Montez Ford: From High-Flying Track Star to WWE Champion

Montez Ford

Montez Ford is a name synonymous with high-octane action and infectious charisma in the world of professional wrestling. Alongside his tag team partner Angelo Dawkins, they form The Street Profits, one of the most popular duos in WWE. But Ford’s journey to the top of the squared circle is a story of athletic prowess, unwavering determination, and a tag team partnership that has captured the hearts of the WWE Universe.

From Track and Field to the Squared Circle

Born Kenneth Crawford in Chicago, Illinois, in 1990, Ford’s athletic talents were evident from a young age. He excelled as a track star in high school, shattering records in the 200-meter and 400-meter dashes. This wasn’t just any athleticism; Ford possessed an explosive speed and agility that would later translate beautifully into his high-flying wrestling style.

After high school, Ford enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where his dedication to physical fitness continued. He achieved a perfect score on the notoriously challenging physical fitness test, a testament to his incredible physical conditioning. This combination of athleticism and discipline would serve him well as he transitioned from the military to the world of professional wrestling.

Setting His Sights on WWE

In 2015, Ford’s athletic gifts caught the eye of WWE scouts. He was recruited into the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, a training facility where aspiring wrestlers hone their skills under the guidance of seasoned veterans. Despite having no prior wrestling experience, Ford’s natural talent and dedication shone through. He quickly grasped the fundamentals of the sport and began developing his in-ring persona.

During this developmental period, Ford wrestled under the name Kenneth Crawford. He honed his high-flying style, incorporating daring leaps, flips, and dives into his matches. His athleticism was undeniable, but he also displayed a charisma and connection with the audience that suggested he was destined for bigger things.

The Birth of The Street Profits

In 2016, Ford’s career took a significant turn when he was paired with Angelo Dawkins to form a tag team. The duo, known as The Street Profits, brought a unique blend of athleticism and charisma to the table. Their undeniable chemistry and energetic personalities quickly resonated with fans.

The Street Profits spent their initial years in NXT, WWE’s developmental brand. They quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing their athleticism in high-flying maneuvers and developing a fun-loving, street-smart persona that endeared them to the NXT audience.

Raw Tag Team Champions: The Era of “Montez Ford”

In 2019, The Street Profits earned their call-up to WWE’s main roster, appearing on the flagship program Monday Night Raw. It was around this time that Ford officially adopted the ring name “Montez Ford.” This marked a pivotal moment in his career, symbolizing his transformation from a promising rookie to a fully-fledged WWE Superstar.

The Street Profits’ success continued on Raw. They captivated audiences with their high-flying offense and infectious enthusiasm. In April 2019, they defeated The Revival to capture the Raw Tag Team Championship, a crowning achievement for the duo.

Ford’s reign as Raw Tag Team Champion solidified his status as a top-tier athlete in WWE. His signature move, the “Frog Splash,” a breathtaking high-flying maneuver where he leaps from the top turnbuckle and splashes onto his opponent, became a highlight reel staple.

The Street Profits’ championship reign wasn’t without its challenges. They battled against some of the best tag teams in WWE, including The O.C. (AJ Styles and Luke Gallows) and Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. But through it all, Ford and Dawkins displayed their resilience and teamwork, emerging victorious on multiple occasions.

SmackDown Success and Beyond

In 2020, The Street Profits were drafted to WWE SmackDown. They effectively “traded” their Raw Tag Team Championship with The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) to become the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. This move showcased the mutual respect between the two teams and solidified The Street Profits’ place as premier tag teams in WWE.

Ford and Dawkins continued to find success on SmackDown, defeating top contenders and delivering memorable matches. They have also explored opportunities in singles competition, showcasing their individual talent and versatility.

In the 2023 WWE Draft, The Street Profits were once again drafted to SmackDown. They have since aligned themselves with Bobby Lashley, forming a formidable trio known as The Pride. This new dynamic keeps Ford fresh and allows him to showcase his adaptability within the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.


Who is Montez Ford?

Montez Ford (real name Kenneth Crawford) is a 33-year-old American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. He’s known for his incredible athleticism, high-flying moves, and charisma as part of the popular tag team, The Street Profits.

When did Montez Ford start wrestling?

Ford began his wrestling journey in 2015 when he joined the WWE Performance Center, despite having no prior experience. His natural athleticism, honed during his track and field days and time in the U.S. Marine Corps, quickly turned heads.

What are Montez Ford’s signature moves?

Ford’s dazzling move set includes the devastating “Frog Splash,” a high-flying jump from the top rope, and the unique “Top Doki,” where he flips over his opponent while delivering a clothesline.

Is Montez Ford a champion in WWE?

Absolutely! The Street Profits, consisting of Ford and Angelo Dawkins, are multiple-time champions. They’ve held the Raw Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, showcasing their dominance across both brands.

Who is Montez Ford’s tag team partner?

Ford’s longtime tag team partner is Angelo Dawkins, together forming The Street Profits. Their energetic personalities, in-ring chemistry, and signature “shades on, fists up” celebration have made them a fan favorite duo.

Is Montez Ford married?

Yes, Montez Ford is married to Bianca Belair, another top WWE Superstar. The power couple is known for their supportive relationship and individual success within WWE.

What is Montez Ford’s nickname?

Ford’s fans often call him “King Tez,” a reflection of his high-flying style and in-ring confidence.

What are some of Montez Ford’s accomplishments outside of wrestling?

Before entering wrestling, Ford excelled in track and field, setting high school records. He also served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, demonstrating his dedication and discipline.

What is Montez Ford’s current status in WWE?

As of April 2024, The Street Profits are on the SmackDown brand. Recently drafted back to SmackDown, they’ve aligned themselves with Bobby Lashley, forming a formidable trio called The Pride.

Where can I see Montez Ford wrestle?

You can catch Montez Ford in action on WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, or on Fridays on SmackDown. Both shows air live on the USA Network in the US. You can also check out WWE’s digital streaming service, WWE Network, for replays and exclusive content.

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