Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals – A Guide to the Multiverse of Endings


Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals throws you back into the eerie world of Camena Island, this time with protagonist Riley returning to investigate a mysterious radio signal. As the narrative unfolds, the choices you make ripple outwards, culminating in a heart-wrenching decision that determines the fate of the characters.

Unlike its predecessor with a more linear narrative, Oxenfree 2 boasts multiple endings, each leaving a lasting impression. This guide delves into the different endings you can unlock, the choices that lead to them, and the lingering questions they raise.

The Core Choice: Sealing the Portal

The crux of the endings revolves around a critical decision at the game’s climax. A portal to another dimension, fueled by the radio signal, threatens to tear apart reality. To prevent this, someone needs to enter the portal and sacrifice themselves to seal it shut. This decision rests in the hands of Riley, who must choose between Alex, Olivia, or Jacob (if he’s alive) for this selfless act.

Choosing Olivia:

  • The outcome for Olivia: Choosing Olivia fulfills her deepest desire. She reunites with her deceased parents in the void-like dimension, seemingly finding peace. However, the exact nature of this existence remains ambiguous.
  • The outcome for Riley: Riley returns to her normal life seemingly unscathed. The next morning in Camena appears ordinary, with no trace of the events that transpired. However, a lingering sadness suggests a part of her may yearn for the life she left behind.
  • Outcome for Alex and Others: Alex, Jess, and Ren are freed from the temporal anomaly and return to their normal lives.

Choosing Jacob (if alive and agrees):

  • The outcome for Jacob: Jacob, driven by his desire to protect Riley, volunteers as tribute. Similar to Olivia, he finds solace in reuniting with his deceased brother in the other dimension.
  • The outcome for Riley: Same as choosing Olivia.
  • The outcome for Alex and Others: Same as choosing Olivia.

Choosing Riley:

This is the most complex and bittersweet ending.

  • Outcome for Riley: Riley sacrifices herself, seemingly abandoning her life and loved ones back home. However, she awakens in a seemingly alternate version of Camena, living a peaceful life with her son Rex. This existence hints at a parallel universe where Riley never left for college, suggesting the portal may have offered her a chance to pursue a different path.
  • Outcome for Alex and Others: Alex remains trapped in the void with no clear way out. The future of Jess and Ren is also uncertain.

Jacob Refuses to Enter:

If Jacob is alive but refuses to enter the portal, the game presents a bleak outcome.

  • Outcome for Everyone: The portal tears reality apart, consuming everyone and everything in Camena. It’s a harsh reminder of the consequences of inaction.

Nuances and Additional Considerations

While the core decision shapes the ending, your choices throughout the game influence the narrative’s details. Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • The Lockbox: Finding the hidden Lockbox and its contents (a childhood drawing by Riley) during the hospital sequence unlocks a special scene in the “Choosing Riley” ending. The scene implies a deeper connection between Riley and Rex in this alternate reality.
  • Relationship with Characters: The bond you forge with Alex, Jess, Ren, and Jacob throughout the game influences their reactions and dialogue in the final act.
  • Hidden Messages: Scattered throughout the game are cryptic messages that hint at the nature of the portal and the consequences of your choices. Be sure to explore thoroughly!

Beyond the Endings: Lingering Questions

Oxenfree 2’s endings leave plenty of room for interpretation and discussion. Here are some lingering questions that fuel the game’s intrigue:

  • The Nature of the Portal: What exactly is the other dimension, and what are the rules that govern it? Is it truly a peaceful afterlife for Olivia and Jacob, or something more sinister?
  • The Fate of Alex and Others (Choosing Riley): Are Alex, Jess, and Ren doomed to remain trapped in the void forever, or is there a way to free them?
  • The Parallel Universe (Choosing Riley): Is the reality Riley finds herself in truly a happy ending, or is it a fabricated existence with hidden costs?

These questions spark debate and encourage players to re-evaluate their choices. The beauty of Oxenfree 2 lies in its ability to offer multiple perspectives and leave the ultimate interpretation up to the player.


Q. How many endings are there in Oxenfree 2?

There are three main endings in Oxenfree 2, each determined by whom you choose to enter the portal and seal it shut. These characters are:

  • Riley: The protagonist you play as throughout the game.
  • Olivia: A mysterious new character with a connection to the events of the first game.
  • Jacob (Optional): A character you can potentially bring to Edwards Island, depending on your choices.

Q. What are the different endings in Oxenfree 2?

Choosing Riley: This is a bittersweet ending. Riley sacrifices themself to save Alex, Ren, and Jonas, who return to reality with no memory of their time trapped on Edwards Island. However, Riley remains trapped in the void with the Sunken.

Choosing Olivia: Here, Olivia gets the closure she’s been desperately seeking. She enters the portal, presumably reuniting with her lost family on the other side. Everyone else, including Alex, returns to reality safe and sound.

Choosing Jacob (if available): This ending depends on your relationship with Jacob. If you’ve convinced him to trust you, he might volunteer to close the portal. If you haven’t built trust, Riley will have to make the final call.

Q. What choices affect the endings in Oxenfree 2?

While the core decision revolves around who enters the portal, your choices throughout the game can influence the characters’ relationships and certain aspects of the ending. Here are some key choices:

  • Your relationship with Olivia: Being friendly or antagonistic towards Olivia throughout the story will affect her willingness to enter the portal.
  • Bringing Jacob to Edwards Island: Convincing Jacob to join you opens the possibility of him sacrificing himself.

Q. Is there a “best” ending in Oxenfree 2?

There’s no definitive “best” ending. It depends on what outcome you find most satisfying for the characters involved.

  • For a bittersweet closure: Choose Riley’s sacrifice.
  • For Olivia’s redemption: Send her through the portal.
  • For a potential selfless act: Let Jacob make the sacrifice (if available).

Q. Are there any achievements/trophies tied to the endings?

Yes! Each of the three main endings has a corresponding achievement/trophy to unlock.

For more Oxenfree 2 fun:

  • Explore online resources for discussions and fan theories about the endings and their implications for the characters’ futures.
  • Check out online walkthroughs to discover all the choices you might have missed and see how they affect the story.


Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals presents a compelling narrative with impactful choices that resonate long after the credits roll. By exploring the different endings and considering the underlying questions.

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