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The world of Pokemon has always been filled with fascinating culinary creations, from the heartwarming Poke Balls to the revitalizing Moomoo Milk. But Pokemon Sleep takes the concept of Pokemon cuisine to a whole new level, introducing a unique sleep-enhancing cooking system. 

In this guide, we delve into the delicious world of Pokemon Sleep recipes, exploring their ingredients, effects, and how to craft the perfect dish for your slumbering Snorlax.

The Sleepy Chef: Your Culinary Companion

At the heart of Pokemon Sleep lies the “Sleepy Chef,” a helpful app that guides you on your culinary journey. This app allows you to gather ingredients using your Pokemon companions and cook them into delectable dishes specifically designed to boost Snorlax’s “Drowsy Power.”

Ingredients: The Building Blocks of Sleep-Inducing Cuisine

The ingredients used in Pokemon Sleep recipes are diverse and plentiful. Here’s a breakdown of some common categories:

Fruits and Vegetables: These provide a base for many dishes, with ingredients like Fancy Apples, Snoozy Tomatoes, and Greengrass Soybeans offering sleep-enhancing properties.

Proteins: Bean Sausages and Moomoo Milk are protein-rich options that add substance and flavor to the dishes.

Spices and Herbs: Fiery Herbs add a kick of heat, while Soothing Cacao and Pure Oil provide calming elements.

Other Ingredients: Honey, Fancy Eggs, and Slowpoke Tails are unique ingredients that can be combined in various ways.

Recipes for Restful Nights: A Culinary Compendium

Pokemon Sleep boasts a wide variety of recipes, each with its own unique blend of ingredients and Drowsy Power boost. Here are some popular examples:

Beanburger Curry: This hearty dish combines Bean Sausages and Bulk Up Bean Curry to create a powerful sleep-inducing meal.

Dream Eater Butter Curry: This creamy concoction uses Soft Potatoes, Snoozy Tomatoes, Soothing Cacao, and Moomoo Milk for a calming effect.

Drought Katsu Curry: This fiery curry utilizes Bean Sausages, Pure Oil, and a generous helping of Fiery Herbs for a potent boost.

Egg Bomb Curry: This dish combines Honey, Fancy Eggs, Fancy Apples, and Soft Potatoes for a sweet and sleep-inducing treat.

Fancy Apple Curry: This simple yet effective recipe uses Fancy Apples as the star ingredient.

Grilled Tail Curry: This spicy dish incorporates Slowpoke Tails and Fiery Herbs for a unique flavor profile.

Beyond the Recipe: Experimentation and Optimization

While specific recipes exist, Pokemon Sleep encourages experimentation. You can add extra ingredients to existing recipes, potentially increasing their Drowsy Power. 

As you progress through the game and unlock more Sleep Styles (different sleep patterns observed in Snorlax), you’ll gain access to larger cooking pots, allowing you to incorporate even more ingredients into your dishes.

Critical Hits and Extra Tasty Treats: A Touch of Luck

Each time you cook a dish, there’s a chance of it becoming “extra tasty.” This critical hit significantly increases the Drowsy Power boost provided by the dish. 

The chances of this happening are 10% on weekdays and a whopping 30% on Sundays, so keep trying your culinary luck!

Unlocking the Secrets of Sleep: A Journey of Discovery

As you cook more dishes and observe Snorlax’s sleep patterns, you’ll unlock new ingredients, recipes, and even expand the capacity of your cooking pot. 

This journey of culinary discovery not only strengthens Snorlax’s Drowsy Power but also deepens your understanding of the fascinating world of Pokemon sleep.

Beyond the Kitchen: The Impact of Sleep Recipes

The Drowsy Power gained from sleep recipes plays a crucial role in Pokemon Sleep. It allows you to:

Catch Rare Pokemon: Higher Drowsy Power attracts rarer Pokemon to Snorlax’s slumber, increasing your chances of encountering unique encounters.

Unlock New Sleep Styles: As Snorlax experiences deeper sleep with the help of powerful dishes, you’ll discover new Sleep Styles, further expanding your knowledge of Pokemon sleep patterns.

Compete in Leaderboards: Drowsy Power also contributes to your position on the global leaderboards, adding a competitive element to your culinary endeavors.


What are Pokemon Sleep Recipes?

Pokemon Sleep features a unique cooking system where you prepare dishes for Snorlax to boost its “Drowsy Power.” This power determines the depth of Snorlax’s sleep, attracting rarer Pokemon and unlocking new sleep patterns.

How do I start cooking?

You unlock the cooking pot after registering 12 sleep styles in the Sleep Style Dex. Until then, you can only use the “Auto Cook” feature with limited options.

Where do I get the ingredients?

Your Pokemon companions gather ingredients during their nighttime outings. Attracting different Pokemon to your camp increases the variety of ingredients you obtain.

What are the different types of ingredients?

Fruits, vegetables, proteins, spices, and other unique items like Honey and Slowpoke Tails are used in various combinations to create dishes.

Are there specific recipes?

Yes, several known recipes exist, like Beanburger Curry, Dream Eater Butter Curry, and Fancy Apple Curry. You can find these recipes online or within the Pokemon Sleep app.

Can I experiment with recipes?

Absolutely! Adding extra ingredients to existing recipes might increase their Drowsy Power. As you progress, you unlock larger pots allowing for more experimentation.

What are “Extra Tasty” dishes?

Each cooked dish has a 10% chance (30% on Sundays) of becoming “extra tasty,” significantly boosting its Drowsy Power.

How do recipes impact gameplay?

Higher Drowsy Power attracts rarer Pokemon to Snorlax, unlocks new Sleep Styles, and contributes to your position on global leaderboards.

What are Sleep Styles?

As Snorlax experiences deeper sleep with powerful dishes, you’ll discover new Sleep Styles, expanding your knowledge of Pokemon sleep patterns.

What are some resources for learning more?

The Pokemon Sleep app provides information on ingredients and recipes. Online communities and guides offer detailed information and tips for maximizing your culinary success.

Pokemon Sleep’s sleep recipe system is a delightful blend of cooking, discovery, and sleep science. By mastering the art of culinary creation, you not only ensure Snorlax enjoys a restful slumber but also embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of Pokemon sleep and encounter rare Pokemon along the way. 

So, grab your cooking pot, gather your ingredients, and let the delicious journey of Pokemon Sleep recipes begin!

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