A Guide to Puzzling Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Nestled within the whimsical realm of Super Mario Wonder lies Puzzling Park, a captivating side-scrolling level that throws a curveball at seasoned mario wonder players. Unlike the traditional stages that test your reflexes and platforming prowess, Puzzling Park throws a wrench in the works, transforming into a delightful scavenger hunt. Your objective? Unearthing five hidden Wonder Tokens scattered throughout the level to unveil a precious Wonder Seed.

This guide equips you with all the knowledge you need to conquer Puzzling Park. We’ll delve into the level’s intricacies, pinpoint the locations of all Wonder Tokens, explore helpful power-ups, and address common questions players raise online. So, grab your cap, fire up your console, and let’s embark on a puzzling adventure!

Unveiling the Wonder: What are Wonder Tokens and the Wonder Seed?

Super Mario Wonder introduces a unique mechanic called “Search Party.” Scattered across World 2: Fluff-Puff Peaks, Search Party levels like Puzzling Park deviate from the standard format. Here, the focus shifts from reaching the goal flag to collecting hidden Wonder Tokens. These vibrant flower-shaped tokens act as puzzle pieces, and acquiring all five in a Search Party level unlocks a Wonder Seed.

The Wonder Seed itself is a valuable collectable. While its exact function can vary depending on the specific Search Party level, it often rewards players with access to new areas, power-ups, or even additional levels. In Puzzling Park’s case, the Wonder Seed unlocks a hidden warp pipe leading to a bonus area.

Demystifying the Maze: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding All Wonder Tokens

Puzzling Park might appear like a straightforward park at first glance, but looks can be deceiving. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you unearth all the Wonder Tokens and claim your prize:

Wonder Token #1:

Your quest begins near the entrance of Puzzling Park. Look for a series of brown blocks directly above the wooden bridge. Jump on these blocks to reveal a hidden platform containing your first Wonder Token.

Wonder Token #2:

Proceed through the level until you encounter a platform positioned below a yellow pipe spewing out mushrooms. Grab a mushroom to transform into Super Mario (or another enlarged form) and jump into the pipe. This teleports you to a hidden area in the top right corner of the level, where you’ll find the second Wonder Token waiting to be collected.

Wonder Token #3:

Descend from the hidden area accessed through the pipe and make your way towards the section with multiple yellow pipes. Focus on the long yellow pipe positioned on the far left. Push this pipe slightly to the right and then jump on top of it. You’ll discover an invisible Toad block – bonk it with your head to reveal Wonder Token number three.

Wonder Token #4:

This token requires a keen eye or a helpful power-up. Head towards the lower right portion of the level. There’s a small, seemingly unremarkable block tucked away. While you can jump on it to reveal the token, characters like Toad with their superior vision can see this hidden block from afar. Alternatively, acquiring the Wall-Climb Jump badge grants the ability to scale walls, making this token easily accessible.

Wonder Token #5:

The final token demands a bit of platforming finesse. Navigate back to the upper right section of the puzzle room (where you accessed the hidden area with the second token). Hug the right wall of the chasm leading down and jump towards the top right platform. This manoeuvre reveals a hidden block, sprouting a vine that grants access to the final Wonder Token perched high above.

Powering Up for Success: Helpful Tips and Tricks

While navigating Puzzling Park doesn’t require advanced platforming skills, specific power-ups can significantly ease your exploration:

Super Mushroom (or similar transformation): Certain Wonder Tokens require you to be larger than your standard Mario wonder size. Grabbing a mushroom grants temporary invincibility and allows you to access hidden areas like the one concealed within the yellow pipe.

  • Wall-Climb Jump Badge: This coveted badge empowers Mario to scale walls. While not strictly necessary for Puzzling Park, it eliminates the need for precise platforming to reach Wonder Token number four.
  • Toad: If available, consider playing as Toad for this level. His superior vision allows him to spot hidden blocks like the one containing Wonder Token number four, saving you some exploration time.
  • Yoshi (Optional): While not essential, Yoshi’s unique flutter jump can grant access to some areas with slightly more ease. However, the level is entirely manageable without him.


Q. How to Find All Wonder Tokens in Puzzling Park?

Finding all the Wonder Tokens can be tricky. Here’s a breakdown of their locations:

  1. Near the Entrance: Look above the wooden bridge for hidden blocks. Jump to reveal them, climb the newly created platform, and jump again for more hidden blocks. The first Wonder Token will be at the top level.
  2. Yellow Pipe Area: Locate the long yellow pipe on the far left. Push it slightly to the right and jump on top of it. You’ll find an invisible Toad block – hit it to reveal the second Wonder Token. (You might need to be big Mario for this)
  3. Upper Right Corner: Utilize a Yoshi (or the Wall-Climb Jump badge) to reach the platform in the far right corner. The Wonder Token is nestled there.
  4. Lower Right Ledge: Head down to the lower section and find a small visible block on the right ledge. Hit it to create a climbable vine leading to the Wonder Token.
  5. Hidden Block on the Right Wall: Go back to the upper right puzzle room. Hug the right wall as you jump towards the top right platform. This reveals a hidden block, sprouting a vine that takes you to the final Wonder Token. (Luigi can see this hidden block from afar)

What happens after I collect all the Wonder Tokens?

Once you (or your co-op buddies) find all five Wonder Tokens, a Wonder Seed will appear in the centre of the room. Grab the Wonder Seed to complete the Puzzling Park level.

Q. Are there any tips for conquering Puzzling Park?

  • Consider Toad: Toad’s ability to see hidden blocks can be a huge advantage, especially for the third Wonder Token.
  • Power-ups are your friend: Having a power-up that allows higher jumps (like a Mushroom) or flying (like a Tanooki Suit) can be helpful for certain tokens.
  • The Wall-Climb Jump Badge: If you have this badge equipped, it can help you access the third Wonder Token without needing to find the hidden block.
  • Explore Everything! Jump on suspicious platforms, look for hidden blocks, and don’t be afraid to experiment to reveal all the park’s secrets.

Q. Is there a video walkthrough available?

Yes, there are several video walkthroughs available online that can show you exactly where to find all the Wonder Tokens in Puzzling Park. You can search for “Search Party Puzzling Park Solution in Super Mario Wonder” on YouTube for some helpful guides.

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