Sidon of the Zora: A Champion Emerges in The Legend of Zelda


The latest entry in the beloved Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, introduces a vibrant cast of characters, both new and familiar. Among these newcomers is Sidon, the prince of the Zora who quickly captures the hearts of players with his enthusiasm and unwavering determination.

This article delves into everything we know about Sidon, exploring his role in the game, his connection to past heroes, and the questions fans are asking about this intriguing Zora prince.

A Zora Prince with a Purpose

Sidon is a prominent figure in Zora’s Domain, a majestic underwater kingdom plagued by a mysterious sludge. Players first encounter him in Mipha’s Court, a once-grand structure now shrouded in darkness. Sidon’s initial appearance is one of strength and confidence. Described as a “big green Zora,” his stature and vibrant scales immediately establish him as a leader.

Unlike some Zelda royalty who remain aloof, Sidon is actively involved in tackling the challenges his people face. He is tasked with cleaning the sludge from a crucial statue, a quest that becomes the catalyst for Link’s involvement in Zora’s plight.

A Legacy of Champions

The name Sidon holds significance for Zelda fans. In Breath of the Wild, Mipha, another Zora champion, played a vital role in Link’s journey. While the exact relationship between Sidon and Mipha is not explicitly stated, many believe Sidon is her younger brother. This connection adds depth to Sidon’s character, suggesting he carries the weight of a champion’s legacy while facing his trials.

Sidon’s combat prowess further fuels speculation about his lineage. Gameplay footage showcases his impressive swimming speed and agility, hinting at a fighting style reminiscent of Mipha’s graceful yet deadly technique. Whether a direct descendant or simply inspired by Mipha’s heroism, Sidon embodies the spirit of a champion, ready to defend his people.

A Partner on Link’s Journey

Sidon’s role extends beyond that of a quest-giver. In a refreshing twist, he becomes a temporary companion for Link, guiding him through a challenging underwater section. This partnership allows players to witness Sidon’s strategic mind and unwavering optimism firsthand. His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support for Link create a heart-warming dynamic that is a highlight of the early game.

This temporary alliance has sparked discussions online. Many fans are curious to see if Sidon reappears later in the game, offering further assistance or perhaps even becoming a playable character. While his exact role beyond the early sections remains shrouded in mystery, his presence leaves a lasting impression.

Unveiling the Mysteries: Questions Fans Are Asking

The arrival of a new champion in Tears of the Kingdom has sparked a flurry of questions from players eager to learn more about Sidon. Here are some of the most common queries:

  • Is Sidon related to Mipha? While the game doesn’t explicitly confirm their relation, the shared name and fighting style suggest a strong connection, possibly a sibling bond.
  • Will Sidon become a playable character? There’s no official confirmation, but the temporary partnership with Link has fueled speculation. His combat prowess and positive reception from fans make him a strong contender for future playable sections.
  • What challenges will Sidon face? The early sections hint at the struggles of the Zora people. Will Sidon play a key role in overcoming the mysterious sludge and restoring Zora’s Domain to its former glory?
  • How will Sidon interact with other champions? Tears of the Kingdom likely features other champions from different races. Will Sidon collaborate with them, forging new alliances to combat the threats Hyrule faces?

These questions highlight the intrigue surrounding Sidon. His presence in Tears of the Kingdom injects a dose of refreshing energy and heroism into the narrative. As players delve deeper into the game, they will undoubtedly discover more about Sidon’s past, his connection to Mipha’s legacy, and the pivotal role he will play in Link’s latest adventure.

Beyond the Game: Sidon’s Impact

Sidon’s popularity extends beyond the realm of Tears of the Kingdom. Fan art and discussions online showcase his growing fanbase. His positive attitude, unwavering determination, and willingness to fight alongside Link resonate with players, making him a standout character in the Zelda universe.

One interesting aspect of Sidon’s character design is his departure from some traditional portrayals of Zora royalty. While past Zora leaders have often been depicted as wise but somewhat stoic figures, Sidon’s youthful exuberance offers a unique perspective. 


Q. Who is Sidon of the Zora?

Sidon is a prominent character in the latest instalment of The Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom. He’s a Zora, a race of fish-like humanoids who reside in Zora’s Domain within Hyrule.

Q. What is Sidon’s Role in Tears of the Kingdom?

Sidon appears to be a crucial figure in the main story. You’ll encounter him during a quest titled “Sidon of the Zora.” There’s speculation he might even become the Sage of Water, inheriting the power once held by Mipha.

Q. How Do I Find Sidon in Tears of the Kingdom?

  • To unlock the “Sidon of the Zora” quest, you’ll first need to complete “The Sludge-Covered Statue” quest. This involves cleaning a statue in Zora’s Domain using a Splash Fruit.
  • Once the statue is cleared, speak to Yona who will point you towards Sidon’s location at Mipha’s Court (located on Ploymus Mountain).

Q. What Happens During the “Sidon of the Zora” Quest?

The details of the quest are still emerging, but we know it will involve:

  • Meeting Sidon at Mipha’s Court.
  • Potentially helping Sidon awaken his power as the Sage of Water.
  • Participating in tasks that progress the main story.

Q. Do I Need to Do Anything Before Meeting Sidon?

While not essential, it’s recommended to complete the “Restoring the Zora Armor” quest before seeking out Sidon. This quest will grant you Zora Armor, which can help navigate underwater sections you might encounter on your way to Mipha’s Court.

Q. Are There Any Video Walkthroughs Available for the “Sidon of the Zora” Quest?

Yes, as the game is relatively new, walkthroughs are popping up online. You can find them on YouTube by searching for “Sidon of the Zora Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough”.

Q. What Else Can I Expect from Sidon?

Given his potential role as the Sage of Water, Sidon could play a significant part in helping Link combat the ongoing threats in Hyrule. We might see him offer guidance, aid Link in battles, or even become a playable character at some point.

As more information about Tears of the Kingdom surfaces, we’ll likely learn more about Sidon’s role in the story and his overall importance to the game.

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