Saints Row 2: Unleashing Mayhem with Cheats


Saints Row 2 is known for its over-the-top action, outrageous customization, and a healthy dose of chaos. If you’re looking to crank the craziness up a notch, then diving into the world of cheats is the perfect solution. But with a plethora of codes and their effects, navigating this anarchic playground can be tricky. This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a cheat master in Saints Row 2.

Saints Row 2

How to Activate Cheats

Before wreaking havoc with cheat codes, you need to know how to activate them. Here’s the method for all platforms:

Open your phone in-game.

Access the phonebook section.

Dial the listed numbers (without quotes) using the phone keypad.

You’ll hear a confirmation sound if the code is entered correctly.

Note: Entering incorrect codes won’t harm your game, but it might leave you confused.

Essential Cheats for Sainthood

Now, let’s delve into the treasure trove of cheats that will transform Stilwater into your personal playground. We’ll categorize them for easy reference:

God Mode Cheats:

Full Health (1): This cheat replenishes your health to the max, ensuring you survive any scrape.

Never Die (36): Invincibility beckons! Activate this cheat and become impervious to harm (except for falling from great heights).

Milk Bones (3): This one’s a fun twist. Your character becomes invincible for a short duration, but also walks like a dog!

Gunning for Glory:

Infinite Ammo (11): Say goodbye to pesky reloading! With this cheat, you can unleash a never-ending barrage of bullets.

Unlimited Clip (9): No more reloading magazines! This cheat grants you bottomless clips for all your weapons.

Weapon Cheats: A vast array of codes lets you equip specific weapons. Dial #920 for a 12 Gauge shotgun, #922 for an AR-200 assault rifle, and so on (check the full list below for all options).

Becoming a Stilwater Superstar:

Get $1,000 (#cashmoneyz or 2274666399): Instantly boost your bank account with this code.

Repair Vehicle (1056): Dented car? No problem! This cheat fixes any damage to your vehicle.

Super Explosions (7): Explosions become bigger and more spectacular with this active.

Messing with the World:

Drunk Pedestrians (15): Watch pedestrians stumble around in a hilarious state of intoxication.

Evil Cars (16): Vehicles become hostile and will try to run you down. Good luck navigating the streets!

Low Gravity (18): Take the fight to new heights (or rather, lows) with reduced gravity.

Pedestrian War (20): Unleash chaos as pedestrians engage in a city-wide brawl.

Changing the Environment:

Time Set Noon (#1200): Want it to be high noon for epic showdowns? This cheat sets the time to midday.

Time Set Midnight (#2400): Prefer the cover of darkness? Activate this code for a midnight setting.

Weather Cheats: Spice things up with weather manipulation codes. Choose from Overcast (#78665), Heavy Rain (#78666), Light Rain (#78668), Clear Skies (#78669), or even Wrath of God (#666) for a lightning storm.

Beyond the Basics: Cheats for the Discerning Saint

These codes offer a more nuanced approach to messing with the game:

Add Gang Notoriety (35): Increase your gang’s notoriety for a tougher challenge.

Add Police Notoriety (4): Attract unwanted police attention with this code.

No Cop Notoriety (50): Keep the cops at bay and avoid unwanted heat.

No Gang Notoriety (51): Reduce your gang notoriety if things get too hot.

Player Pratfalls (5): Make your character trip and fall for some comedic relief.


Activating Cheats: How to Make the Mayhem Happen

Before you unleash your inner cheat master, there’s a key step: activating them. Here’s how to do it on different platforms:

PC: Press the tilde key (~) to open the console, then type the cheat code and press Enter.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: Pull up your phone and dial the listed number (instead of a name) as the cheat code.

General Mayhem: Owning Stilwater Like a Boss

Here are some popular cheats to enhance your domination:

Infinite Ammo (11): Never reload again! This cheat keeps your clip full for endless firepower.

Never Die (36): Become invincible! No more pesky bullets or explosions can stop you.

Full Health (1): Feeling a bit worse for wear? This instantly tops off your health.

$1000 Cash (#cashmoneyz or 2274666399): Feeling broke? This injects some cash into your pocket for weapon and clothing sprees.

Repair Vehicle (1056): Busted ride? This cheat fixes your car back to pristine condition.

Weaponized Insanity: Turning Up the Firepower

Want a specific weapon to rain down chaos? Here are some codes to get your arsenal stocked:

Give [Weapon Name] (# followed by weapon code): Replace “[Weapon Name]” with the desired weapon (e.g., AR-50 = #923)

Example: Dial #923 on your phone to get an AR-50 sniper rifle.

Weather Woohoo: Changing the Mood of Stilwater

Feeling a little gloomy? Spice things up with these weather manipulation codes:

Clear Skies (78669): Bask in the sunshine.

Overcast (78665): Bring on the clouds.

Heavy Rain (78666): Let the deluge commence!

Wrath of God (666): Lightning strikes! Perfect for dramatic entrances.

World-Altering Wackiness: Making Stilwater a Weirder Place

Craving some truly bizarre fun? These cheats will have you questioning the very fabric of reality:

Low Gravity (18): Become a space hopper! Jump extra high and defy gravity.

I Am Giant (200): Tower over everyone as a colossal Saints member.

Shrink Everyone (202): The world shrinks, and you become a towering giant (opposite effect of “I Am Giant”).

Drunk Pedestrians (15): Hilarity ensues as pedestrians become stumbling messes.

Pedestrian War (20): Watch in amusement as pedestrians engage in an all-out brawl.

A Word of Caution: The Price of Power

While cheats can be a ton of fun, be aware that using them can disable achievements and trophies. If you’re aiming for completionist bragging rights, it’s best to use them sparingly or on a separate playthrough.

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