Starfield on PS5-Everything We Know (and Don’t Know)


Bethesda’s sprawling space epic, Starfield, has captivated gamers since its announcement in 2022. However, a lingering question has plagued PlayStation owners: will Starfield launch on PS5? Buckle up, spacefarers, as we navigate the latest information surrounding Starfield’s potential PS5 release.

Is Starfield Coming to PS5?

As of May 6, 2024, there are currently no confirmed plans to bring Starfield to PlayStation 5. This news comes from reputable sources like gaming insider Jez Corden, who stated, “Nobody is working on Starfield for PlayStation right now”. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, further solidified this stance in a recent interview

While the door isn’t entirely slammed shut for a future PS5 release, it seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Why Isn’t Starfield on PS5?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda in 2021 is the driving force behind Starfield’s console exclusivity. This strategic move allows Microsoft to leverage Starfield as a major selling point for Xbox Series X/S and the Game Pass subscription service.

There’s also the technical aspect to consider. Bethesda titles are known for their ambitious scale and technical complexity. Optimizing Starfield for a new platform like PS5 might require significant development time, further delaying a potential port.

What Does This Mean for PS5 Players?

For now, PlayStation gamers won’t be able to explore the vast universe of Starfield.

  • Xbox Series X/S: The most straightforward solution is to switch consoles. The Xbox Series X/S offers the only guaranteed way to play Starfield at this time.
  • PC: If you have a powerful gaming PC, you can enjoy Starfield on launch day. However, the PC system requirements haven’t been officially revealed yet.
  • Wait and See: Microsoft has shown a willingness to bring some Xbox exclusives to PlayStation later, like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves. While there’s no guarantee, Starfield could eventually make its way to PS5 in the future.

Exploring the Rumors: PS5 Pro and Performance Modes

While there’s no confirmed PS5 version, discussions about Starfield and the PlayStation ecosystem haven’t entirely vanished. Here’s a breakdown of some recent rumors:

  • PS5 Pro and Starfield Performance: A YouTube video [3] speculates about a potential connection between Starfield’s upcoming performance modes and the rumored PS5 Pro. However, this is purely theoretical, with no official confirmation from either Sony or Bethesda.

It’s important to treat such rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism until concrete information surfaces.

What About Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming services like PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming offer a way to experience games without needing a powerful console. However, Starfield hasn’t been announced for any cloud gaming platforms yet.

Given the demanding nature of the game, it’s uncertain if cloud versions would be able to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience at launch.

Keeping Up With Starfield News

Staying updated on Starfield news is crucial, especially for PlayStation gamers hoping for a future port. Here are some resources to keep you in the loop:

  • Official Bethesda Website: The official Bethesda website is the best source for official announcements and updates regarding Starfield.
  • Gaming News Websites and Channels: Reputable gaming news websites and YouTube channels often cover Starfield developments. Look for reliable sources with a history of accurate reporting.
  • Social Media: Follow Bethesda and relevant gaming personalities on social media for potential teases or announcements.


Q. Is Starfield coming to PS5?

As of May 6, 2024, there are currently no plans to release Starfield on PlayStation 5. Microsoft, which owns Bethesda, has confirmed Starfield is an exclusive title for Xbox Series X/S and PC. There have been rumours and discussions about future multi-platform releases, but nothing concrete.

Q. Why is Starfield an Xbox exclusive?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has led to some exclusive titles, and Starfield is a major crown jewel. This decision likely aims to boost Xbox sales and Game Pass subscriptions.

Q. Are there any chances of Starfield coming to PS5 later?

The possibility remains open! Microsoft has begun experimenting with some Xbox titles on PlayStation, like Hi-Fi Rush. The success of these ventures might influence future decisions on Starfield, but there’s no official timeline.

Q. What are some alternatives for PS5 players who want a spacefaring adventure?

There are fantastic space exploration options on PlayStation! Here are a few:

  • No Man’s Sky: Explore a vast, procedurally generated universe filled with wonder and danger.
  • Outer Wilds: Unravel a cosmic mystery in this unique time loop adventure.
  • Everspace 2: Engage in fast-paced space combat with RPG elements.

Q. Where can I stay updated on Starfield news?

  • Keep an eye on Bethesda’s official channels and social media for any announcements.
  • Gaming news websites and YouTubers will likely cover any developments regarding a potential PS5 release.

While Starfield isn’t on PS5 currently, there are still amazing space adventures to be had! Stay tuned for any future updates, and who knows, maybe you’ll explore the Starfield universe on PlayStation someday.

Conclusion: Starfield on PS5 – A Case of Waiting (or Hoping)

While Starfield isn’t on PS5 currently, the future remains unwritten. Microsoft’s strategy and the potential commercial success of Starfield will likely influence future decisions. Patience and staying informed are key for PlayStation gamers who yearn to explore the vast universe of Starfield.

In the meantime, there are alternative ways to experience the game, or you can choose to wait and see if Sony and Bethesda join forces to bring Starfield to the PlayStation ecosystem in the years to come.

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