Merlin.” This quest introduces you to Nora Treadwell, a kind witch who resides near Hogsmeade. She’ll explain the basics of Merlin Trials and equip you with the knowledge to tackle them.

A crucial element for activating Merlin Trials is a magical ingredient called Mallowsweet. You can acquire Mallowsweet by purchasing it from potion shops in Hogsmeade and other settlements. Keep your inventory stocked with Mallowsweet, as it’s essential for initiating these challenges.

Identifying Merlin Trials

With your newfound knowledge and Mallowsweet in hand, you’re ready to seek out Merlin Trials. These challenges are represented by distinct stone structures often adorned with intricate carvings and symbols. Look for these structures while exploring the open world – they’re frequently found in ruins, fields, and hidden corners of the map.

Once you locate a potential Merlin Trial, you can confirm your suspicion by using Revelio, a spell that reveals hidden objects and secrets. When you cast Revelio near a Merlin Trial, the structure will shimmer, indicating it’s ready to be activated.

Types of Merlin Trials

While Merlin Trials offer a diverse range of challenges, they can be broadly categorized into nine distinct types. Here’s a breakdown of each type, along with tips to conquer them:

Braziers: This is a beginner-friendly trial where you must light three braziers scattered around the area. Use your basic casting spell (Incendio can be helpful) or Lumos to ignite them. Revelio can be used to locate any hidden braziers.

Stone Pillars: This trial involves destroying glowing orbs atop stone pillars. Utilize your basic attack, spells like Accio to pull them closer, or even Depulso to knock them off. Keep an eye out for obscured pillars that might be hidden behind foliage or uneven terrain.

Moving Platforms: This agility-based trial requires you to navigate a series of platforms that appear and disappear in sequence. Use your jumping skills and strategically plan your movements to reach the designated end point.

Menhirs: These trials involve rotating large stone circles (Menhirs) until symbols on their faces align. Examine the surrounding area for clues on the correct symbol placement. You can also use Revelio to highlight the correct symbols briefly.

Hogwarts Legacy Bowls: Channel your inner Quidditch player in this trial where you need to maneuver a giant stone ball into a designated goal using Depulso and Flipendo. Alternatively, you can use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the ball directly into the goal for a more controlled approach.

Moth Lanterns: This trial involves guiding moths using Lumos into several lantern-like structures. Strategically cast Lumos to create a path for the moths to follow and illuminate all the lanterns.

Statue Destruction: This trial is a straightforward test of offensive magic. Use your most powerful spells, such as Confringo, Bombarda, or even basic attacks, to destroy all the glowing statues within the designated area.


What are Merlin Trials?

Think of Merlin Trials as bite-sized magical challenges. Each trial requires you to use specific spells to solve puzzles, test your reflexes, or use a combination of both.

How do I unlock Merlin Trials?

You won’t be able to tackle these trials right away. You’ll need to progress through the main story until you complete the quest “Trials of Merlin” given by Nora Treadwell near Hogsmeade.

How do I activate a Merlin Trial?

Keep an eye out for stone circles with intricate carvings – these are your Merlin Trial starting points. Approach the circle and cast Mallowsweet (learned during the aforementioned quest) to activate the trial.

How many Merlin Trials are there?

Brace yourself, there are a whopping 85 Merlin Trials hidden throughout the game world! But don’t be intimidated – there are only nine different variations, so once you learn the trick, you’ll be solving them like a pro.

What kind of challenges do I face in Merlin Trials?

The nine variations include:

Lighting braziers: Use spells like Incendio to light all the braziers within a time limit.

Following the path: Use Lumos to guide moths to designated locations.

Breaking orbs: Destroy magical orbs with spells like Bombarda.

Pushing blocks: Use Depulso to move giant blocks onto designated points.

Matching symbols: Rotate stone platforms to match glowing symbols.

Balancing on stones: Leap from stone to stone without touching the ground.

Controlling a ball: Use Flipendo and Depulso to maneuver a ball into a goal.

Grouping cubes: Use Accio to gather cubes and place them on pedestals.

Destroying statues: Reducto or Confringo will come in handy here!

What do I get for completing Merlin Trials?

The main reward is increased gear inventory space. Every few Merlin Trials you complete will grant you an extra slot to store all the loot you find on your adventures.

Can I revisit Merlin Trials?

Absolutely! Once you’ve solved a Merlin Trial, you can return to it any time to test yourself again or practice your spells.

Are there any hints to find Merlin Trials?

While they’re not marked on the main map, you can use Revelio to temporarily reveal nearby secrets, including Merlin Trials. Keep an eye out for swirling blue wisps that might indicate a hidden trial.

Is there a guide to help me solve all the Merlin Trials?

If you get stuck on a specific trial or just want a visual reference, there are many online guides and videos showcasing solutions for all Merlin Trial variations [YouTube(search hogwarts legacy merlin trials solutions)].

Are Merlin Trials difficult?

The difficulty can vary depending on the trial type and your progress in the game. However, with a little practice and the right spells, you’ll be conquering these challenges and expanding your gear inventory in no time!

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