Star Wars Jedi Survivor: A Guide Through the Galaxy


Star wars jedi survivor walkthrough, Calling all Jedi Knights! Star Wars Jedi Survivor has landed, and it’s time to embark on a thrilling new chapter in Cal Kestis’ journey. As a sequel to the critically acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order, Survivor throws Cal into a universe even more perilous, forcing him to hone his skills and confront the ever-present threat of the Empire. Whether you’re a seasoned Padawan or a fresh recruit, this walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the dangers and triumphs that await.

Star wars jedi survivor

Getting Started: Coruscant Chaos

The game opens with Cal and his trusty crew on Coruscant, the once-glittering capital now under Imperial control. Your first objective: Pursue the Senator’s Yacht. This initial section serves as a tutorial, reacquainting you with the familiar combat mechanics and introducing some new ones. Utilize your lightsaber’s versatile stances and Force abilities to overcome Stormtroopers and other adversaries.

Escape Undercity Meats: Following a thrilling chase sequence, you’ll find yourself trapped within the Coruscant underbelly. Here, you’ll encounter your first puzzle – a series of conveyor belts and industrial hazards. Master your wall-running skills and utilize grappling points to navigate this treacherous environment. This section also introduces meditation points, allowing you to save your progress and upgrade your abilities.

Crash Landing on Koboh

After a daring escape, your ship, the Mantis, sustains heavy damage, forcing an emergency landing on the vibrant planet of Koboh. Now, your primary objective becomes clear – Find Greez. Explore the crash site, battling mutated creatures and scavenging for resources. Your droid companion, BD-1, will come in handy for hacking panels and revealing hidden pathways.

Reuniting with the Crew: Locate Greez in his makeshift workshop. He’ll task you with finding a vital component – the Gyro Module – to repair the Mantis. This quest leads you through Greez’s basement, where you’ll unlock the “Tap to Reveal” ability, allowing you to uncover hidden passages and secrets throughout the game.

Expanding Your Horizons: As you delve deeper into Koboh, you’ll unlock new Force powers and lightsaber techniques. These include the powerful “Force Slow” ability, which allows you to manipulate time in short bursts, and a variety of lightsaber combos that enhance your combat prowess.

A Journey Across the Stars

Star Wars Jedi Survivor takes Cal across a diverse range of planets, each with its own unique challenges and secrets:

Jedha: A holy city steeped in Force lore, Jedha becomes a haven for those seeking refuge from the Empire. Here, you’ll encounter allies and uncover vital clues to the whereabouts of a mysterious artifact.

Shattered Moon: This desolate moon holds remnants of an ancient civilization and harbors a hidden research facility. Prepare to face off against Imperial forces and unravel the secrets of the past.

Exploration and Customization: Don’t just rush through the main story. Each planet offers opportunities for exploration. Seek out hidden chests containing valuable gear and resources, complete side quests to gain experience and unlock new abilities, and uncover environmental puzzles that test your ingenuity.

Crafting and Upgrades: As you progress, you’ll collect various materials that allow you to craft powerful gear and upgrade your lightsaber. Experiment with different combinations to tailor your playstyle and enhance your combat effectiveness.

Choices and Consequences: The choices you make throughout the game can have lasting impacts. Dialogue options can influence the relationships you forge with characters, and certain decisions may open up or close off specific story paths.

Mastering the Force and Lightsaber

Jedi Survivor refines the combat system from Fallen Order, offering a more nuanced and dynamic experience. Here are some key points to remember:

Lightsaber Mastery: Each lightsaber stance has its strengths and weaknesses. The single-bladed stance offers precision attacks, while the double-bladed stance emphasizes powerful area-of-effect damage. Mastering when to switch between stances is crucial for conquering diverse enemy types.

Lightsaber Combos: Unleash devastating combos by stringing together lightsaber attacks. Experiment with different combinations to discover what works best against various enemies.

The Force is Strong With You: Utilize your Force abilities strategically. Force Slow can be used to gain an edge in combat, while Force Push can send enemies flying. Unleash powerful Force attacks to take down even the most formidable foes.


Q: Is there a walkthrough available for Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

A: While the game hasn’t officially released yet, resourceful fans have created video walkthroughs based on early access or trailers. You can find these on YouTube with titles like “Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gameplay Walkthrough.” Keep in mind these might not reflect the final game exactly.

Q: What difficulty settings does Jedi Survivor have?

A: Specific difficulty details haven’t been confirmed yet, but many games offer options like Easy, Normal, and Hard. Expect Jedi Survivor to follow a similar approach.

Q: How long is Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

A: Playtime can vary depending on your exploration style and difficulty. However, reports suggest the game could be longer than Fallen Order, with estimates ranging from 20 to 30 hours for the main story.

Q: What is the story of Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

A: Picking up after Fallen Order, Cal Kestis is a seasoned Jedi Knight now. The Empire’s grip tightens, forcing Cal and his crew on a dangerous mission to uncover a hidden secret crucial for Jedi survival.

Q: Can I explore freely in Jedi Survivor?

A: Yes! Similar to Fallen Order, you’ll explore various planets with linear story paths but opportunities to uncover secrets and collectibles off the beaten track.

Q: How does exploration work?

A: Cal gains new traversal abilities as the game progresses. Expect wall-running, grappling hooks, and improved jumping to access new areas and hidden corners.

Q: Does the combat system change in Jedi Survivor?

A: The core lightsaber combat remains, but Cal has expanded skills and fighting styles. You might encounter new enemy types requiring strategic use of different lightsaber forms.

Q: Are there any new Force powers?

A: Details are scarce, but trailers hint at Cal wielding new Force abilities. Expect more offensive and defensive Force techniques to enhance your combat arsenal.

Q: How do I upgrade my character?

A: Look for skill trees where you can unlock lightsaber techniques, Force powers, and improve Cal’s overall abilities using experience points earned through gameplay.

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