Survive the Village: A Resident Evil 4 Remake Walkthrough


Resident Evil 4 Remake, The chilling atmosphere and nail-biting tension of Resident Evil 4 are back in a terrifying new form with the 2023 remake. While the core story of Leon S. Kennedy’s mission to rescue the President’s daughter remains, Capcom has injected fresh frights with revamped environments, puzzles, and even new enemies. This walkthrough will guide you through the horrors that await in the European village, equipping you with the knowledge to survive and unveil the secrets it holds.

Resident Evil 4

Gearing Up for the Outbreak: Tips Before You Begin

Master the Knife: Your trusty knife is an invaluable tool for conserving ammo in early encounters. Learn to parry enemy attacks with perfect timing, creating an opening for a swift knife takedown. This technique becomes especially crucial on higher difficulties.

Inventory Management: Inventory space is precious, so prioritize essential items like healing herbs, key items for puzzles, and a good mix of ammo for different situations. Utilize the Merchant to sell unnecessary items and upgrade your arsenal as needed.

Explore Thoroughly: The village holds hidden treasures, valuable items, and even optional side quests. Keep an eye out for breakable objects that may contain goodies, and explore every nook and cranny to maximize your resources.

A Plague Upon the Village: A Chapter-by-Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1: The Broken Down World

Escape the Crash: Following the opening cutscene, fight your way through the wreckage of your car, eliminating Ganado villagers. Learn the basics of aiming and shooting while managing your ammo.

Entering the Village: Explore the initial village area, picking up any herbs or ammo you find. Solve the simple padlock puzzle on the house gate using the nearby emblem. Be prepared for an ambush by villagers as you proceed.

Meeting the Merchant: Encounter the enigmatic Merchant who offers to buy and sell items. Consider selling any unwanted items to free up inventory space and purchase some basic handgun upgrades.

The Wellhouse Puzzle: Head towards the wellhouse and solve the water wheel puzzle. Rotate the crank to raise the water level, allowing access to a hidden passage behind the waterfall. Inside, grab the Small Key and prepare for another villager confrontation.

The Church and the First Boss: Make your way to the church and unlock the door with the Small Key. Here, you’ll face your first major challenge: the monstrous Del Lago. Shoot the glowing parasites on its body while dodging its attacks. Once all parasites are destroyed, unload bullets into the exposed weak point to finish the beast.

Chapter 2: The House of Secrets

Investigating the Main House: Enter the main house in the village and navigate through the corridors, solving simple puzzles like moving bookcases to access hidden passages. Be mindful of traps and hidden enemies along the way.

The Shotgun and The Basement: In the main hall, retrieve the Shotgun from a hidden compartment behind a painting (use the examine function to reveal its location). Head down to the basement and fight off Ganado reinforcements.

The Insignia Key and The Water Puzzle: Locate the Insignia Key in the basement and use it to unlock a door leading to a water wheel puzzle. Rotate the cranks to raise and lower water levels, allowing passage through previously inaccessible areas.

The Inverted House and The Elevator Shaft: The water puzzle leads to an inverted house. Carefully navigate the upside-down environment, solving a simple lock puzzle to proceed. Drop down the elevator shaft, fighting off more Ganado on the way down.

Chapter 3: The Water Mill and Beyond

The Water Mill and The Gear Puzzle: Progress through the water mill area, using the crank to adjust water flow and raise platforms. Solve the gear puzzle by rotating the gears in the correct sequence to unlock the path forward.

The Beheaded Merchant and The Grenade Launcher: Encounter the unfortunate fate of the Merchant in this area. Grab the Grenade Launcher he leaves behind, a powerful weapon for crowd control.

The Dog Handler Boss: Brace yourself for a unique boss fight against a dog handler and his pack of ferocious canines. Use the environment to your advantage, luring the dogs into traps and utilizing the Grenade Launcher to take down large groups. Once the dogs are eliminated, focus your fire on the handler to end the encounter.


Is the Remake a complete overhaul?

Yes! While retaining the core story, the Remake boasts revamped visuals, reworked areas, and even new enemies to keep you on your toes.

Where can I find a good walkthrough?

Several resources are available! IGN offers a comprehensive walkthrough with details on every chapter, boss fights, and even collectible locations [IGN Resident Evil 4 Remake Walkthrough]. You can also find video walkthroughs on YouTube for a more visual experience.

Are there any new mechanics?

The Remake introduces a parry system, allowing you to block enemy attacks with precise timing. Stealth also plays a bigger role, letting you take down foes silently.

What are some ammo conservation tips?

Ammo is precious! Aim for headshots for instant kills, use your knife on weaker enemies, and don’t be afraid to run away from overwhelming situations.

How do I handle the Merchant?

The Merchant is your lifeline! Sell unwanted items to buy valuable ammo, upgrades, and healing items. Remember, bargaining is key to getting the best deals.

Should I complete side quests (Requests)?

Yes! Requests offer rewards like new weapons or weapon upgrades. Completing them can significantly boost your arsenal and make the game easier.

What are some good early weapons?

The Shotgun is a great all-rounder, while the Pistol is excellent for headshot practice. The Knife is invaluable for conserving ammo on weaker enemies.

How do I beat the boss fights?

Each boss has a specific weakness. Explore the environment for clues and exploit those weaknesses to gain the upper hand. Utilize grenades, special weapons, and the environment to your advantage.

Are there multiple endings?

The answer depends on your actions throughout the game. Explore different choices and see if you can unlock the hidden ending!

Is the Separate Ways DLC worth it?

The Separate Ways DLC offers a new campaign from Ada Wong’s perspective. It provides additional backstory and unique gameplay mechanics, making it a worthwhile addition for hardcore fans.

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