Unveiling the Secrets: A Guide to the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg


Shadows of Evil, the iconic Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map, is renowned not only for its atmospheric setting and challenging gameplay but also for its elaborate Easter Egg. Completing this hidden quest unlocks a unique weapon, grants access to a boss fight, and offers a deeper glimpse into the map’s lore. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg, including the steps involved, common challenges, and the ultimate rewards.

Shadows of Evil

Demystifying the Rituals: What You Need to Know

Before embarking on this ritualistic journey, it’s crucial to understand the core elements:

The Pack-a-Punch Machine: Upgrading your weapons through the Pack-a-Punch machine is highly recommended for surviving the later stages of the Easter Egg.

Perks: Perks like Widows Wine (grants invisibility when low health) and Deadshot Daiquiri (improves hip-fire accuracy) can be immensely helpful.

Beast Mode: This specialist ability allows you to briefly transform into a hulking beast, enabling you to smash specific objects and access hidden areas.

The Flag: A ceremonial flag plays a vital role in the later stages and requires intense defense against waves of enemies.

The Path Unveiled: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Shadows of Evil Easter Egg can be broadly divided into five key phases:

Phase 1: Unearthing the Symbols

Travel the Districts: Navigate between the three districts – The Footlight, The Canals, and The Waterfront – memorizing glowing symbols that appear above doorways as you transition.

Activate the Beast: Once you have memorized all three symbols in your game, head to the central area underground and activate Beast Mode.

Zap the Symbols: While in Beast Mode, locate the three glowing panels on the wall that correspond to the symbols you memorized. Zap them with your Beast Mode attack.

The Hidden Passage: A hidden passage will open in the wall, revealing the Pack-a-Punched Sword Pedestal.

Phase 2: The Apothicon Servant and the Pack-a-Punched Sword

Retrieve the Ephemeral Emblem: Pick up the glowing emblem that appears near the Pack-a-Punched Sword Pedestal.

Octopus Statues: Locate the four hidden Octopus Statues scattered across the map – one near the Canals Pack-a-Punch machine, another by the Waterfront changing perk machine, a third near the Footlight spotlight, and the last one in the Rift area.

Beast Mode Power: Activate Beast Mode again near each statue to smash them open, revealing a slot for the Ephemeral Emblem.

Charge the Egg: Place the emblem in each statue and then kill zombies in close proximity. You can track the charging progress on the scoreboard.

Phase 3: The Flag and the Shadow Man

Nero’s Lair: Head to Nero’s Lair and interact with the giant floating book. This will spawn a flag in the central underground area.

Embrace the Chaos: Picking up the flag triggers a round filled solely with Parasites and meatballs. Prepare for intense close-quarters combat.

Defending the Flag: Run to the marked purple spot outside the Footlight entrance and plant the flag. Defend it against waves of enemies, especially the Shadow Man who can destroy the flag.

Repeat and Charge: Once the flag is charged (indicated by a sound cue), pick it up and repeat the defense process at the spawn room.

Phase 4: The Ritual Sites and the Shadow Man

The Ritual Sites: Locate the two glowing ritual sites – one near the Pack-a-Punch machine in the Canals and another by the Pack-a-Punch machine in the Waterfront.

Summoning the Shadow Man: Stand near each ritual site with the charged flag. The Shadow Man will appear – shoot him down quickly before he drains the flag’s charge.

A Second Chance: If you fail to defeat the Shadow Man at a ritual site, don’t worry. You can repeat the flag defense steps and try again.

Phase 5: The Final Showdown and the Reward

The Dark Ritual: Once you’ve successfully defended the flag at both ritual sites and defeated the Shadow Man at each location, return to the central underground area. The Pack-a-Punched Sword Pedestal will now emit a dark aura, signifying the portal’s activation.


What is the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg?

The Easter Egg is a multi-step hidden questline that requires teamwork, puzzle solving, and intense zombie combat. Completing it grants a special cutscene, powerful rewards, and bragging rights.

Do I need to play with others?

Technically, no, but it’s highly recommended. The Easter Egg is designed for cooperative play, and some steps are significantly harder solo.

Alright, I’m in! What are the main steps?

Power Up: Activate the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade your weapons. This involves collecting vials, powering turbines, and killing zombies on specific pedestals.

Sword of Apothicon: Find three hidden symbols during the tram ride. In the underground area (accessed via rifts), use Beast Mode to zap those symbols on the wall, revealing a hidden room with the sword and four statues.

Reborn Sword: Upgrade the Apothicon Sword by collecting parts scattered around the map and killing zombies near the Pack-a-Punch.

Shadowman Says…: Locate and trap the Shadowman, a spectral enemy. This involves specific rituals and manipulating electric traps.

Basin Blues: Refill flaming basins with souls collected from special Margwas. Activate the ritual sites and defend them from waves of enemies.

Gateworm Greeting: Summon and defeat the Gateworm, a monstrous creature. Prepare for a challenging boss battle!

Whoa, that sounds complicated! Are there any guides?

Absolutely! Many YouTubers offer excellent walkthroughs with visual references. Search for “[YouTube] Shadows of Evil Easter Egg Guide” for detailed instructions.

What are some additional tips?

Communication is key in co-op. Discuss strategies and assign roles for efficiency.

Prioritize Perks like Juggernog (increased health) and Quick Revive (faster revives) for survivability.

Utilize GobbleGum wisely. Power-ups like Perk-a-holic and Shopping Spree can be lifesavers.

Don’t get discouraged by failures. The Easter Egg has a steep learning curve, so practice makes perfect!

Are there any cool secrets within the Easter Egg?

Yes! While completing the main steps, you might encounter hidden gramophones that play a unique melody. Interact with all four to trigger a special effect.

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