Sons of the Forest Review: A Thrilling Descent into Cannibalistic Chaos


Sons of the Forest, the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed survival horror title The Forest, has finally emerged from Early Access and landed with a bone-crushing thud (on a cannibal, hopefully). Endnight Games has taken everything that made the original so compelling – the atmospheric dread, the open-ended crafting, and the ever-present threat of deranged mutants – and cranked it up a notch. But is this ambitious expansion a worthy successor, or does it get tangled in its own ambitious roots? Let’s delve into the cannibal-infested wilderness and find out.

A Breathtakingly Beautiful, Brutally Dangerous World

The first thing that hits you in Sons of the Forest is the sheer scale and beauty of the environment. The island you find yourself stranded on is a vast, sprawling wilderness teeming with life. Lush forests give way to snow-capped mountains, and glistening rivers snake through valleys teeming with resources.

The weather system is dynamic, with bright, sunny days giving way to torrential downpours and bone-chilling nights. This creates a stunning backdrop for your struggle for survival, but don’t be fooled by the picturesque scenery. Lurking just beneath the surface is a constant threat: the cannibalistic mutants that have claimed the island for their own.

Crafting Your Way to Survival

As in The Forest, crafting is the cornerstone of survival in Sons of the Forest. The game throws a wealth of resources at your disposal – wood, stone, leaves, animal hides – and you’ll need to use them all to craft the tools and shelter you need to stay alive. The crafting system has been significantly expanded from the original, allowing you to build elaborate structures, from simple wooden shacks to sprawling treehouses.

New features like ziplines and even a handy AI companion named Kelvin, who can be instructed to help gather materials and even build basic structures, add a whole new layer of depth to base building.

A Feast for the Senses (and Cannibals)

The sound design in Sons of the Forest is absolutely phenomenal. The rustling of leaves underfoot, the distant howls of unseen creatures, and the chilling screams of the cannibal mutants all combine to create an atmosphere of constant tension. The soundtrack is equally impressive, with a minimalist score that perfectly complements the game’s atmosphere of dread.

A Deeper, Darker Narrative

The story in Sons of the Forest is a slow burn, but it’s no less intriguing for that. The game throws cryptic clues and environmental storytelling your way, leaving you to piece together the mysteries of the island and the fate of those who came before you.

There’s a stronger focus on narrative this time around, with new lore entries and even some voice acting scattered throughout the world. This all adds up to a more immersive experience that keeps you engaged as you explore the island’s secrets.

Combat Evolved

Combat in Sons of the Forest feels more refined and strategic compared to the original. New weapons like stun batons and spears offer more non-lethal options, while firearms are still available for when things get out of hand. The enemy AI has also been significantly improved. The cannibals are now smarter, more aggressive, and will work together to take you down. This makes for some truly heart-pounding encounters, especially at night when the island becomes even more dangerous.

Not Without Its Flaws

While Sons of the Forest is a fantastic game, it’s not without its issues. As with many early-access titles, there can be occasional bugs and glitches. Performance can also be a bit hit-or-miss, especially on lower-end machines. The crafting system, while more complex, can also be a bit clunky at times. Finally, the game’s horror elements, while effective, may not be for everyone. The cannibals are truly grotesque creatures, and the game doesn’t shy away from showing them in all their horrifying glory.

A Must-Play for Survival Horror Fans

Despite its flaws, Sons of the Forest is a must-play for fans of survival horror games. It’s a beautiful, brutal, and deeply atmospheric experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its improved crafting, more strategic combat, and a larger, more diverse world to explore, Sons of the Forest takes everything that made The Forest great and builds upon it in fantastic ways. Just be prepared to face your fears, and maybe bring a few extra bandages (and Molotov cocktails) for the journey.


Q. Are Sons of the Forest scary?

Absolutely! The game retains the unsettling atmosphere of the first game, with creepy mutants, dark caves, and a looming sense of danger.

Q. Is it better than The Forest?

Many reviewers say yes! Sons of the Forest improves on the formula with more refined mechanics, a larger world, and a stronger focus on horror.

Q.Can I play solo?

Yes, Sons of the Forest offers a complete single-player experience, but it’s also playable in co-op for added fun (and maybe some shared scares!).

Q. How’s the base building?

Base building is more intuitive and versatile than before. You can snap structures together, build elaborate treehouses, and even enlist the help of a friendly mutant companion, Kelvin, to automate some tasks.

Q. What’s new with crafting?

There is a wider variety of craftable items, from weapons and armour to furniture and even zip lines for traversing the vast island.

Q. How’s the combat?

Combat feels more impactful and requires more strategy. Ammo is scarce, so every fight becomes a tense resource management challenge.

Q. Does Sons of the Forest run well?

The game can be demanding on PCs, so check the system requirements before you buy. Performance optimizations are still being implemented, so expect ongoing improvements.

Q. Is it Early Access anymore?

No, Sons of the Forest officially launched in version 1.0 on February 23rd, 2023. However, the developers may add more content and features in the future.

Q. Should I wait for a sale?

If you’re on a budget, waiting for a sale might be a good option. However, reviews suggest the full experience is well worth the price tag for fans of survival horror and crafting games.

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