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Ons Jabeur, the Tunisian tennis sensation, has taken the world by storm. Her powerful groundstrokes, dazzling drop shots, and infectious enthusiasm have captivated audiences and propelled her to the No. 2 ranking in the world. But behind every successful athlete lies a strong support system, and for Jabeur, that system includes her husband, Karim Kamoun.

This article delves into the life of Karim Kamoun, exploring his role as Jabeur’s husband, trainer, and biggest cheerleader.

From Courtside Supporter to Coaching Partner: The Evolution of Their Bond

Jabeur and Kamoun’s love story began in their native Tunisia. While details about their early relationship remain private, we know they tied the knot in 2015. Their shared passion for tennis initially placed Kamoun in the role of Jabeur’s biggest fan, cheering her on from the sidelines. However, their bond took a unique turn in 2017 when Kamoun transitioned into the role of Jabeur’s fitness trainer.

This decision wasn’t impulsive. Kamoun himself possesses a strong background in fitness and sports science. Combining his expertise with his unwavering belief in Jabeur’s potential, he embarked on this new chapter alongside his wife.

The Winning Formula: Unveiling Kamoun’s Coaching Techniques

Jabeur’s playing style is a captivating blend of power and finesse. Her aggressive baseline game is complemented by her ability to create angles and surprise opponents with drop shots. While Jabeur’s natural talent is undeniable, Kamoun’s coaching has undoubtedly played a crucial role in honing her skills and maximizing her on-court potential.

Specific details about Kamoun’s coaching methods remain undisclosed. However, based on Jabeur’s performances and interviews, we can glean some insights. Here are some potential areas Kamoun might focus on:

  • Physical Conditioning: Tennis is a demanding sport, requiring a high level of endurance, strength, and agility. Kamoun likely designs training programs that enhance Jabeur’s physical capabilities, allowing her to sustain her aggressive style throughout matches.
  • Tactical Strategies: The game of tennis is a constant chess match, requiring players to adapt to their opponent’s tactics. Kamoun might help Jabeur analyze her opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, devising strategies to exploit them and counter their playing style.
  • Mental Toughness: The mental aspect of tennis is often overlooked. Kamoun likely plays a role in developing Jabeur’s mental fortitude, helping her manage pressure on the court and stay focused during crucial moments.

Beyond Coaching: The Pillars of Their Partnership

Kamoun’s role extends beyond the technical aspects of coaching. He serves as a constant source of support and motivation for Jabeur. Social media offers glimpses into their strong bond. Following Jabeur’s heartbreaking loss at the 2023 Wimbledon finals, Kamoun took to Instagram, expressing his unwavering support and admiration for his wife’s resilience.

This emotional support is crucial for any athlete, especially those competing at the highest level. Kamoun provides a safe space for Jabeur to process victories and defeats, a constant reminder that her worth extends beyond wins and losses.

Theirs is a partnership built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared passion for the sport. Kamoun’s unwavering belief in Jabeur and her dedication to his guidance have created a winning formula that has propelled her to the top of the tennis world.

A Look Ahead: The Future for Jabeur and Kamoun

Jabeur is still at the peak of her career, and with Kamoun by her side, her future looks incredibly bright. Here are some exciting possibilities to look forward to:

  • Grand Slam Glory: Jabeur has already reached the finals of three Grand Slams (Wimbledon 2022, 2023, and US Open 2022). With continued improvement and a bit of luck, she could soon become the first African and Arab woman to win a Grand Slam title.
  • Inspiring a Generation: Jabeur’s success is a beacon of hope for aspiring Arab and African tennis players. Together, Jabeur and Kamoun can serve as role models, inspiring a new generation to take up the sport and chase their dreams.
  • Evolving Coaching Dynamic: As Jabeur’s game continues to evolve, Kamoun might adapt his coaching methods. He might bring in additional specialists or collaborate with other coaches to ensure Jabeur has access to the most cutting-edge training available.


Q. Who is Ons Jabeur’s husband?

Ons Jabeur’s husband is Karim Kamoun. He’s a former fencer who currently supports Ons’ career in two important ways: as her husband and as her fitness coach.

Q. How long have they been married?

Jabeur and Kamoun have been married for quite a while – they tied the knot in October 2015, after dating for two years. That means they’ve been a team for eight years now!

Q. Is Karim Kamoun Ons Jabeur’s coach?

Yes! After their marriage, Kamoun transitioned from fencing to becoming Jabeur’s fitness trainer in 2017. He travels with her to tournaments and offers support on and off the court.

Q. How does Karim Kamoun support Ons Jabeur?

Kamoun serves as a double dose of support for Jabeur. Beyond the physical training he provides, he’s her biggest cheerleader. There’s even a funny YouTube video about how busy he gets supporting her during matches [YouTube video of Ons Jabeur’s husband]!

Q. How did Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun meet?

Unfortunately, there’s no public information available about how this couple met.

Q. Has Karim Kamoun been featured alongside Ons Jabeur?

In 2023, Jabeur was part of the Netflix docuseries “Break Point,” and it’s likely Kamoun appeared alongside her in some parts. 


One thing remains certain: the partnership between Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun is a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court. Their unwavering dedication, mutual respect, and shared passion for the sport promise to continue captivating audiences and inspiring aspiring athletes for years to come.

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