Pheromosa: The Elegant Ultra Beast with a Deceptive Punch


Pheromosa, the epitome of grace and hidden power, is a captivating Pokémon that has intrigued trainers since its introduction in Generation VII. This Bug/Fighting-type Ultra Beast boasts an otherworldly design, phenomenal speed, and a surprising amount of strength. But beneath its elegant exterior lies a complex creature with a mysterious origin and a touch of disdain for our world. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Pheromosa, exploring its lore, battle prowess, and unique place in the Pokémon universe.


A Bug Out of Place: The Allure of an Ultra Beast

Pheromosa belongs to a special group of Pokémon known as Ultra Beasts. These enigmatic creatures hail from an alternate dimension called Ultra Space, and their arrival in our world disrupts the natural order. Pheromosa, codenamed UB-02 Beauty, stands out amongst its brethren. While some Ultra Beasts appear monstrous, Pheromosa embodies a strange elegance.

Its design draws inspiration from a feminine cockroach, with a slender, white body segmented into five discs. Thin, elongated limbs with golden joints accentuate its graceful form. Atop its head sits a regal, yellow crown, hinting at a bygone nobility. This dichotomy between beauty and lethality is a core part of Pheromosa’s charm.

Adding to the mystery is Pheromosa’s aversion to physical contact. The Pokédex implies a deep-seated disgust with the world it finds itself in, suggesting a vastly different environment in Ultra Space. This aloofness extends to other Pokémon, making Pheromosa a solitary creature focused solely on combat.

The Beauty and the Brutality: Pheromosa’s Battle Prowess

Despite its aversion to touch, Pheromosa is a formidable opponent. Its true strength lies in its unparalleled speed, the highest of all non-legendary Pokémon. This allows Pheromosa to outpace most foes, striking first and often with devastating attacks. Its signature move, High Jump Kick, capitalizes on this speed, delivering a powerful blow with increased critical hit potential.

Furthermore, Pheromosa’s Fighting-type moveset grants it access to powerful techniques like Close Combat and U-turn. Close Combat unleashes a flurry of devastating blows, while U-turn allows Pheromosa to deal damage, switch out to a more suitable teammate, and maintain momentum in battle.

However, Pheromosa’s physical prowess comes at a cost. Its frail defenses make it vulnerable to strong attacks, particularly from Fire, Flying, and Rock-type Pokémon. Trainers must utilize Pheromosa’s incredible speed strategically, ensuring it strikes first and avoids taking hits that could spell its doom.

Unveiling the Ultra Beast: Theories and Speculations

Pheromosa’s origins and purpose remain shrouded in mystery. Some theories suggest that Ultra Beasts, like Pheromosa, are drawn to a specific type of energy not readily found in our world. This energy source could be light, psychic energy, or something entirely unknown. Perhaps Pheromosa’s presence disrupts this energy flow, explaining the anomalies associated with Ultra Beasts.

Another theory delves deeper into Pheromosa’s aversion to touch. Could this be a defense mechanism against a predator in Ultra Space? Perhaps its sleek, segmented body allows it to evade capture or deflect attacks in its home dimension. The lack of information regarding Ultra Space leaves these questions unanswered, fueling the intrigue surrounding Pheromosa.

A Valuable Ally, A Feared Foe: The Trainer’s Perspective

For trainers seeking a powerful offensive weapon, Pheromosa presents a compelling option. Its unmatched speed and devastating attacks can turn the tide of battle. However, its fragility demands a tactical approach. Building a team that complements Pheromosa’s strengths and mitigates its weaknesses is crucial.

Popular teammates include Mega Gengar, who can eliminate threats that trouble Pheromosa, and Xerneas, another speedy offensive powerhouse that can overwhelm opponents. With careful strategizing and a focus on speed control, Pheromosa can become a cornerstone of a competitive Pokémon team.

Beyond the Games: Pheromosa’s Cultural Impact

Pheromosa’s unique design and intriguing lore have resonated with fans beyond the realm of Pokémon games. It has become a popular subject for fan art, often depicted in elegant yet powerful poses. The contrast between its beauty and deadliness has captured the imagination of artists, leading to a wealth of creative interpretations.

Pheromosa’s popularity extends to the competitive battling scene as well. Its incredible speed and offensive capabilities have made it a fixture in high-level tournaments. Trainers have developed intricate strategies to utilize Pheromosa’s strengths, showcasing its potential as a dominant force in the competitive landscape.


What is Pheromosa?

Pheromosa is an Ultra Beast, a mysterious group of Pokemon originating from another dimension. Nicknamed UB-02 Beauty, Pheromosa resembles a feminine humanoid cockroach. Its body is thin and white, with five segmented sections and gold accents on its joints and head. Pheromosa is known for its incredible speed and devastating close-combat attacks.

What are Pheromosa’s stats?

Pheromosa excels in Speed, boasting the highest base stat in the entire Pokemon universe. This makes it incredibly difficult to outpace in battle. Its Attack stat is also very high, allowing it to deal significant physical damage. However, Pheromosa’s defenses are quite low, making it vulnerable to strong attacks.

How does Pheromosa evolve?

Pheromosa does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. It is a single-stage legendary creature.

How do I catch Pheromosa?

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pheromosa can be encountered after defeating the Elite Four and Champion. It will appear in Ultra Wormholes on Poni Island. Be prepared for a tough battle, as Pheromosa is a high-level Pokemon.

What are Pheromosa’s best moves?

Due to its incredible speed, Pheromosa is best suited for an offensive role. Popular moves include High Jump Kick, a powerful kicking attack, and U-turn, which allows Pheromosa to switch out while dealing damage. Ice Beam is a great coverage move, effective against Dragon and Grass-type Pokemon that might otherwise resist Pheromosa’s attacks.

How do I use Pheromosa in battle?

Pheromosa’s high Speed allows it to be a powerful sweeper, taking down weakened opponents quickly. Utilize its Speed to switch into matchups where it can overpower the foe. However, be cautious of its low defenses and avoid letting it take strong hits. Team Pheromosa with Pokemon that can take hits it can’t and provide backup options if Pheromosa gets knocked out.

What is Pheromosa’s lore?

Pheromosa’s lore is shrouded in mystery, as is true for most Ultra Beasts. It is said to be incredibly clean and refuses to touch anything, possibly due to finding our world unclean. Some theories suggest Pheromosa and its counterpart, Buzzwole (UB-02 Abundance), might be parts of a whole Ultra Beast.

Is Pheromosa good in competitive battling?

Pheromosa is a formidable Pokemon in the Uber tier of competitive battling, thanks to its unmatched Speed and powerful attacks. However, its low defenses require a skilled trainer to effectively use it and avoid getting knocked out quickly.

Is Pheromosa shiny?

Yes, Pheromosa can be encountered in its shiny form. Its primary white color turns a pale pink, and its gold accents become a darker shade.

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