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The panther in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is a magnificent and fearsome predator that roams the wild landscapes of Lemoyne. Its sleek black coat and piercing yellow eyes make it a coveted prize for hunters seeking a perfect pelt. 

However, this apex predator is no easy target.  This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to successfully track down and hunt panthers in RDR2.

Where to Find Panthers in RDR2

Panthers are primarily found in the dense forests and swamps of Lemoyne, the southeastern region of the map. Here are the two confirmed panther locations:

Southeast of Braithwaite Manor: 

This location boasts a higher spawn chance for panthers.  Head southeast of Braithwaite Manor and explore the woods near Old Harry Fen.  Keep an eye out for rustling leaves or the distinctive yellow glow of the panther’s eyes at night.

East of Lagras: 

The swamps east of Lagras offer another potential panther spawn point.  Explore the dense wooded areas near the southern bank of the Kamassa River.  Remember, panther encounters in this location are less frequent compared to the Braithwaite Manor area.

Factors Affecting Panther Spawns

While these are the established locations, panther spawns in RDR2 can be influenced by several factors:

Time of Day: 

Panthers are primarily nocturnal creatures. Your chances of encountering one are significantly higher at night, particularly between 9 pm and 3 am.


Panthers seem to prefer to avoid heavy rain or thunderstorms.  Clear nights or light rain offer the best opportunities for a successful hunt.

In-Game Events:  

Random events happening in the area, like ambushes or lawmen encounters, can sometimes deter panther spawns.

Maximizing Your Chances: Tips and Tricks

Here are some valuable tips to maximize your chances of encountering a panther:

Use Eagle Eye:  

Eagle Eye highlights potential threats and resources in the environment. Activate Eagle Eye while exploring panther territories to spot the distinctive yellow glow of a panther’s eyes amidst the foliage.

Listen for Sounds:  

Panthers growl or hiss when they feel threatened.  Keep your ears open for these sounds as they can alert you to a nearby panther before you visually spot it.

Use Predator Bait:  

Crafting potent predator bait and placing it strategically near known panther spawn points can lure them out of hiding.  However, be patient, as it might take some time for the panther to approach the bait.

Stay Alert and Cautious:  

Panthers are apex predators. They can attack with lightning speed and inflict significant damage.  Always approach cautiously and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.

Perfect Panther Pelt: The Ultimate Prize

The true challenge lies in acquiring a perfect panther pelt. This requires a clean kill using a weapon that won’t damage the pelt. Here’s how to achieve a perfect panther pelt:

Recommended Weapons:  

For a clean kill, use a bow with improved arrows or a scoped rifle with high-velocity or express rounds.  Avoid using shotguns or explosive weapons, as they will destroy the pelt quality.

Aim for the Head:  

A well-placed headshot with the right weapon is the most reliable way to ensure a perfect pelt.

Study the Panther:  

Using your binoculars to study the panther before engaging will provide information about its pelt quality.  Only hunt panthers with a three-star rating to guarantee a perfect pelt.

Crafting with a Perfect Panther Pelt

A perfect panther pelt is a rare and valuable resource in RDR2. It can be used to craft unique and high-quality items, including:

Legendary Panther Hat: This stylish hat offers a cold weather bonus.

Panther Cloak: This stylish cloak provides a small health buff.

Improved Gun Belt: This crafted gun belt increases your maximum ammo capacity.

The Thrill of the Hunt: A Rewarding Experience

Successfully hunting a panther in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a rewarding experience. It requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the environment.  By following the guidance in this article, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring that coveted perfect panther pelt and crafting valuable provisions for your journey through the wild west.


Q: Where can I find panthers in RDR2?

Panthers primarily reside in the Lemoyne region, specifically the forests and wetlands.

Q: Are there specific locations for panthers?

Yes! Two main spots:

Southeast of Braithwaite Manor: in a large woodland called Old Harry Fen.

East of Lagras: in the wooded wetlands, south of Bluewater Marsh.

Q: At what time of day are panthers most active?

Panthers are typically most active at night, between 9 pm and 3 am.

Q: Can I find panthers during the day?

It’s less likely, but possible, especially at the southern location near Lagras.

Q: How do I get a perfect panther pelt?

Use a powerful weapon like a sniper rifle with high-velocity or express bullets. Aim for the head for a clean kill.

Q: What weapons should I avoid using?

Shotguns or shotguns with buckshot can damage the pelt. Avoid explosives entirely.

Q: Should I use predator bait to attract panthers?

Potent predator bait is highly effective. Place it strategically near known panther habitats and wait in hiding.

Q: Are there any hunting challenges related to panthers?

Yes! The “Skin Deep” challenge requires you to perfect kill a panther.

Q: What are some tips for tracking panthers?

Use your Eagle Eye to scan for panther tracks or the glint of their eyes in the darkness.

Q: Are panthers aggressive?

Highly. If they spot you, they’ll attack. Be prepared to defend yourself.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a panther?

If spotted, stay calm and fire a quick shot if possible. Consider using dead eye for a more precise shot.

Q: Can I tame a panther?

No, panthers are wild animals and cannot be tamed.

Q: Are there any legendary panthers?

Yes, the game features the Legendary Panther, a black panther with striking yellow eyes.

Q: Where can I find the Legendary Panther?

The Legendary Panther roams the Bolger Glade area northwest of Saint Denis.

Q: Is the Legendary Panther harder to kill than a regular panther?

Yes, it’s larger and more resilient. Be well-prepared before attempting the hunt.

Q: What can I craft with a perfect panther pelt?

A perfect panther pelt can be used to craft the Legendary Panther Cloak, a unique and stylish garment.

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