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Resident Evil Village, the eighth installment in the renowned survival horror series, takes players on a chilling journey through a gothic Eastern European village. Ethan Winters, searching for his kidnapped daughter, finds himself trapped in a nightmare realm teeming with monstrous creatures and enigmatic Lords. 

This walkthrough will guide you through the game’s main story, offering tips and strategies to overcome its challenges.

The Village Beckons

The game opens with Ethan arriving at a dilapidated village in search of his missing daughter, Rose. He encounters a strange woman who guides him to a seemingly abandoned castle, Castle Dimitrescu.

Castle Dimitrescu: Blood and Wine

Exploring the Castle: Navigate the opulent halls, collecting Lei (currency) and resources. Locate a key in the Main Hall to access the courtyard.

Lady Dimitrescu: The castle is stalked by this tall vampire woman. Use the environment to your advantage, dodging her attacks and finding opportunities to damage her with your pistol.

Daughters of Shadows: These agile vampire daughters can be a nuisance. Use shotguns or explosives to quickly dispatch them.

Blood Ceremony: Solve puzzles to obtain a chalice and a mask, then confront Lady Dimitrescu in her chambers. Exploit her vulnerability to sunlight to defeat her.

Treasure: Explore the castle thoroughly to find valuable treasures like Crystal Torso and Crystal Skull, which can be sold to The Duke, a mysterious merchant, for upgrades.

The Village Unravels

After escaping the castle, Ethan returns to the village, now teeming with hostile villagers.

House Beneviento: This section throws you into a nightmarish dollhouse. Solve puzzles and navigate through unsettling visions to escape.

Angie: This seemingly harmless doll acts as a guide, but don’t be fooled. Remember to cleanse the environment with special items to reveal hidden paths.

Boss: Urias: This monstrous doll is the true threat. Use the environment to your advantage, dodging its attacks and striking when opportunities arise.

The Reservoir: Secrets and Shadows

Exploring the Reservoir: Locate a crank to drain the water, revealing hidden areas and a path forward.

Moreau: This grotesque fish-like creature resides in the reservoir. Use explosives and a shotgun to inflict heavy damage while avoiding its acidic attacks.

Treasure: Find Crystal Heisenberg and Crystal Moreau in the reservoir area.

The Stronghold: Unveiling the Truth

Exploring the Stronghold: Navigate the fortress, solving puzzles and collecting resources.

Chris Redfield: A familiar face returns, offering cryptic clues and assistance.

Donna Beneviento’s Lair: Face another terrifying dollhouse section, solving puzzles and battling a giant mutated doll.

Boss: Donna Beneviento: This fight focuses on manipulating the environment to weaken Donna. Use the special doll to damage her while dodging her attacks.

Heisenberg’s Factory: Industrial Horrors

Exploring the Factory: Solve puzzles involving machinery and electricity to progress.

Heisenberg: This charismatic villain controls magnetic powers. Use your environment strategically to avoid his attacks and exploit his weaknesses with explosives and a sniper rifle.

Treasure: Find Crystal Heisenberg in the factory area.

The Final Showdown

The Ceremony Site: Prepare for a final confrontation against Mother Miranda, the mastermind behind the village’s horrors.

Boss: Mother Miranda: This fight is a multi-stage battle, requiring adaptation and quick thinking. Utilize the environment and acquired weapons to gain the upper hand.

Choices and Consequences

The final moments present a crucial choice: prioritize Rose or Chris. This decision determines the game’s ending, with the “True Ending” requiring specific actions throughout the playthrough.

Beyond the Main Story

Resident Evil Village offers additional content to explore:

Goats of Warding: Destroy these scattered statues for permanent stat upgrades.

Collectibles: Find files, photographs, and other items that provide lore and backstory.

The Maiden: Complete a hidden side quest to obtain a powerful infinite ammo pistol.

Tips for Survival

Resource Management: Prioritize crafting ammo and healing items. Sell unnecessary treasures to The Duke for upgrades.

Exploration: Thoroughly explore every area to uncover hidden resources, collectibles, and secrets.

Combat: Master dodging and aiming mechanics. Utilize the environment for cover and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Difficulty: Choose a difficulty that suits your playstyle. Remember, you can always adjust it later.

Embrace the Horror

Resident Evil Village is a thrilling journey filled with suspense, challenging puzzles, and grotesque enemies. This walkthrough provides a roadmap, but the true terror lies in experiencing the chilling atmosphere and uncovering the village’s dark secrets yourself. 

So, grab your weapons, brace yourself for the horrors that await, and remember: survival is never guaranteed in the world of Resident Evil.


Do I need to play Resident Evil 7 before Village?

While not strictly necessary, playing Resident Evil 7 offers valuable context and background information for certain characters and events in Village. It also helps establish the overall tone and gameplay style of the series.

What difficulty should I choose?

The difficulty level affects enemy damage, resource availability, and overall gameplay intensity. Choose “Casual” for a more relaxed experience, “Standard” for a balanced challenge, and “Hardcore” for a brutal test of your survival skills. Difficulty can be adjusted throughout the game.

How important is resource management?

Resource management is crucial in Resident Evil Village. Prioritize crafting ammo and healing items, as they are often scarce. Sell unnecessary treasures to The Duke, a merchant encountered throughout the game, to upgrade your weapons and buy additional supplies.

What are the Goats of Warding and how do I find them?

These scattered goat statues offer permanent stat upgrades when destroyed. Finding them all requires thorough exploration and puzzle-solving. Look for clues and hidden paths to reach them.

What are the different areas I will explore?

The game unfolds across several distinct locations:

Castle Dimitrescu: A gothic castle inhabited by the towering Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.

The Village: A desolate village teeming with hostile villagers and lycan creatures.

House Beneviento: A nightmarish dollhouse section filled with unsettling puzzles and visions.

The Reservoir: An industrial area with secrets hidden beneath the water’s surface.

The Stronghold: A fortress housing Donna Beneviento’s lair and Heisenberg’s factory.

How do I defeat the main bosses?

Each boss requires specific strategies:

Lady Dimitrescu: Exploit her vulnerability to sunlight and dodge her attacks.

Moreau: Use explosives and a shotgun to inflict heavy damage while avoiding acidic attacks.

Donna Beneviento: Manipulate the environment to weaken Donna and damage her doll.

Heisenberg: Utilize the environment for cover and exploit his weaknesses with explosives and a sniper rifle.

Mother Miranda: This final fight involves multiple stages, requiring adaptability and quick thinking.

Are there any missable items or collectibles?

Yes, several files, photographs, and other collectibles are scattered throughout the game. Some are missable if you don’t explore thoroughly. Consult online guides for specific locations.

What are the different endings?

The final moments present a crucial choice: prioritize Rose or Chris. This decision determines the game’s ending, with the “True Ending” requiring specific actions throughout the playthrough.

What is The Maiden and how do I unlock it?

The Maiden is a hidden side quest that rewards you with an infinite ammo pistol. Completing it requires solving puzzles and finding specific items throughout the game.

What are some general tips for survival?

Explore thoroughly: Every corner holds potential resources, collectibles, and secrets.

Master combat: Practice dodging and aiming mechanics to effectively utilize your weapons.

Utilize the environment: Use cover to your advantage and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Save frequently, especially before difficult or boss battles.

Resident Evil Village delivers a thrilling conclusion to Ethan Winters’ story, leaving a lasting impact on players. It masterfully blends horror elements with a unique setting, memorable characters, and impactful choices that influence the ending.

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