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Welcome, aspiring trainers, to the vibrant region of Hoenn! Pokemon Emerald, an enhanced version of Ruby and Sapphire, offers a thrilling adventure filled with diverse Pokemon, challenging battles, and the ultimate goal of becoming the Pokemon Champion. This walkthrough will be your guide as you navigate the sprawling landscapes, conquer Gyms, and unravel the mysteries Hoenn holds.

Getting Started: From New Trainer to Confident Challenger

  1. The Choice Awaits: Your journey begins in Littleroot Town, where you’ll meet Professor Birch and receive your first Pokemon: Treecko (Grass), Torchic (Fire), or Mudkip (Water). Choose wisely, as this Pokemon will be your reliable partner throughout the early stages.
  2. First Steps: Head north to Oldale Town, battling trainers along Route 101 to gain experience. Here, you’ll receive Poke Balls and encounter your rival, May/Brendan. Be prepared for frequent encounters with them throughout your journey.
  3. Gym Battle #1: Roxanne (Rock-type): Prepare Pokemon with Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel, or Water-type moves to counter Roxanne’s Rock-type team. Focus on defeating her Geodude and Nosepass to claim your first Gym Badge, the Stone Badge.
  4. Petalburg Woods and Team Aqua: Traverse Petalburg Woods, catching new Pokemon and facing wild encounters. Here, you’ll encounter your rival again and witness Team Aqua, a villainous group obsessed with expanding the ocean.
  5. Gym Battle #2: Brawly (Fighting-type): In Dewford Town, prepare for Brawly’s Fighting-type Gym. Utilize Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves to dominate his Makuhita and Machop, earning the Knuckle Badge.

Venturing Deeper: Unraveling the Land and Sea

  1. Granite Cave and Arrival in Slateport City: Navigate the treacherous Granite Cave, encountering strong wild Pokemon and solving puzzles. Upon reaching Slateport City, you’ll unlock new areas and activities like contests and the Department Store.
  2. Team Magma’s Threat: Here, you’ll learn about Team Magma, Team Aqua’s rival group, who aim to expand the landmass. Prepare for encounters with both villainous teams as they disrupt Hoenn’s balance.
  3. Gym Battle #3: May/Brendan (Mixed Team): Your rival challenges you to a battle in Mauville City. Their team will vary depending on your starter choice, so be prepared for diverse types. Defeat them to progress.
  4. Gym Battle #4: Wattson (Electric-type): Prepare Ground-type Pokemon to counter Wattson’s powerful electric attacks in Mauville City. Utilize grounding moves like Dig and Earthquake to secure the Dynamo Badge.
  5. Ever Grande City and the Sky Pillar: Travel to Ever Grande City, a bustling metropolis. Here, you’ll obtain the Mach Bike for faster travel and access to the Sky Pillar, a sacred location holding the Latias/Latios encounter (depending on the game version).

The Climax Approaches: Confronting Evil

  1. Team Aqua and Team Magma’s Schemes: Continue battling both villainous teams as they escalate their plans. You’ll play a pivotal role in stopping their schemes from disrupting Hoenn’s natural order.
  2. Gym Battle #5: Flannery (Fire-type): Prepare Water, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon to counter Flannery’s fiery team in Lilycove City. Utilize moves like Surf and Rock Slide to earn the Flare Badge.
  3. Return to Slateport City and Sootopolis City: Travel back to Slateport City and confront Team Aqua/Magma (depending on the version) as they attempt to control the legendary Pokemon Kyogre/Groudon.
  4. Calming the Fury: After defeating the team leader, head to Sootopolis City, where the awakened Kyogre/Groudon has caused a weather crisis. Encounter Rayquaza, the legendary Hoenn dragon, and calm the enraged Pokemon.
  5. Victory Road and the Elite Four: With the legendary Pokemon subdued, access to Victory Road opens. Train your team rigorously here, as this challenging path leads to the Pokemon League.
  6. The Pokemon League Challenge: In Ever Grande City, face the Elite Four, a group of formidable trainers, each specializing in a specific type. Be prepared for intense battles, strategize effectively, and utilize your team’s strengths.
  7. Champion Wallace and the Final Showdown: After conquering the Elite Four, challenge Wallace, the Pokemon Champion. His team is well-balanced and powerful, so uses type advantages and smart tactics to claim victory and become the new Pokemon Champion of Hoenn!


Q: What starter Pokemon should I pick?

There’s no single “best” choice, but here’s a breakdown:

  • Treecko (Grass): Evolves into powerful Ground/Steel type in Sceptile. Great for early Rock-type gyms.
  • Torchic (Fire): Evolves into Blaziken, a strong Fire/Fighting type. Tears through Grass-type gyms.
  • Mudkip (Water): Evolves into Swampert, a fantastic Water/Ground type. Dominates early Electric-type gyms.

Ultimately, pick the one you like most!

Q: How do I get a good team?

Explore the tall grass on Routes to catch wild Pokemon. Consider types that complement your starter. Bug-catchers on Routes often have Pokemon weak to your starter type, so battling them is a good way to find counters.

Q: What order do I challenge the Gyms in?

There’s some flexibility, but a recommended route is:

  1. Littleroot Gym (Rock)
  2. Rustboro City Gym (Fighting)
  3. Mauville City Gym (Electric)
  4. Vermilion City Gym (Water)
  5. Lavaridge City Gym (Fire)
  6. Fortree City Gym (Flying)
  7. Ever Grande City Gym (Psychic)
  8. Sootopolis City Gym (Ground)

Q: How do I beat [Gym Leader Name]’s team?

Focus on exploiting type weaknesses! For example, use water types against Rock-type gyms. Many walkthrough resources online (like IGN walkthrough) provide detailed strategies for each Gym Leader.

Q: How do I level up my Pokemon efficiently?

  • Battle wild Pokemon! Focus on areas with higher-level Pokemon as you progress.
  • Use the EXP Share held item to distribute EXP to all Pokemon in your party.
  • Rematch trainers you’ve beaten – they often offer higher EXP after you get a Gym Badge.

Q: Where do I find healing items?

  • Purchase Potions and Revives at Poké Marts in most towns.
  • Certain wild Pokemon hold healing items when caught.
  • Grass patches sometimes contain hidden items, including healing ones.

Q: How do I catch Legendaries?

Legendaries like Rayquaza require solving puzzles or navigating special areas. Consult a walkthrough (Bulbapedia walkthrough) for specific locations and capture strategies.

Q: What is there to do after beating the Elite Four?

The Emerald endgame offers much more than Ruby and Sapphire! Catch legendaries, compete in the Battle Frontier, and participate in contests to show off your Pokemon.

Q: Where can I find all the Legendaries?

Tracking down Legendaries can be tricky. A walkthrough will be your best bet – [YouTube walkthrough] provide visual guides.

These FAQs provide a starting point for your Pokemon Emerald adventure. Remember, exploration and discovery are a big part of the fun!

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