Conquering the Orochium Shrine: A Test of Courage


The sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is littered with Orochium Shrine, each offering a unique test of Link’s abilities and rewarding him with valuable tools and emblems. Among these challenges lies the Orochium Shrine, nestled amidst the frigid peaks of the Hebra Mountains. This shrine presents a multi-layered puzzle requiring strategic thinking, combat prowess, and a touch of bravery – aptly named “Courage to Fall.”

Locating the Orochium Shrine

The Orochium Shrine can be found in the northern region of the Hebra Mountains, just a stone’s throw away from Snowfield Stable. Its coordinates for those seeking a precise location are -1638, 2643, 0239. You’ll likely spot its entrance jutting out from the mountainside as you explore the area.

Reaching the shrine itself might require some traversal depending on your approach. The Hebra region is known for its harsh climate, so make sure you’re well-equipped with warm clothes before venturing out. You might also encounter enemies along the way, so be prepared for a fight.

Stepping Inside: The Initial Challenge

Upon entering the Orochium Shrine, you’ll be greeted by a seemingly straightforward corridor. Don’t let your guard down – the puzzles begin right away. Look for a gap in the path blocked by loose sand. Utilize your trusty Sheikah Slate’s magnesis ability to pull the metal crate situated nearby and use it to create a bridge across the gap.

Following the path, you’ll encounter a Bokoblin enemy. Dispatch this foe and keep an eye out for a hidden chest tucked away behind him. This chest often contains arrows or other useful supplies.

Navigating the Labyrinth: A Test of Dexterity

The true challenge of the Orochium Shrine unfolds beyond the first corridor. Here, you’ll find yourself navigating a multi-level labyrinth filled with twists, turns, and obstacles. Here’s a breakdown of how to make your way through:

  1. Ascending the Levels: Look for a ladder that leads upwards. Climb it and then use your Crouch ability to squeeze through a narrow passage. Immediately after this, drop down to a lower level where you’ll find another Bokoblin waiting. Defeat him and keep an eye out for a special hidden door requiring the Sheikah Slate’s “Ultra-Hand” ability to open.
  2. Laser Beams and Platforms: Beyond the hidden door, you’ll encounter a series of moving platforms guarded by laser beams. Your objective here is to utilize the platforms to navigate the lasers without getting fried. Stand on a platform and wait for it to move into a safe position, then quickly jump onto the next one before the lasers activate. Patience and precise timing are key here.
  3. Key and the Confined Orb: After navigating the laser section, you’ll reach a higher level with Bokoblin archers. Take care of them and proceed to a section where you’ll need to use your bow and arrow skills. Shoot the glowing target switch to activate a platform that leads to a small key. This key unlocks a door leading to a confined orb – an essential element for solving the final puzzle.
  4. Guardian Enemies and the Lift: The path beyond the confined orb is guarded by two Guardian Scouts. These bipedal machines pack a punch, so be prepared for a fight. Once you’ve dealt with them, proceed to a central platform where the confined orb needs to be placed. This activates a nearby lift that takes you to the highest level of the shrine.

The Final Challenge: Taking Flight with Courage

The topmost level of the Orochium Shrine presents the final puzzle. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Positioning the Confined Orb: Locate a pedestal on this level and place the confined orb you obtained earlier. This unlocks a large gate, revealing a paragliding apparatus and a mechanism to attach the confined orb to it.
  2. Controlled Descent: Equip the paraglider and attach the confined orb to it. Leap off the platform, but don’t forget to shoot the nearby target switch with your bow before you do. This deactivates the deadly lasers guarding the descent path.
  3. Maneuvering Through Lasers: Now comes the courageous part. As you paraglide downwards, you’ll need to maneuver through a gauntlet of laser beams. Tilt the paraglider left and right to avoid getting zapped. Remember, you can detach the orb from the paraglider if needed to gain more control during this descent.


Q.Who is Glitchtrap?

Glitchtrap is a malicious digital entity resembling Spring Bonnie, a withered animatronic rabbit from FNAF lore. He appears within the VR game “FNAF: Help Wanted” and seems to possess a dark purpose.

Q. Where did Glitchtrap come from?

The exact origin remains unclear. Theories suggest he’s the digital manifestation of William Afton, the main antagonist of FNAF, trapped within the code of the VR game.

Q. What are Glitchtrap’s goals?

Theories suggest Glitchtrap seeks to escape the VR world and influence the real one. He might be manipulating players or possessing those who wear the VR headset for too long.

Q. How do I defeat Glitchtrap in FNAF VR: Help Wanted?

There’s no direct fight with Glitchtrap. However, completing the game unlocks lore bits hinting at his connection to Afton. Some fans believe specific actions within the VR experience weaken Glitchtrap’s hold.

Q. Is Glitchtrap connected to Vanny, the villain of FNAF: Security Breach?

There’s strong evidence suggesting a connection. Vanny seems to be working for a digital entity resembling Glitchtrap, further fueling theories that it’s Afton’s lingering evil.

Q. Is Glitchtrap real? (In the context of the FNAF universe)

Within the FNAF universe, Glitchtrap is undeniably real as a digital entity within the VR game. Whether his influence extends to the physical world remains to be seen in future instalments.

Q. What are some popular theories about Glitchtrap?

  • Glitchtrap is a fragment of Afton’s consciousness.
  • Completing the VR game weakens Glitchtrap.
  • Glitchtrap is manipulating players to become his agents (like Vanny).

Q. Where can I learn more about Glitchtrap?

  • Play FNAF VR: Help Wanted and explore all its secrets.
  • Look up FNAF lore videos on YouTube channels like FNAF Theory or The Game Theorists.
  • Search online forums and communities dedicated to FNAF discussions.

Remember: These are just some of the burning questions surrounding Glitchtrap. As the FNAF story unfolds, we might get more definitive answers about this glitch in the system.

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