Pokémon Violet: a Scarlet Adventure


Pokémon Violet, the latest installment in the beloved monster-catching franchise, throws you headfirst into a vibrant open world brimming with Pokémon to discover, battles to conquer, and mysteries to unravel. Unlike previous Pokémon titles, Violet offers a unique three-pronged approach to your journey, allowing you to tackle challenges at your own pace. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the vast region, conquer Gyms, tame Titan Pokémon, and dismantle the nefarious Team Star.

Pokémon Violet

Embarking on Your Pokémon Violet Adventure

The adventure begins at Mesagoza, a sprawling metropolis serving as your home base. Here, you’ll enroll at Naranja Academy, your gateway to the Pokémon world. After choosing your trusty starter Pokémon (Sprigatito, Fuecoco, or Quaxly), you’ll be introduced to the game’s three main storylines:

Victory Road: The classic Gym Challenge. Earn eight badges by defeating powerful Gym Leaders, ultimately culminating in a showdown with the Pokémon League Champion.

Path of Legends: Seek out and overcome Titan Pokémon, colossal creatures guarding special Herba Mystica.

Starfall Street: Thwart the plans of Team Star, a rebellious group of students causing havoc across the region.

The beauty of Pokémon Violet lies in its open-ended structure. You’re free to choose which storyline to pursue first, venturing between them as you please. Here’s a suggested approach to optimize your experience:

Complete “The First Day of School”: This introductory chapter lays the foundation for your journey and introduces you to key characters and mechanics.

Challenge Gyms and Befriend Titans: A balanced approach to level grinding is recommended. Gyms offer a traditional Pokémon experience with structured battles, while Titan Pokémon present unique challenges that test your exploration and strategy skills. Here’s a recommended route, keeping your Pokémon around the suggested levels:

Cortondo Gym (Bug – Leader: Katy – Recommended Level: 15-20): Focus on Fire, Flying, and Rock-type moves to counter Katy’s Klawf.

Artazon Gym (Grass – Leader: Brassius – Recommended Level: 20-25): Bug, Fire, Flying, and Ice-type moves will be your allies here.

Levincia Gym (Electric – Leader: Iono – Recommended Level: 25-30): Ground-type moves dominate here. Be prepared for Iono’s speedy Electric-types.

Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan (Recommended Level: 18-23): This hulking Titan requires strategic use of terrain and status effects to emerge victorious.

Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan (Recommended Level: 23-28): Electric and Rock-type moves will come in handy against this avian Titan.

Face Off Against Team Star: Intersperse your Gym and Titan challenges with confrontations against Team Star’s various crews. These battles offer a change of pace and reward you with resources for your Pokémon.

Remember, this is just a suggestion! Feel free to explore the vast world of Pokémon Violet and tailor your journey to your preferences.

Conquering Gyms and Befriending Titans: Tips and Tricks

Gym Battles:

Research Your Opponent: Before each Gym challenge, investigate the Gym Leader’s specialty and adjust your team composition accordingly.

Type Advantages: Understanding type matchups is crucial. A well-placed super effective move can turn the tide of battle.

Utilize Items: Don’t underestimate the power of held items and potions. They can provide that extra edge in a close fight.

Strategize with Team Composition: Having a well-balanced team with diverse types ensures you’re prepared for any situation.

Titan Battles:

Environmental Puzzles: Titan battles often involve solving environmental puzzles to weaken the Titan before the final showdown.

Terrain Manipulation: During Titan battles, the battlefield itself might change. Use these changes to your advantage.

Utilizing Your Ride Pokémon: Your trusty Ride Pokémon plays a crucial role in navigating the Titan’s territory and exploiting weaknesses.

Team Star: Dismantling the Troublemakers

Team Star, a group of rebellious students, disrupts the peace of the region by raiding various outposts. Taking down their grunts and leaders earns you valuable rewards and progresses the Starfall Street storyline.


What are the different storylines in Pokemon Violet?

Pokemon Violet features three unique storylines you can tackle at your own pace:

Victory Road: The classic Pokemon journey where you challenge Gym Leaders and earn badges.

Path of Legends: Seek out and defeat Titan Pokemon to gather Herba Mystica for your teacher.

Starfall Street: Confront and dismantle the troublemaking Team Star, a group of rogue students.

Is there a recommended order to play the storylines?

No, the beauty of Pokemon Violet is its open world! You can choose whichever storyline interests you the most, or mix and match between them. However, some areas might be challenging if your team isn’t leveled up enough.

What’s the best way to level up my Pokemon?

Explore: The world of Pokemon Violet is teeming with wild Pokemon to battle. Catching them all (or at least some!) is a great way to gain experience points.

Trainer Battles: Dotted throughout the map are Pokemon Trainers looking for a fight. Challenge them to battles to level up your team.

Auto-battling: Enable auto-battling while exploring tall grass. Your Pokemon will fight wild Pokemon on their own, gaining experience passively.

How do I find specific Pokemon?

Certain Pokemon tend to appear in specific locations or environments. Consult online resources or walkthroughs to find the habitats of the Pokemon you seek.

What are the Gym Leader types in Pokemon Violet?

The Gym Leaders in Pokemon Violet specialize in various types: Bug, Grass, Electric, Water, Normal, Ghost, Psychic, and Ice.

How do I defeat the Titan Pokemon?

Each Titan Pokemon has a unique challenge you must overcome before battling them. These challenges might involve solving puzzles or navigating obstacles.

What are Herba Mystica for?

Herba Mystica are rare ingredients used to evolve certain Pokemon. Gathering them is a core aspect of the Path of Legends storyline.

What is Team Star’s motive?

Team Star disrupts the school and the region with their antics. Their exact goals remain shrouded in secrecy!

How do I find Team Star bases?

As you explore the map, you’ll encounter clues and rumors pointing towards Team Star bases. Follow these leads to locate them.

What are some post-game activities in Pokemon Violet?

Once you complete the main storylines, there’s still plenty to do! You can:

Refine your competitive battling team and participate in online or local battles.

Complete the Pokedex by catching all the Pokemon in the game.

Explore hidden locations and uncover secrets in the vast world.

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