A Guide to Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn


In the sprawling world of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy, a skilled hunter, faces a multitude of dangers – from the mechanical beasts that roam the land to the harsh environments she must traverse. Scattered throughout the map are hidden Power Cells, vital components that hold the key to acquiring one of the most powerful armour pieces in the game: the Shield-Weaver Armor.

This coveted armour grants Aloy temporary invincibility, making it invaluable for conquering challenging encounters. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn, including their purpose, locations, and how to obtain them.

What are Power Cells?

Power Cells are unique collectable items that are not directly tied to the main story progression. However, they play a crucial role in completing the “Ancient Armory” side quest. This quest rewards you with the aforementioned Shield-Weaver Armor, making the hunt for Power Cells highly worthwhile.

These cells are remnants of the Old World, scavenged from ancient ruins. Their exact purpose is never explicitly explained within the game’s lore, but upon collecting all five Power Cells and returning them to the Ancient Armory, they are used to activate a hidden chamber containing the Shield-Weaver Armor.

The Allure of the Shield-Weaver Armor

The Shield-Weaver Armor is a legendary armour piece coveted by players for its incredible defensive capabilities. When equipped, it grants Aloy a temporary shield that absorbs a significant amount of damage, essentially making her invincible for a set duration. This shield proves invaluable in tackling high-level enemies or situations where Aloy might otherwise be overwhelmed.

The shield’s effectiveness scales with Aloy’s level, making it a potent tool throughout the entire game. However, the shield has a cooldown period after depletion, requiring strategic use during combat encounters.

Locating the Power Cells: A Hunter’s Journey

There are a total of five Power Cells scattered across the map, often found within various ruins and hidden locations. These locations can be discovered organically as you explore the world, but some require specific quests to be completed beforehand in order to access the areas where they are hidden.

While not essential for completing the main story, some Power Cells can be obtained during the course of your journey. This guide will provide details on where to find each Power Cell, with suggested approaches for obtaining them.

Here’s a breakdown of the Power Cell locations:

  • Power Cell 1: The Embrace – The Hunter’s Path Begins

The first Power Cell can be obtained relatively early in the game, even before completing the Proving that marks Aloy’s transition into adulthood. This cell is located within the Embrace, the Nora Hunting Grounds where Aloy spent her childhood.

Head back to the underground bunker you explored during the prologue mission, “A Gift from the Past.” Once inside, navigate to the sealed door you encountered earlier. Look to the right of the door for a hidden opening blocked by stalactites. Use your spear to smash through the blockage and enter the newly revealed chamber. The first Power Cell will be waiting for you here.

  • Power Cell 2: The All-Mother Temple – Blessings from the Past

This Power Cell can be retrieved during or after completing the main story quest, “Womb of the Mountain.” The All-Mother Temple is located within the Cradle, a sacred location for the Nora tribe.

Once inside the temple, navigate through the various chambers until you reach a large central room with a prominent statue of the All-Mother. Climb the ledges and platforms on the left side of the room to reach a higher level. Carefully traverse the beams and ledges until you reach a hidden alcove behind the statue. The second Power Cell can be found within this alcove.

  • Power Cell 3: Maker’s End – Scaling New Heights

This Power Cell is most conveniently obtained while completing the side quest of the same name, “Maker’s End.” The quest takes you to a ruined skyscraper located to the southeast of Meridian. As you progress through the quest, you will naturally ascend the tower to reach its peak.

Once at the very top of the skyscraper, you will find the third Power Cell waiting to be collected before you rappel back down.


Q. What are Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Power Cells are crucial collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are missing components required to activate an ancient armory hidden beneath the Embrace. Finding all five Power Cells unlocks a powerful armor piece – the Shield-Weaver Armor – granting Aloy temporary invincibility.

Q.How many Power Cells are there?

There are a total of five Power Cells scattered across the map.

Q. Where can I find the Power Cells?

The Power Cells are often located in key areas you’ll visit during the main story or specific side quests. Here’s a breakdown of their locations:

  1. Underground Bunker: You can revisit this location from the game’s prologue after gaining free roam. Look for a hidden opening blocked by stalactites near the bunker door.
  2. All-Mother Temple: Accessible during or after the quest “Womb of the Mountain.”
  3. Maker’s End: Obtainable during the quest of the same name. Ascend the tower and explore the top for the Cell.
  4. The Grave Hoard: Found within the ruins during the quest “The Grave Hoard.” Look for it after solving the electronic lock puzzle.
  5. GAIA Prime: Accessible after completing the main story quest “The Mountain that Fell.” Explore the blue-lit cave to the left after descending the elevator shaft with Sylens.

Q. Is there an easy way to find the Power Cells?

While not necessarily difficult, some Cells require exploration beyond the main path. Consider searching online for visual guides or walkthroughs that pinpoint the exact locations within each area.

Q. What do I get for collecting all Power Cells?

The ultimate reward is the Shield-Weaver Armor. This powerful armour grants Aloy invincibility for a short duration, making her nearly invincible against enemy attacks.

Q. Can I miss out on getting a Power Cell?

Technically, no. You can revisit most locations throughout the game to collect any missed Cells.

Q. Do I need the Power Cells to finish the main story?

No, the Power Cells and Shield-Weaver Armor are part of an optional side quest. However, the Shield-Weaver Armor is incredibly useful for tougher fights, so collecting them is highly recommended.

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