Starfield New Game Plus: Dive Back In With a Twist


Starfield’s vast universe offers countless hours of exploration, but what happens once you’ve reached the end? Thankfully, the game features a unique New Game Plus (NG+) mode that lets you revisit the cosmos with a powerful twist. However, Starfield’s NG+ deviates from the traditional format, offering a more nuanced experience than simply restarting with your gear. This article will be your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about Starfield’s NG+, including what carries over, story changes, and valuable tips for your next playthrough.

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What Exactly Carries Over in Starfield’s NG+?

Unlike many NG+ modes, Starfield focuses on retaining your character’s capabilities rather than their physical inventory. Here’s what you can expect to bring into your new adventure:

Character Traits: The personality quirks you chose during character creation remain intact, shaping your dialogue options and roleplaying experience.

Skills and Skill Points: All unlocked skills and the progress you’ve made within each skill tree carry over. This allows you to immediately specialize in your preferred playstyle. Since Starfield has no level cap, you can continue unlocking new and higher-tier skills as you progress through NG+.

Obtained Powers: Any special abilities you’ve discovered throughout your journey, like telekinesis or hacking, will be readily available. Upgraded versions of these powers might even be found in hidden locations within the NG+ world.

The Frontier: This refers to your customizable spaceship, the heart and soul of your interstellar travels. Thankfully, you won’t have to start from scratch with a basic vessel. Your pimped-out Frontier will be waiting for you in the NG+ playthrough.

What Gets Left Behind?

While NG+ empowers your character, it emphasizes a fresh start in terms of resources and story progression. Here’s what you’ll need to reacquire:

Items and Equipment: Weapons, armor, consumables, and everything else you’ve accumulated will be reset. This encourages exploration and rediscovery of valuable gear.

Side Mission Progress: Any completed side quests will need to be tackled again. This can be a great opportunity to experience the stories and rewards you might have missed during your first playthrough.

Reputation and Relationships: The bonds you forged with various factions and characters will need to be rebuilt. This allows you to approach situations from a different perspective and potentially make new choices.

The Starfield NG+ Story Branch: A Choice With Consequences

The most intriguing aspect of Starfield’s NG+ lies in the critical decision presented at the end of the main campaign:

Embrace the Unity: Approaching the Unity during the “Revelations” final mission signifies your acceptance of its purpose. This choice triggers a unique NG+ experience where you become a Starborn, a powerful being with a pivotal role in shaping the cosmos.

Reject the Unity: Turning away from the Unity leads you back to your ship, allowing you to continue exploring the “normal” universe in NG+. While the core story remains familiar, you’ll encounter new dialogue options and subtle story variations based on your prior knowledge of events.

Starborn NG+ : A New Story Unfolds

Choosing the Starborn path in NG+ throws you into an alternate reality with significant story changes:

Branched Missions: Certain main quests will present new objectives and challenges, forcing you to adapt your strategies.

Starborn-Specific Dialogue: NPCs will react differently to a Starborn character, offering fresh perspectives on the narrative.

A New Main Mission: A completely new main quest becomes available, exclusive to the Starborn path. This mission delves deeper into the lore and purpose of the Starborn within the Starfield universe.

Exploring the “Normal” Universe NG+

While less drastic than the Starborn path, the “normal” universe NG+ offers its own set of tweaks:

Hidden Lore: New lore entries and environmental details might be scattered throughout the world, enriching the story for players with existing knowledge.

Shifting Factions: The power dynamics between factions might have changed subtly, creating new opportunities for alliances and conflicts.

Character Backstories: Conversations with companions and other NPCs may reveal previously unknown details about their pasts, adding depth to existing relationships.

Tips for Conquering Starfield’s NG+

Here are some valuable pointers to optimize your NG+ experience:

Specialize Your Skills: Since you carry over your skill points, focus on maxing out specific skill trees to become a master in your chosen combat or exploration style.


What is New Game Plus (NG+) in Starfield?

Unlike traditional NG+, Starfield’s version lets you replay the story with a twist! You’ll carry over your character’s growth but experience a new story branch based on your previous choices.

How do I access New Game Plus?

Beat the main story’s final mission, “Revelations.” After facing the Unity, you’ll get a choice: approach the light for a Starborn NG+ run or return to the darkness to continue exploring the “normal” world.

What carries over to New Game Plus?

Here’s what gets a new lease on life in NG+:

Character Traits & Skills: Your chosen traits and unlocked/leveled skills come along for the ride.

Powers: All the fancy powers you’ve acquired are ready to be unleashed again.

The Frontier (Spaceship): Your trusty spaceship remains at your disposal.

What gets left behind?

Brace yourself, for NG+ wipes your inventory clean. This includes:

Items & Weapons: Gotta reacquire that loot!

Side Quest Progress: Time to revisit those unfinished quests.

Character Relationships: Gotta rebuild that rapport.

Is there a level cap in New Game Plus?

Nope! Starfield lets you keep grinding and unlocking new skill tiers. So, unleash your inner power warrior!

Does the story change in New Game Plus?

Absolutely! Depending on your choice at the end (Starborn or not), you’ll encounter new dialogue options, story twists, and potentially even a new main mission.

Are there any NG+ exclusive rewards?

Yes! You might find upgraded versions of existing powers hidden within those mysterious alien temples. Talk about a power boost!

Is New Game Plus worth it?

If you crave a story with more depth and want to dominate the Starfield universe with a super-powered character, then NG+ is definitely worth a shot.

Are there any difficulty settings in NG+ ?

Unfortunately, there’s no separate difficulty setting for NG+. However, the increased enemy power due to your character’s level should provide a good challenge.

Any tips for tackling New Game Plus?

Since you’ve played before, focus on exploring new areas and completing those lingering side quests.

With your existing skills, experiment with different weapon and power combinations to find the ultimate combat flow.

Keep an eye out for those hidden upgraded powers – they’ll give you a significant edge.

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