Conquering Paldea: A Pokemon Scarlet Walkthrough


Welcome, aspiring trainers, to the vibrant region of Paldea! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer a refreshing open-world experience, allowing you to tackle challenges at your own pace. This walkthrough will guide you through the exciting adventures that await in Pokemon Scarlet, highlighting key quests, Gym Leaders, Titan Pokemon, and the notorious Team Star.

Embarking on Your Journey

Your adventure begins at Mesagoza, a bustling academy town. After enrolling and choosing your trusty starter Pokemon (Sprigatito, Fuecoco, or Quaxly), you’ll set off on your journey alongside Nemona, your energetic rival.

The Three Paths of Paldea

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet break free from linearity. Here, you have the freedom to explore three distinct storylines, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

  • Victory Road: This traditional path focuses on Gym battles. Earn eight badges by defeating charismatic Gym Leaders like the Grass-type specialist Brassius and the Electric-type ace Iono. Sharpen your battling skills and strategize your team compositions to conquer these formidable opponents.
  • Path of Legends: This storyline revolves around encountering and defeating the Titan Pokemon. These colossal Pokemon terrorize specific areas, and you’ll need to team up with Arven, a fellow student, to quell their rampages. Be prepared for epic encounters that test your teamwork and combat prowess.
  • Starfall Street: Team Star, a rebellious group of students, have taken over various outposts across Paldea. Infiltrate their bases, take down grunts, and confront the eccentric Team Star bosses like Mela of the Fire Crew and Giacomo of the Dark Crew.

Choosing Your Path

The beauty of Pokemon Scarlet lies in its open-ended approach. You can tackle these storylines in any order! Explore freely, level up your Pokemon, and choose the path that most excites you. Here’s a suggested “golden path” many players recommend:

  1. The First Day of School: Complete the opening act, introducing you to the game’s mechanics and story.
  2. Cortondo Gym (Bug-type): Defeat Gym Leader Katy to earn your first badge.
  3. Artazon Gym (Grass-type): Challenge Gym Leader Brassius, focusing on Fire, Flying, or Ice-type Pokemon for an advantage.
  4. Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan: Team up with Arven to take down this imposing Titan Pokemon.
  5. Levincia Gym (Electric-type): Prepare for a dazzling display of Electric-type moves as you face Gym Leader Iono.

Exploring the Open World

While gyms and Titan battles take center stage, Paldea offers a vast open world teeming with activities. Here are some exciting things to discover:

  • Pokemon Encounters: Encounter a diverse range of Pokemon in the wild, from familiar favorites to brand new regional variants. Catch them all and build your ultimate team!
  • Raids: Participate in Tera Raid Battles, challenging powerful Pokemon with unique Tera types. Team up with other trainers online or locally to overcome these challenging foes and reap valuable rewards.
  • Treasure Hunting: Hidden throughout Paldea are sparkling items and Pokemon to find. Explore every nook and cranny, keep an eye out for shimmering spots, and uncover valuable treasures.
  • Crafting and Cooking: Gather ingredients during your travels and use them to craft helpful items like Poke Balls and potions. You can even try your hand at cooking, creating delicious meals that boost your Pokemon’s stats.
  • Customization: Express yourself! Personalize your character’s outfit, hairstyle, and even your bike’s appearance.

Confronting Team Star

Team Star disrupts the peace of Paldea with their outlandish antics. Infiltrate their Starfall Street outposts, overcome Team Star grunts, and face off against their eccentric bosses. Each Team Star boss specializes in a specific type, so strategize accordingly.

The Climax Awaits

As you progress through these paths, the narrative threads converge, leading you towards a thrilling climax. But that’s a journey for you to discover, trainer!

Beyond the Main Story

The completion of the main story unlocks the post-game, offering even more challenges and activities:

  • Rematch Gyms and Titans: Test your skills by battling Gym Leaders and Titans again, with their teams sporting higher levels and potentially new Pokemon.
  • The Elite Four and Champion: The ultimate test awaits! Challenge the esteemed Elite Four and the reigning Pokemon Champion to prove your mettle and become the greatest trainer in Paldea.
  • Shiny Hunting: Seek out rare Shiny Pokemon with unique colourations. Utilize various chaining methods to increase your chances of encountering these chromatic wonders.


Q. What’s the first thing I should do in Pokemon Scarlet?

  • Complete “The First Day of School” introduction. This unlocks the open world for exploration.

Q. Which house should I choose (Scarlet or Violet)?

  • The houses are purely aesthetic, so pick whichever appeals to you more!

Q. What’s the best starting Pokemon?

  • All three starters (Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly) are great! Choose the one with the type of advantage you prefer for early gyms.

Q. Do I have to follow a specific route?

  • No! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer an open world experience. You can tackle the Gyms (Victory Road), Titan Pokemon (Path of Legends), and Starfall Street challenges in any order!

Q. Is there a recommended level for each challenge?

  • Yes, there’s an “optimal path” with suggested levels for each Gym, Titan, and Starfall Street Base. You can find this info in various online guides like IGN’s Walkthrough.

Q. How do I level up my Pokemon fast?

  • Explore the open world, battle wild Pokemon, and use boosters like Lucky Eggs. Participating in Tera Raid Battles is another great way to gain experience and rare items.

Q. Who are the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet?

  • The Gym Leaders you’ll face include Katy (Bug), Brassius (Grass), Iono (Electric), Kofu (Water), Larry (Normal), Ryme (Ghost), Tulip (Psychic), and Grusha (Ice).

Q. What are Titan Pokemon?

  • Titan Pokemon are powerful Pokemon guarding special ingredients needed for a legendary recipe. You’ll need to strategically use your Pokemon’s moves and environment to defeat them.

Q. How do I find the Titan Pokemon?

  • Follow the Path of Legends questline. Each quest will guide you to the location of a Titan Pokemon.

Q. What is Team Star?

  • Team Star is a group of rogue students causing trouble in Paldea. You’ll encounter them throughout the Starfall Street storyline.

Q. How do I catch Pokemon?

  • Weaken a wild Pokemon in battle and throw a Pokeball to catch it. You can improve catch rates by using the right type of Pokeball and throwing techniques.

Q. Where can I find healing items?

  • You can buy Potions and other healing items from Poke Marts located in most towns.

Q. How do I evolve my Pokemon?

  • Each Pokemon has specific evolution requirements, like reaching a certain level or using an evolution stone. Consult the Pokedex for details.

Q. What is there to do after I finish the main story?

  • The fun doesn’t stop! You can continue to explore the region, complete the Pokedex, participate in high-level challenges like the Pokemon League, and even connect with friends for online battles and trades.

Q. Looking for more?

These resources provide detailed walkthroughs and guides for Pokemon Scarlet:

  • IGN Walkthrough
  • Eurogamer Guide

With this FAQ and these resources, you’re well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Scarlet! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and explore the vibrant world of Paldea at your own pace.

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