Riju of Gerudo Town: A Young Leader in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


The Legend of Zelda series is filled with memorable characters, and Riju, the young chief of the Gerudo in Tears of the Kingdom, is no exception. Despite her age and initial shyness, Riju emerges as a courageous and resourceful leader, captivating players with her determination and growth throughout the game. This article delves into everything we know about Riju, exploring her role in the story, her abilities, and the lingering questions fans have about this intriguing character.

A Gerudo Chieftain in the Making

Riju resides in Gerudo Town, a hidden desert settlement populated solely by Gerudo women. Gerudo society is known for its warrior culture and strict traditions. As the chief’s daughter, Riju is destined to one day lead her people. However, the game’s events thrust her into a leadership role sooner than expected.

When Link arrives in Gerudo Town, he discovers the Gerudo are facing a crisis. Chief Bulania, Riju’s mother, is missing, leaving the town vulnerable. Riju, despite her inexperience and initial fear, steps up to assume the mantle of chief. This act of courage sets the stage for her journey of self-discovery.

The Legend of Zelda

A Loyal Companion on Link’s Adventure

Link’s quest to help the Gerudo intersects with Riju’s own struggles. Together, they must overcome the challenges plaguing Gerudo Town and locate the missing Chief Bulania. Riju’s role goes beyond simply being a damsel in distress. She actively aids Link in his mission, showcasing her resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Riju is her potential connection to a specific ability Link acquires during their time together. While details remain shrouded in some mystery, it appears Riju possesses a power related to lightning. This connection is hinted at through gameplay mechanics and environmental clues.

There’s speculation that Riju’s power might become intertwined with Link’s own abilities as the story progresses. Could she become a playable character at some point, or perhaps grant Link a unique power tied to lightning manipulation? Only time (and the full release of Tears of the Kingdom) will tell!

A Leader Forged in Fire

Riju’s journey is one of personal growth. Initially burdened by the weight of leadership and the disappearance of her mother, she gradually overcomes her fears and insecurities. Through her interactions with Link and the challenges they face together, Riju develops her bravery and strategic thinking.

One of the most heartwarming moments in the game (as seen in some gameplay trailers) is when Riju stands up to defend Gerudo Town from an enemy assault. This act of defiance demonstrates the transformation she undergoes, blossoming from a timid young girl into a confident and decisive leader.

Questions the Community Wants Answered

While Riju’s presence in Tears of the Kingdom has sparked excitement, several questions remain unanswered:

The Full Extent of Riju’s Power: What exactly is the nature of Riju’s ability, and how does it tie into the game’s lore? Will she play a larger role in utilizing this power alongside Link?

The Fate of Chief Bulania: Where is Riju’s mother, and what role will she play in the story? Will Link and Riju find her, and if so, will their reunion be heartwarming or fraught with tension?

Riju’s Future as Chieftain: Does Riju permanently assume the role of chief, or will Bulania reclaim her position after being found? How will Riju’s experiences shape her leadership style?

These are just a few of the questions that have captivated Legend of Zelda fans. The full release of Tears of the Kingdom will hopefully shed light on these mysteries and provide a deeper understanding of Riju’s character and her significance within the game’s narrative.

Riju’s Legacy: A Beacon of Hope for Gerudo Town

Riju’s story in Tears of the Kingdom is a testament to the power of courage and resilience. Despite her young age and initial anxieties, she rises to the occasion and proves herself a worthy leader for the Gerudo people. Her journey resonates with players, offering a message of hope and empowerment, particularly for young gamers who might identify with her struggles and triumphs.

Whether Riju becomes a playable character, unlocks a unique ability for Link, or simply continues to inspire with her leadership, one thing is certain: she is a character who will leave a lasting impression on Legend of Zelda fans. As we eagerly await the release of Tears of the Kingdom, Riju’s story serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the exciting adventures that lie ahead.


Who is Riju?

Riju is the young leader of the Gerudo people, an all-female tribe residing in the harsh Gerudo Desert. Despite her age, she is a capable and determined leader, dedicated to protecting her people.

What is Riju’s role in Tears of the Kingdom?

Riju plays a central role in the main story, specifically the “Regional Phenomena” questline. You’ll encounter her as you investigate the mysterious sandstorms plaguing the Gerudo Desert.

Where do I find Riju?

Riju’s location depends on the stage of the quest. Initially, you might find Gerudo Town deserted. You’ll need to locate her in the North Gerudo Ruins to progress.

What kind of help does Riju need?

Throughout the quest, Riju will require your assistance in various ways. This includes helping her train, defending Gerudo Town from enemies, and solving puzzles within the Lightning Temple.

Does Riju have any special abilities?

Yes! After completing a training sequence, Riju unlocks a unique ability related to lightning. The specifics of this ability are yet to be fully revealed, but it likely aids in combat or puzzle-solving.

Is there a boss fight with Riju?

You’ll fight alongside Riju in several battles throughout the quest, including defending Gerudo Town and facing a monstrous Gibdo foe.

How do I solve the Red Pillar puzzle for Riju?

This puzzle involves aligning three Red Pillars to activate a mechanism. There are clues within Gerudo Town to help you locate the pillars and their correct positions.

What is the Lightning Temple?

The Lightning Temple is a location you’ll explore with Riju. It likely holds secrets related to the sandstorm and may require the use of Riju’s lightning ability.

Is Riju a playable character?

While you won’t directly control Riju, she fights alongside you in specific sections of the game. Her actions and abilities can be crucial for your success.

Where can I find more information about Riju?

You can discover more about Riju through gameplay in Tears of the Kingdom. Additionally, many online resources offer walkthroughs, guides, and videos showcasing Riju’s quest and the challenges you’ll face together.

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