A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy’s “Solved by the Bell”


Solved by the bell, Calling all witches and wizards! Are you ready to embark on a hidden musical treasure hunt within the walls of Hogwarts? The “Solved by the Bell” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy presents a delightful puzzle that combines combat, exploration, and a touch of nostalgia for Harry Potter fans. This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to decipher the cryptic musical map, ring the bells in the correct order, and claim the reward that awaits.

Solved by the bell

Initiating the Quest: The Musical Map’s Location

The “Solved by the Bell” quest doesn’t activate automatically. You’ll need to acquire a key item first: the Musical Map. This map can be found hidden within Henrietta’s Hideaway, located in the southwestern region of the world map known as Manor Cape.

Completing the “Rescuing Rococo” side quest naturally leads you to Henrietta’s Hideaway. So, if you’re already on that path, keep an eye out for the map as you explore the hideaway.

Here’s a breakdown of how to find the Musical Map:

Reach Henrietta’s Hideaway: Travel to Manor Cape and locate the hidden entrance. You’ll likely encounter some enemies along the way, so be prepared for a fight.

Navigate the Puzzles: Henrietta’s Hideaway presents a series of puzzles that involve fire and ice magic (Confringo, Incendio, Glacius). Solve these puzzles to progress deeper into the hideaway.

Revealing the Secret Chamber: Look for a shifting floor trap that can be deactivated using the Arresto Momentum spell. Defeating the Ashwinders in the next room will trigger the reveal of a hidden chamber.

Claiming the Musical Map: Cast Revelio to unveil the hidden chamber completely. Inside, you’ll find the Musical Map – a crucial piece to solving the “Solved by the Bell” quest.

Deciphering the Musical Map: Notes and Bells

The Musical Map depicts a chamber with several bells and a series of musical notes. This seemingly cryptic image holds the key to unlocking the hidden treasure. Here’s how to interpret the map:

The Bells: The map showcases multiple bells, each potentially representing a different musical pitch.

The Musical Notes: A sequence of musical notes is displayed on the map. This sequence represents the order in which the bells need to be rung to unlock the treasure.

A Word of Caution: While some sources might claim the solution involves memorizing a specific sequence of numbers corresponding to the bells’ positions, this approach can be misleading. The true solution lies in recognizing the musical notes on the map.

Harmony in Action: Ringing the Bells

Now that you understand the map’s message, it’s time to locate the chamber with the bells. This chamber can be found in the same general area as Henrietta’s Hideaway, though it might be a separate hidden location you need to discover.

Here’s what to do once you find the bell chamber:

Identify the Bells: Locate the bells within the chamber. They might be arranged in a specific order or scattered around the room.

Matching Notes to Bells: Compare the musical notes on the map with the actual notes produced by each bell when struck. Experiment by ringing each bell and listen for the corresponding notes.

The Harry Potter Connection (Spoiler Alert!): Here’s a delightful surprise for Potterheads! The sequence of notes on the map actually corresponds to the opening notes of the iconic Harry Potter theme song.

Remember: If you’re struggling to identify the notes, don’t hesitate to consult online resources or video guides that showcase the solution visually and aurally.

A Treasured Reward: The Fruits of Your Harmony

Once you’ve successfully rung the bells in the correct order based on the musical notes, a magical effect will activate. You’ll likely hear a triumphant chime, and a chest will materialize within the chamber. Open the chest to claim your reward!

The reward for completing “Solved by the Bell” is the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat, a stylish cosmetic item that adds a touch of flair to your witch or wizard’s wardrobe.

Beyond the Quest: Additional Tips and Tricks

While the core walkthrough remains the same, here are some additional tips to make your “Solved by the Bell” experience smoother:

Exploration is Key: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden passages and secret chambers throughout Henrietta’s Hideaway. This is not just where you find the Musical Map; there might be additional loot or secrets waiting to be discovered.

Combat Readiness: Expect to encounter Ashwinders during your exploration. These nimble dark witches can be tricky opponents, so come prepared with appropriate spells


What is the “Solved by the Bell” quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

“Solved by the Bell” is a fun side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that involves deciphering a musical map and using your spells to solve a musical puzzle. Completing the quest grants you treasure, Galleons (in-game currency), and experience points.

Where do I find the “Solved by the Bell” quest?

The quest can be found in Henrietta’s Hideaway, located in the far southeastern region of the Hogwarts Legacy map. Look for a small ruin partially hidden by trees.

What do I need to do to complete the quest?

Inside Henrietta’s Hideaway, you’ll find a chest containing a “Musical Map.” This map depicts a series of bells and musical notes. Your task is to head towards the western part of the ruins, where you’ll find nine large bells hanging in the air.

How do I solve the bell puzzle?

Use the “Musical Map” as a guide. You’ll need to cast your basic spell on the bells in the specific order shown on the map, following the musical notes.

Is there a way to know the order without reading music?

Absolutely! The “Musical Map” also visually represents the order you need to hit the bells. Just follow the sequence from left to right, top to bottom.

What happens after I solve the bell puzzle?

Once you hit the bells in the correct order, a hidden chest will magically appear near the bells. Open it to claim your reward, which includes treasure, Galleons, and experience points.

Is there anything special about the music played by the bells?

For fans of the Harry Potter universe, there’s a delightful surprise! The melody played by the bells is actually the iconic theme song from the Harry Potter movies.

Do I need any specific spells to complete this quest?

No, you only need your basic spell casting ability to solve the “Solved by the Bell” quest.

Is this a difficult quest to complete?

Not at all! As long as you can follow the sequence on the map, this quest is a breeze and a great way to earn some early rewards.

Can I find a video walkthrough of the quest online?

Sure! There are many helpful video guides available online [YouTube(search Hogwarts legacy solved by the bell quest)] that visually show you the location of Henrietta’s Hideaway and walk you through solving the bell puzzle step-by-step.

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