Master the Force: A Comprehensive Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order™ throws you into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan on the run after Order 66. With the Empire hunting Force sensitives, Cal must hone his lightsaber skills, reconnect with the Force, and uncover a hidden path to rebuild the Jedi Order. This walkthrough will guide you through your journey, offering essential tips and strategies to conquer every challenge.

For completionists seeking all collectibles and secrets, venturing off the beaten path is highly encouraged!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen

Gearing Up: Before You Begin

Difficulty: The game offers four difficulty settings: Story Mode, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master. Choose the difficulty that best suits your playstyle. Even on Story Mode, some boss battles can be challenging.

Exploration: Take your time and explore each area thoroughly. Hidden secrets, chests containing gear and stims (healing items), and optional puzzles offering lightsaber parts and skill points can be found throughout the world.

Customization: Earn Skill Points by defeating enemies and completing challenges. Invest them in your lightsaber combat skill trees and Force abilities to unlock new techniques and enhance your power.

Meditation Points: These glowing blue circles allow you to save your progress, refill your stims, and respec your skill points if you want to try a different build.

Braving Bogano: A New Hope Dawns

Fractured Plain: After escaping Bracca, you crash land on Bogano. Follow Cere Junda, your former Jedi Master turned Nightsister ally, and learn the basics of lightsaber combat and traversal. You’ll encounter various creatures like Bog Rats and Stun Droids. Practice parrying and dodging to deflect blaster bolts and enemy attacks.

Subterranean Refuge: Unlock the Force Push ability to open a path forward. Here you’ll face your first major test: a giant amphibious predator called a Mudhorn. Use the environment to your advantage by climbing ledges and strategically using Force Slow to create openings for lightsaber strikes.

Secrets of Zeffo: Unveiling the Jedi Past

The Tomb of Miktrull: Traverse Zeffo, a once-thriving world steeped in Jedi lore. Solve environmental puzzles using the Force Pull ability you acquire to progress. Brace yourself for encounters with new enemy types like Purge Troopers and Scout Droids.

The Mantis: Your starship serves as your hub throughout the journey. BD-1, your droid companion, can scan points of interest and uncover hidden areas. Utilize the workbench to craft stims and upgrade your lightsaber with new parts found throughout your exploration.

Trials on Dathomir: Confronting the Nightsisters

The Crash Site: Prepare for a tense atmosphere on Dathomir, home to the twisted magic of the Nightsisters. Expect to encounter Nightbrothers, powerful warriors wielding brutal melee weapons. Here, you’ll unlock the double-bladed lightsaber form for increased offensive power.

The Tomb of Kujet: Navigate perilous tombs filled with deadly traps and Nightsister magic. This section heavily emphasizes platforming and puzzle-solving skills. Be mindful of environmental hazards like fire and poisonous gas.

Echoes of Ilum: Restoring a Fallen Legacy

Crystal Caves: Travel to the frozen world of Ilum, where Jedi constructed their lightsabers. Collect kyber crystals to customize your lightsaber’s color and enhance its power. Prepare for combat against elite Purge Troopers and aerial enemies.

Jedi Temple: Uncover the secrets of a long-lost Jedi Temple, testing your platforming skills as you navigate crumbling structures. You’ll also face a climactic boss battle here, requiring a combination of lightsaber techniques and well-timed Force abilities.

Returning to Bogano: Facing the Dark

Vault of Secrets: Back on Bogano, access the Jedi Vault using the holocron you obtained. This section throws some of the toughest enemies you’ve faced so far, including powerful Inquisitors. Master your parrying and dodging skills to deflect their relentless attacks.

Confrontation at Fortress Inquisitorius: The Empire’s ultimate weapon against Jedi awaits. This section is a gauntlet of challenging encounters, culminating in a showdown with a formidable foe. Remember everything you’ve learned throughout your journey to emerge victorious.


What’s the best order to play the planets in Fallen Order?

The game has a mostly linear path, but there is some flexibility. Bogano is your starting point, and the story will naturally lead you through Zeffo, Dathomir, Ilum, and back to Bogano. You can revisit certain areas later to access previously locked areas with new Force abilities.

How can I find all the collectibles?

There are a ton of collectibles scattered throughout the planets, including Stim canisters, lightsaber parts, and hidden chests. While some are readily apparent, others require exploration and using your droid companion, BD-1, to scan the environment for points of interest. A quick web search for “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Collectibles Guide” will give you detailed locations.

What are the best lightsaber parts to equip?

The “best” parts depend on your playstyle. For aggressive fighters, a double-bladed lightsaber or a short grip with a strong emitter might be ideal. If you prefer a more balanced approach, consider a balanced emitter and grip with a quick swing speed. Experiment and see what feels best for you!

How do I defeat tough enemies like Purge Troopers or the final bosses?

These enemies require specific tactics. Purge Troopers have strong defense – parry their attacks and counter when they’re open. For bosses, study their attack patterns and dodge strategically. Utilize your Force powers to stun them and create openings for lightsaber attacks. Don’t be afraid to heal and use Stim canisters when needed.

Are there any missable quests or items?

Unfortunately, yes. Some quests and Force abilities are only obtainable during specific points in the story. Try to explore each area thoroughly before moving on. Consulting a “Missable Items Guide” online can help ensure you don’t lock yourself out of anything.

How long does it take to beat Fallen Order?

The average playtime for the main story is around 20-30 hours. Completionists aiming for 100% with all collectibles can expect to spend closer to 40-50 hours.

Are there any difficulty levels?

Yes, Fallen Order offers Story Mode, Jedi Knight (normal difficulty), Jedi Master (hard difficulty), and Jedi Grand Master (highest difficulty). Choose the difficulty that best suits your skill level.

Can I customize Cal Kestis’ appearance?

There is no traditional character customization menu. However, as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock various poncho and lightsaber customization options that add a touch of personalization.

Is there any DLC available for Fallen Order?

No, there is no downloadable content (DLC) for Fallen Order. The story is self-contained, but there have been rumors of a sequel in development.

Are there any cheats or codes for Fallen Order?

The game doesn’t offer traditional cheat codes. Train with the combat system, and you’ll develop the skills you need to overcome any challenge. Online guides and walkthroughs can provide additional help if needed.

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