Battling Your Way Up- A Guide to Fortnite Ranks


ranks Fortnite, the ever-evolving battle royale phenomenon, has introduced a ranked mode, giving players a chance to climb the competitive ladder and prove their skills. This new system adds a layer of challenge and accomplishment, but navigating the ranks can be confusing for newcomers. This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer Fortnite’s ranked mode.

Unveiling the Ranked System

The Ranking Structure:

ranks Fortnites system features a tier-based structure with eight distinct ranks:

  • Bronze (I, II, III): The starting point for all players. This tier features bots to help beginners adjust to the ranked environment.
  • Silver (I, II, III): This represents a basic understanding of the game, with players demonstrating proficiency in combat and manoeuvring.
  • Gold (I, II, III): Showcases a significant improvement in gameplay, with strategic thinking and building skills becoming more evident.
  • Platinum (I, II, III): Players in this tier exhibit exceptional battle tactics and map awareness.
  • Diamond (I, II, III): Mastery of combat and map navigation defines this rank. Diamond players are a formidable force.
  • Elite (I): A solitary tier reserved for the elite few. Reaching Elite signifies exceptional talent.
  • Champion (I): The pinnacle of ranked play, representing the absolute best Fortnite players globally.
  • Unreal (I): A special rank reserved for professional players and content creators.

The Grind: How Ranks Are Earned

Climbing the ranks is all about acquiring Ranked Points (RP). These points are awarded after each ranked match, with the amount determined by several factors:

  • Placement: Higher placement in the match (surviving longer) grants more RP. A Victory Royale brings the highest reward.
  • Eliminations: Taking down opponents earns RP, but the skill level of the eliminated players also influences the points awarded. Eliminating higher-ranked foes yields more RP.
  • Performance in Early Matches: Your initial ranked matches have a bigger impact on your starting rank, as the system assesses your baseline skill.

Separate Ladders for Different Playstyles:

Fortnite offers two distinct ranked modes: Battle Royale and Zero Build. Each mode has its own ranked ladder, allowing players to specialize in their preferred style:

  • Battle Royale: The classic Fortnite experience, featuring building mechanics that add a layer of strategic depth.
  • Zero Build: A faster-paced mode that removes building entirely, focusing solely on gunplay and movement.

This separation ensures a fair playing field regardless of whether you’re a master builder or a movement maestro.


Q.How many Ranks are there in Fortnite?

There are a total of 18 ranks, split across tiers:

  • Bronze (I, II, III) – The starting point for all players. Expect to see some bots in your matches here.
  • Silver (I, II, III) – A basic understanding of the game is needed here.
  • Gold (I, II, III) – Gold marks the gateway to more competitive matches.
  • Platinum (I, II, III) – Players here showcase better tactics and combat skills.
  • Diamond (I, II, III) – Map awareness and mastery of combat become crucial.
  • Elite (I) – Top tier for the truly skilled.
  • Champion (I) – The rank right below the ultimate achievement.
  • Unreal (I) – The pinnacle of Ranked Fortnite!

Q: How do I get started with Ranked Play?

Ranked mode is unlocked after reaching account level 15 in Fortnite. Once unlocked, you can access it through the main menu and choose either Battle Royale Ranked or Zero Build Ranked.

Q: Can I play Ranked with friends?

Yes! Ranked allows squad play with teammates, offering a way to climb the ladder together. However, keep in mind that the average rank of your team will determine the matchmaking pool, potentially making it more challenging.

Q: What happens when a new season starts?

Each new season in Fortnite brings a ranked season reset. Your rank will be adjusted based on your performance in the previous season, ensuring a fresh start for everyone.

Q: Are there rewards for ranking high?

Fortnite offers exclusive cosmetic rewards for achieving specific ranks. These rewards showcase your accomplishments and add a touch of distinction to your character.

Q: Any tips for climbing the ranks?

Here are some valuable tips to improve your ranked journey:

  • Focus on fundamentals: Mastering building (if playing Battle Royale), aiming, movement, and map awareness are crucial for success.
  • Watch Pro Players: Observe how skilled players approach the game, learn from their strategies, and adapt them to your play style.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key to improvement. Play Arena mode, which offers unranked practice with similar matchmaking to ranked play.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Analyze your gameplay after each match, identify areas for improvement, and work on them in subsequent matches.
  • Communication is key (for Squads): Effective communication with teammates is essential for coordinated strategies and victory.

Q. How does Ranked Mode Work?

Ranked Mode uses a tier system. You gain points based on your performance in each match, including placement, kills, and the rank of the players you eliminate. Winning grants more points, while coming in last eliminates points. As you gain points, you progress through the tiers within a rank and eventually move up to the next rank.

Q. Where can I see my Rank?

Your Rank is displayed in the Career section of Fortnite. You can also see the Ranked Leaderboard to compare yourself to the best players globally for Battle Royale, Zero Build, and even Rocket Racing! 

Q. How do I get good at Ranked Fortnite?

Here are some tips to improve your Ranked game:

  • Practice building and editing (for Battle Royale) – Building is a core skill in Fortnite. Hone your building reflexes and editing speed in Creative Mode.
  • Master your weapons – Get comfortable with different weapons and their strengths and weaknesses at various ranges.
  • Learn the map – Knowing the map rotation paths and loot locations will give you a strategic advantage.
  • Watch pro players – Observe how skilled players approach the game, their building techniques, and combat strategies.
  • Play with friends – Teamwork and communication are key in higher-ranked tiers.

Q. Is Ranked Mode hard?

Ranked Mode is designed to match you with players of similar skill. It can be challenging, but also rewarding as you climb the ranks and improve your skills.

Q. I just started playing Fortnite. Can I play Ranked Mode?

Yes, you can! Ranked Mode is open to all players. However, you’ll likely start in Bronze and face bots in your initial matches.

Q. Are there rewards for playing Ranked Mode?

Currently, there aren’t any specific rewards tied directly to your Ranked tier. However, the satisfaction of climbing the ranks and competing against better players is a reward in itself!

Q. Will Ranked Mode be in future Fortnite Seasons?

Ranked Mode is currently in its first season (Ranked Season Zero) and will last until the end of Chapter 4 Season 3. Epic Games has not confirmed if Ranked will be a permanent feature, but its popularity suggests it might stay!

The Road to Champion Awaits

The world of Ranks Fortnite offers a thrilling challenge for players of all skill levels. By understanding the ranking system, putting in the effort to improve, and utilizing the tips provided, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the ranks and claiming your place among the Fortnite elite.

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