Soaring Through the Stars: A Guide to the Star Eagle in Starfield


The vast expanse of space in Starfield beckons to be explored, and a trusty vessel is paramount for any aspiring space adventurer. Among the early starships players can acquire, the Star Eagle stands out as a formidable companion.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Star Eagle, from its acquisition to its capabilities in the unforgiving depths of the cosmos.

A Freestar Icon: The Star Eagle’s Origins

The Star Eagle is a prized Class A combat vessel proudly associated with the Freestar Collective, a prominent faction within Starfield. Earning the Star Eagle signifies not just acquiring a powerful ship, but also becoming a recognized member of the Freestar Rangers, a group dedicated to upholding justice in the Settled Systems.

Embark on the Freestar Journey: How to Claim the Star Eagle

The Star Eagle isn’t purchasable with credits โ€“ it’s a prestigious reward for completing the Freestar Collective quest line. This multi-part quest series allows you to prove your worth to the Rangers. Here’s a roadmap to acquiring your Star Eagle:

  1. Initiation: “Job Gone Wrong” – Your journey begins in Akila City, the bustling capital of the Cheyenne System. Head to Galbank and speak with the Freestar Collective Marshal. He’ll entrust you with “Job Gone Wrong,” a quest to thwart a bank robbery. Completing this mission paves the way for joining the Freestar Rangers.
  2. Rising Through the Ranks: The Freestar Collective Quest Line – Once inducted, a series of quests awaits. These missions will test your combat prowess, decision-making skills, and loyalty to the Rangers’ cause. Some notable quests include “Deputized,” where you assist with local law enforcement, and “Surgical Strike,” a daring operation to eliminate a dangerous pirate threat.
  3. Reaping the Rewards: The Star Eagle Awaits – Upon completing the entire Freestar Collective quest line, culminating in the epic “The Hammer Falls” mission, you’ll be bestowed with the magnificent Star Eagle. Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive Freestar Ranger gear, including a unique spacesuit, boost pack, and helmet.

A Closer Look: The Star Eagle’s Strengths

The Star Eagle is a well-rounded vessel, excelling in various aspects that make it a formidable companion in the early to mid stages of the game. Here’s a breakdown of its key strengths:

  • Combat Prowess: The Star Eagle packs a punch. It boasts a powerful Electromagnetic (EM) weapon system, effective against most early-game enemies.
  • Durable Defenses: Shielding on the Star Eagle is commendable, allowing you to withstand significant punishment in space skirmishes. This is crucial when facing down pirates or hostile alien encounters.
  • Exploration Potential: With a decent jump drive capable of traversing 16 lightyears, the Star Eagle offers a good balance between combat readiness and exploration capabilities. You’ll be able to venture into new systems and uncover the secrets of the vast Starfield universe.
  • Crew Capacity: The Star Eagle surpasses many starter ships by accommodating a crew of five. This allows you to recruit specialists with valuable skills that can enhance your ship’s performance in various aspects, from piloting and combat to hacking and science.
  • Accessibility: The Star Eagle is a Class A ship, meaning you can pilot it right from the start without needing to upgrade your piloting skill. This makes it an excellent choice for new players eager to jump into exciting spacefaring adventures.

Beyond the Basics: Customizing Your Star Eagle

While the Star Eagle is a fantastic vessel on its own, its true potential lies in customization. Starfield offers a plethora of options to tailor your ship to your preferred playstyle:

  • Weaponry: Don’t be limited to the default EM weapon. Experiment with different armaments to suit your combat needs. Consider ballistic or energy-based weapons for greater versatility against diverse opponents.
  • Upgrades: Invest in upgrading your ship’s core systems. Enhance the reactor for more power, improve the grav drive for better manoeuvrability, and bolster your shields for enhanced defence.
  • Components: Various ship components can be installed to grant your Star Eagle unique capabilities. Explore options like shield boosters, improved targeting systems, or even cloaking technology for a tactical edge.
  • Crew Management: Assemble a crew with diverse skill sets. A skilled pilot can enhance your ship’s handling, while a science officer can unlock new research options. Strategically utilize your crew’s abilities to maximize the Star Eagle’s potential.


Q. What is the Star Eagle?

The Star Eagle is a Class A combat ship in Starfield. It boasts excellent weapons systems, strong shields, and a decent cargo hold, making it a well-rounded choice for early to mid-game exploration and combat.

Q. How to Get the Star Eagle

The Star Eagle is not available for purchase. Instead, you earn it by completing the Freestar Collective quest line and becoming a Freestar Ranger. This involves a series of eight missions, starting with “Job Gone Wrong” in Akila City.

Q. What are the Star Eagle’s Stats?

  • Fuel: 140
  • Hull: 948
  • Shields: 760
  • Grav Drive: 16 LY (Light Years)
  • Cargo Capacity: 2500
  • Crew Capacity: 5

Q. Is the Star Eagle Good?

Absolutely! The Star Eagle is one of the best free ships in Starfield. Here’s why:

  • Powerful Weapons: It comes equipped with a high-powered EM weapon, giving you a significant edge in combat.
  • Durable Design: The Star Eagle’s strong hull and shields allow you to take a beating in space battles.
  • Decent Cargo Space: With a 2500 cargo capacity, you have ample room for loot and supplies.
  • Accommodates a Crew: Unlike starter ships, the Star Eagle lets you recruit up to five crew members, enhancing your ship’s capabilities with their skills.
  • Class A Classification: The Star Eagle is a Class A ship, meaning you can pilot it without any restrictions on your piloting skill level.

Q. How to Upgrade the Star Eagle?

While the Star Eagle is great on its own, you can further customize it to fit your playstyle. Here are some ways to upgrade:

  • Weapons: Consider replacing the default EM weapon with different options based on your preferred combat approach (energy, ballistic, etc.).
  • Shields: Upgrade your shields for enhanced protection.
  • Grav Drive: Invest in a better Grav Drive to increase your jump range.
  • Components: Install additional components like a scan blocker or a com spike to gain tactical advantages.

Q. Star Eagle vs. Other Ships

The Star Eagle is superior to most starter ships in terms of firepower, durability, and crew capacity. However, as you progress through the game, you’ll encounter even more powerful vessels you can acquire.

Q. Is there anything else to know about the Star Eagle?

The Star Eagle is a popular topic in the Starfield community, so you’ll find many resources online:

  • For a detailed breakdown of the Star Eagle’s stats and how it compares to other ships, check out Starfield guides [IGN Starfield Guide].
  • On YouTube, you’ll find videos showcasing the Star Eagle in action and offering upgrade recommendations [YouTube Starfield Star Eagle].

With its well-rounded capabilities, the Star Eagle is a fantastic companion for aspiring space captains in Starfield. By understanding how to acquire it, utilize its strengths, and customize it to your needs, you’ll be dominating the cosmos in no time!

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