NBA 2K24: A Superstar with a Flaw – Is it Worth the Buzz?


NBA 2K24, the latest iteration in the long-running basketball simulation franchise, arrived with much fanfare in September 2023. But like many superstars in the league, it’s a game with both incredible highs and frustrating lows. This review will delve into the core aspects of NBA 2K24, analyzing its gameplay improvements, MyCareer mode tweaks, and the ever-present issue of microtransactions.

Stunning Presentation and Smoother Gameplay

One aspect where NBA 2K24 undeniably shines is its presentation. The game boasts phenomenal graphics, faithfully recreating NBA arenas and capturing the atmosphere of a real-life game. Player models are incredibly detailed, and the new “ProPLAY” feature, which utilizes real NBA footage to create in-game animations, injects a level of realism unseen before. Dribbling, shooting, and passing animations feel smoother than ever, contributing to a more natural and immersive on-court experience.

AI Improvements and Gameplay Nuances

Artificial intelligence (AI) has also seen a welcome upgrade. Opponents in NBA 2K24 are more challenging, especially on higher difficulties. They make smarter decisions, utilize screens effectively, and even adapt their strategies based on the flow of the game. This creates a more dynamic and unpredictable experience, forcing players to adjust their tactics on the fly. However, some reviewers have noted a slight learning curve for newcomers due to the increased emphasis on timing and skill.

Beyond the core gameplay, NBA 2K24 introduces a few interesting tweaks. The shot meter has been slightly revamped, offering a touch more customization for players who prefer a different visual cue. There’s also a new emphasis on signature skills, encouraging players to master their created MyCareer character’s unique abilities.

MyCareer: Deeper Story But Pay-to-Win Concerns

The MyCareer mode, a perennial favorite among NBA 2K players, returns with a deeper narrative experience. This year’s story offers more choices and branching paths, allowing players to carve their own path to NBA stardom. However, some reviewers have criticized the pacing of the story mode, finding it to drag at times.

The bigger concern with MyCareer lies in the ever-present shadow of microtransactions. While acquiring Virtual Currency (VC) through gameplay is still possible, it’s a much slower grind compared to previous iterations. Upgrading your MyCareer player’s attributes significantly relies on VC, making it feel increasingly difficult to compete online without spending real money. This strategy has left many fans frustrated, questioning the pay-to-win elements that threaten to overshadow the deeper narrative of MyCareer.

The Verdict: A Solid Game with Reservations

NBA 2K24 is an undeniably impressive basketball simulation experience. The gameplay improvements, particularly with AI and animations, create a more realistic and engaging on-court experience. The deeper MyCareer story offers a welcome change, but the aggressive push towards microtransactions casts a long shadow.

Should You Buy It?

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Yes, if: You’re a die-hard NBA fan who prioritizes realistic gameplay and a deep MyCareer experience. You’re comfortable with the grind of earning VC or willing to spend some money on microtransactions.
  • Maybe, if: You enjoy casual NBA 2K games and don’t mind a slower VC grind. You can appreciate the presentation improvements without needing the latest player attributes in MyCareer.
  • No, if: You’re a newcomer to the series or prefer a more balanced online experience. You’re completely averse to microtransactions and prefer a more traditional progression system.

Ultimately, NBA 2K24 is a game of contrasts. It boasts some of the best gameplay and presentation the series has ever seen, but the aggressive monetization tactics leave a sour taste. Whether you choose to slam dunk this title or leave it on the bench depends on your priorities and tolerance for microtransactions.


Q. Is NBA 2K24 worth buying?

NBA 2K24 offers the best on-court gameplay of the series yet, with smoother animations, improved AI, and a focus on authenticity. However, it’s weighed down by heavy microtransactions that can feel essential for online competition. If you prioritize the latest rosters and can handle the monetization tactics, it can be a good buy. Otherwise, NBA 2K23 might be a better value.

Q. What are the best new features in NBA 2K24?

The star of the show is ProPLAY, a new tech that utilizes real NBA footage to create smoother and more realistic player animations. The MyCareer mode also sees some tweaks, offering more freedom in building your baller.

Q. How are the microtransactions in NBA 2K24?

This is a sore spot for many reviewers. While microtransactions have always been present, NBA 2K24 feels more aggressive, with in-game purchases potentially impacting online competitiveness.

Q. Should I get NBA 2K24 for next-gen vs current-gen consoles?

The next-gen versions take full advantage of Pro PLAY and offer superior visuals and load times. However, the core gameplay remains the same. If you have a current-gen console and don’t mind slightly dated graphics, you might be okay sticking with NBA 2K23.

Q. Is the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K24 any good?

The MyCareer mode offers more customization options for your player, but the core story remains relatively unchanged. It’s still a solid way to experience the NBA grind, but some might find it repetitive.

Q. What are some alternatives to NBA 2K24?

If you’re looking for a basketball fix but turned off by NBA 2K24’s microtransactions, you might consider checking out older entries in the series, like NBA 2K23. Alternatively, there are simulation-style basketball games like NBA Manager Mobile or Franchise Hockey Manager that offer a different basketball experience.

Q. Where can I find more information on NBA 2K24?

You can find reviews, gameplay videos, and discussions on platforms like YouTube, IGN, and Metacritic. Searching for “NBA 2K24 Review” will get you started.

These FAQs should address the most common questions people have about NBA 2K24. Remember, reviews are subjective, so it’s always a good idea to watch game play videos and see if the title interests you before you buy.

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