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Minecraft librarian, In the bustling world of Minecraft villages, librarians hold a special place. These scholarly villagers aren’t just there for decoration; they offer some of the most valuable trades in the game, making them an essential companion for any aspiring adventurer or builder. This guide dives deep into everything you need to know about librarians, from acquiring their services to maximizing the benefits of their trades.

Minecraft librarian

From Commoner to Scholar: Creating a Librarian

Unlike villagers with pre-assigned professions like farmers or blacksmiths, librarians aren’t found roaming villages. Instead, you’ll need to convert a jobless villager into one. Here’s how to make that magic happen:

Crafting a Lectern: The key to creating a librarian is the lectern, a block resembling a reading pulpit. To craft it, you’ll need three wooden slabs (any type of wood works) placed horizontally in a row on the top three slots of your crafting table. In the middle slot, place a bookshelf.

Unemployed Villager Acquisition: Locate a villager with a brown coat, signifying they haven’t chosen a profession yet. You can find these in villages or by curing a zombie villager (a more complex process).

Workplace Placement: Trap the villager in a safe enclosure and place the lectern within their workspace. Once they interact with the lectern, their coat will transform into a white one, marking them as a certified librarian!

Librarian Lore: Beyond Bookselling

Librarians are more than just bookworms; they’re shrewd traders with a knack for enchanting. Here’s a breakdown of their specialties:

Paper for Emeralds: Librarians have a soft spot for paper, offering a lucrative trade: 24 paper for a single emerald. This is a fantastic way to generate emeralds early on, especially if you have a steady sugarcane farm (sugarcane crafts into paper).

Enchanted Book Emporium: The real treasure lies in the librarian’s enchanted book selection. As you trade with them, their available stock refreshes, offering a wide range of enchantments for your tools, weapons, and armor. These can significantly boost your power and capabilities.

Bookcase Bonanza: Librarians also sell bookshelves, a crucial ingredient for enchanting your own items. This allows you to create an enchanting setup without relying solely on their pre-enchanted offerings.

Odds and Ends: Librarians also buy and sell a few other items, including books, ink sacs, book and quills, and lanterns. While not as significant as the core trades, they can be helpful in specific situations.

Trading Tips and Tricks: Getting the Best Deals

The librarian’s trades are dynamic, meaning their offered items and prices change with each interaction. Here are some strategies to maximize your gains:

Breaking and Replacing the Lectern: This is a common trick to refresh the librarian’s trades. If you’re not happy with the current selection, simply break the lectern and place it back down. This will shuffle their stock, giving you a new chance to find the desired enchantment or trade.

Leveling Up the Librarian: Every time you trade with a librarian, their experience increases, eventually unlocking higher-tier trades with more powerful enchantments. Be patient and keep trading to unlock their full potential.

Curing the “Bad Trade” Blues: Sometimes, the librarian might offer ridiculously expensive trades. Don’t despair! Just break the lectern and replace it, and the prices will reset.

Discounts and Rerolls: Librarians occasionally offer discounted trades on specific items. Additionally, villagers can sometimes “rerole” their professions. If a librarian loses their job due to a missing lectern or another villager claiming the lectern first, they might become another profession when they find a new job block.

Building the Perfect Librarian Lair

To ensure smooth librarian operations, consider these tips for their workspace:

Safe Haven: Ensure your librarian is protected from hostile mobs. A well-lit, secure enclosure is crucial.

Workstation Essentials: Provide them with a bed to sleep in and access to a workstation (like a composter for farmers) to maintain their profession.

Trading Post Setup: Designate a specific area for trading with your librarian. This will make interactions smoother and prevent them from wandering off.

Librarians: Beyond Trades – A Valuable Asset

Librarians offer far more than just trades. Here are some additional benefits they bring:

Village Prosperity: Having a librarian in your village increases its overall appeal, potentially attracting more villagers and boosting the village’s size. This can lead to a more vibrant and functional community.


What is a Librarian in Minecraft?

A librarian is a villager who specializes in the art of the written word. They can be found in villages or you can create your own by assigning a villager a lectern (crafting recipe: 1 bookshelf + 3 wooden slabs).

Why are Librarians Important?

Librarians are prized for two main reasons:

Enchanted Books: They sell a variety of enchanted books, which can grant powerful buffs to your tools, weapons, and armor. From the life-saving Mending enchantment to the destructive Efficiency, librarians can significantly enhance your gameplay.

Emerald Generation: Librarians buy paper for emeralds. Paper is incredibly easy to make from sugarcane, allowing you to create a self-sustaining emerald farm. Emeralds are the currency used for trading with all villagers, so having a steady emerald supply is crucial.

How do I Trade with a Librarian?

Approach the librarian and right-click on them. This will open their trade window. The left side shows what the librarian offers (enchanted books, bookshelves, lanterns) and the cost in emeralds. The right side shows what the librarian wants (paper, books, ink sacs, book and quills) and how many emeralds they offer.

What are the Best Librarian Trades?

The paper for emerald trade is a no-brainer, especially early in the game. As for enchanted books, the best trade depends on your needs. Generally, cheaper books with common enchantments are good deals. However, if you’re looking for a specific powerful enchantment, it might be worth refreshing the librarian’s trades (more on that later).

How do I Refresh Librarian Trades?

Librarians have a set of possible trades. If you’re not happy with the current selection, simply break the lectern they’re attached to and then place it back down. This will shuffle their trades, giving you a new set of options. Be careful though! Don’t break the lectern if you’ve already traded with the librarian, as their profession will be locked in.

What are some Librarian Villager Tips?

Level Up Your Librarian: Each time you trade with a librarian, they gain experience and eventually level up. This unlocks more trades and increases the chance of getting rarer and more powerful enchantments.

Curing a Zombie Villager: If you find a zombie villager, you can cure it using a weakness potion and a golden apple. This villager will offer discounted trades for a while as a thank you!

Protecting Your Librarian: Librarians, like all villagers, can be attacked by hostile mobs. Make sure your librarian lives in a safe, well-lit area to ensure a steady supply of enchanted books and emeralds.

What are some Common Questions about Minecraft Librarians?

Q: Can librarians sell specific enchantments? A: No, librarians offer random enchantments within a set pool. However, you can refresh their trades to get a new selection.

Q: Do librarians restock their trades? A: Yes, librarians restock their trades over time.

Q: Can librarians sell mending books? A: Yes, librarians can sell mending books, but it’s a rare trade. Be prepared to refresh their trades often.

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