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Smooth stone, with its clean and polished texture, is a fundamental building block in Minecraft. It adds a touch of elegance to any build, contrasting beautifully with other materials like wood or cobblestone. But unlike its rough counterpart, smooth stone isn’t readily available in the world. You’ll need to put on your crafting cap and fire up the furnace to transform readily available cobblestone into this sleek building material.

This guide will delve into everything you need to know about crafting smooth stone in Minecraft. We’ll cover the materials required, the step-by-step process, explore some of the common questions players ask about smooth stone, and even provide some creative building ideas to get you started.

Smooth stone

The Tools of the Trade: What You’ll Need

Before we embark on our stone-smoothing journey, let’s gather the necessary supplies:

Cobblestone: This abundant resource forms the base material for smooth stone. You’ll find cobblestone readily available underground, underwater, and even as surface clutter in some biomes.

Pickaxe: Any pickaxe will do the trick for mining cobblestone. However, using an iron pickaxe or higher will mine the cobblestone faster.

Fuel Source: To power the furnace and transform cobblestone, you’ll need a fuel source. Coal, charcoal, wood planks, and even lava buckets can all act as fuel. Coal and charcoal generally burn longer, making them more efficient choices.

Crafting Table: This essential crafting station is where you’ll convert your mined cobblestone into a furnace.

Furnace: The heart of the operation, the furnace will be responsible for smelting cobblestone into smooth stone.

Once you’ve gathered these materials, you’re ready to begin the transformation process!

Step-by-Step Guide: Crafting Smooth Stone

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in crafting smooth stone:

Craft a Crafting Table: If you haven’t already, use four wooden planks of any kind (oak, spruce, jungle, etc.) in a square pattern on your crafting grid to create a crafting table.

Craft a Furnace: Open your newly crafted crafting table and arrange eight cobblestone blocks in a hollow square pattern, leaving the center empty. This will give you a furnace.

Mine Cobblestone: Head out into the world and equip your pickaxe. Mine some cobblestone – you’ll need a decent amount depending on your build project.

Smelt Cobblestone into Stone: Place your furnace and open its interface. In the bottom slot, add your fuel source (coal, wood planks, etc.). In the top slot, add your cobblestone. The furnace will begin to smelt the cobblestone, and a progress bar will indicate the remaining time. Once complete, you’ll have stone blocks in the output slot.

Smelt Stone into Smooth Stone: Here’s where the magic happens! Take the resulting stone blocks and repeat step 4. Place them in the top furnace slot with your fuel source below. Now, the furnace will transform your regular stone into smooth stone.

Pro Tip: While the furnace works its magic, you can continue mining more cobblestone or focus on other tasks. The furnace will beep once the smelting is complete, notifying you to collect your smooth stone.

About Smooth Stone

Here are some of the most common questions players ask about smooth stone:

Can I skip directly from cobblestone to smooth stone? Unfortunately, no. Cobblestone can only be smelted into stone first, and then the stone can be further smelted into smooth stone.

Is there a faster way to craft smooth stone? While there’s no way to bypass the two-step smelting process, you can speed things up by using multiple furnaces simultaneously. This is particularly helpful for large-scale builds requiring a significant amount of smooth stone.

Can I use a Blast Furnace to craft smooth stone faster? Unlike other materials, Blast Furnaces don’t offer any advantage when smelting stone into smooth stone. They only work faster for smelting ores.

Does smooth stone revert to cobblestone when mined? No! Unlike regular stone, which reverts back to cobblestone if mined with a non-Silk Touch pickaxe, smooth stone retains its smooth texture when mined with any pickaxe.

What can I craft with smooth stone? Smooth stone is a versatile building block. You can use it to create structures, floors, walls, pathways, decorative accents, and even combine it with other materials for a more intricate look.


How do I make smooth stone in Minecraft?

Making smooth stone is a two-step smelting process. First, you need to turn cobblestone into regular stone. Then, smelt the regular stone again to get smooth stone.

What do I need to craft smooth stone?

You’ll need three things: cobblestone, a furnace, and fuel for the furnace (like coal, wood, or even lava!).

How do I use the furnace?

Open your furnace and place your cobblestone in the top slot. Put your fuel source in the bottom slot. The furnace will burn the fuel, and once the progress bar fills up, you’ll have regular stone in the output slot.

Do I need a special furnace to make smooth stone?

Nope! A regular furnace works just fine for both steps. Blast furnaces, while great for speeding up other smelting, won’t make smooth stone any faster.

How much fuel do I need to make smooth stone?

The amount of fuel depends on the type you use. Coal is a good standard choice, and one piece of coal will smelt both the cobblestone and the regular stone into smooth stone.

Is there a faster way to make smooth stone?

The only way to speed things up is to use multiple furnaces. Since smooth stone requires two smelting steps, having more furnaces working at once will get you more smooth stone quicker.

Can I mine smooth stone directly?

Unfortunately, no. Smooth stone isn’t found naturally in the world. You’ll always need to craft it using the furnace.

What can I use smooth stone for?

Smooth stone is a versatile building block. It’s great for creating clean and modern-looking structures, flooring, and decorations. You can also use it to craft other items like stone slabs and stone buttons.

Is smooth stone better than cobblestone?

Smooth stone is purely for aesthetics. It has the same blast resistance and tool requirements as cobblestone. So, the choice depends on the look you’re going for in your build.

Can I craft smooth stone stairs?

Surprisingly, no! Smooth stone only comes in block form. If you need stairs, you’ll have to use regular stone stairs or find another building block that works for your design.

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