Misko’s Treasure: Unveiling the Secrets in The Legend of Zelda


The latest instalment in The Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, throws players headfirst into a vibrant Hyrule filled with challenges and hidden secrets. Among these mysteries lies the intriguing questline of Misko’s Treasure. This guide delves deep into everything there is to know about Misko’s Treasure, from its variations to the rewards that await daring adventurers.

Who is Misko?

While details surrounding Misko are scarce, the scattered clues throughout the game paint him as a legendary bandit or adventurer. His name is attached to various treasure hunts, each leading to valuable equipment that grants Link unique abilities.

There are two main interpretations of Misko’s identity:

  1. The Great Bandit Misko: This theory suggests Misko was a notorious outlaw who stashed away riches and powerful artefacts across Hyrule. Players follow riddles and solve puzzles to locate their hidden loot.
  2. A Legendary Hero: An alternative viewpoint portrays Misko as a courageous adventurer who left behind a legacy of powerful equipment to aid future heroes like Link.

Regardless of his true nature, uncovering Misko’s Treasure remains a thrilling aspect of Tears of the Kingdom.

Types of Misko’s Treasure

There are two primary categories of Misko’s Treasure hunts in Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. Armour of Awakening Set: This questline revolves around collecting three pieces of powerful armour: the Misko’s Tunic of Awakening, the Misko’s Greaves of Awakening, and the Misko’s Helm of Awakening. Completing this set bestows upon Link enhanced combat prowess and defensive capabilities.
  2. Fierce Deity Equipment: This optional quest focuses on acquiring the legendary Fierce Deity Armor, Mask, and Boots. These coveted items, reminiscent of Majora’s Mask, are rumoured to grant Link immense power. However, obtaining them requires deciphering cryptic clues and tackling formidable challenges.

Finding Misko’s Treasure: A Guide

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to conquer both Misko’s Treasure quests:

The Armor of Awakening Set

  1. Misko’s Tunic of Awakening:
    • Unlock the quest by clearing the Goronbi River Cave in western Eldin. The entrance lies south of Goron City at coordinates (1415, 2106, 0287).
    • Solve puzzles and defeat enemies within the cave.
    • The Misko’s Tunic of Awakening awaits you inside a chest at the cave’s end.
  2. Misko’s Greaves of Awakening:
    • Head to the Tabantha region and locate the Ancient Columns situated near the Rayne Highlands, Piper Ridge, and Tanagar Canyon.
    • Explore the Ancient Columns Cave. You can either reach it by following the road or warping from the Sky Islands above.
    • Navigate the cave and overcome obstacles to claim the Misko’s Greaves of Awakening.
  3. Misko’s Helm of Awakening:
    • Travel to North Hyrule Plain Cave. Its entrance can be found at coordinates (-1225, 0771, 0083).
    • Traverse the cave, defeating enemies and utilizing Link’s new abilities to reach hidden areas.
    • The Misko’s Helm of Awakening resides within a chest at the cave’s conclusion.

The Fierce Deity Equipment (Optional)

  1. Fierce Deity Mask:
    • Seek out Skull Lake Cave in northern Akkala.
    • The Fierce Deity Mask is hidden within the cave, though its exact location requires further exploration and puzzle-solving.
  2. Fierce Deity Armor:
    • While not part of the traditional Misko’s Treasure quests, the Fierce Deity Armor can be obtained by scanning the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo.
  3. Fierce Deity Boots:
    • Journey to North Hyrule Field and locate the Ancient Tree Stump Cave.
    • The Fierce Deity Boots are concealed within the cave, demanding keen observation and puzzle-solving skills to unearth.

Important Notes:

  • Remember, these are just the starting points. Each location presents its own set of challenges that players must overcome to reach the treasure.
  • Consulting online guides or walkthroughs can provide valuable hints and solutions for particularly tricky sections.
  • The rewards for completing these quests are well worth the effort, as they significantly enhance Link’s abilities.


Q. What is Misko’s Treasure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Misko’s Treasure refers to two possible sets of hidden items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There seems to be some confusion surrounding the names:

  1. Misko’s Treasure: This refers to three pieces of armour: the Climbing Gear, Barbarian Armor, and Rubber Armor. Finding these unlocks the Climbing Outfit, Powerful Outfit, and Shock Resistant Outfit respectively.
  2. Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity: This likely refers to a separate quest involving the Fierce Deity Armor set (Fierce Deity Mask, Armor, and Boots).

Q. How do I find Misko’s Treasure (Armor)?

Each piece of miskos treasure (armour) is hidden in a specific location:

  • Climbing Gear: North Hyrule Plain Cave (coordinates: -1225, 0771, 0083). Look for a chest hidden behind a waterfall.
  • Barbarian Armor: Crenel Hills Cave (coordinates: 0500, 0732, 0041). The armour is in a chest inside a tent.
  • Rubber Armor: Destroy the Luminous Stone blocking the path in Crenel Hills Cave using a Bomb Flower to reveal the chest containing the armour.

Q. How do I find Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity?

Information on this quest is sparser. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The Fierce Deity items (Mask, Armor, and Boots) are likely hidden in three separate locations.
  • Hints suggest the Mask is in Skull Lake Cave, the Armor is in Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave, and the Boots are in the Ancient Tree Stump Cave.
  • You can obtain the Fierce Deity Armor by scanning the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo, but this won’t complete the quest.

Q. Are there any guides to finding Misko’s Treasure?

Yes, several online resources offer detailed guides with walkthroughs and screenshots to help you find Misko’s Treasure:

  • IGN Wikis: [Misko’s Treasure of Awakening I](URL miskos treasure of awakening ON IGN ign.com) & [Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity](URL misko’s treasure fierce deity ON IGN ign.com)
  • VG247: [Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom miskos treasure locations] (URL Zelda tears of the Kingdom Misko’s treasure ON VG247 vg247.com)
  • Gamerant: [Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – All Misko’s Treasure Locations](URL misko’s treasure zelda tears of the kingdom ON gamerant.com)

These guides can be helpful, especially with visuals, if you get stuck while searching for the treasures.

Q. I found all the pieces of miskos treasure (armour), but nothing happened. Is this a bug?

There might be some confusion. Finding the three pieces of miskos treasure unlocks specific outfits, not a single reward.

  • Climbing Gear unlocks the Climbing Outfit.
  • Barbarian Armor unlocks the Powerful Outfit.
  • Rubber Armor unlocks the Shock Resistant Outfit.

Q. I found all the Fierce Deity items, but the quest isn’t marked complete. Why?

While you can find the Fierce Deity Armor through the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo, this might not complete the traditional quest for obtaining it. Information on how to complete the Fierce Deity quest is still emerging.

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