The Red Mile: A Gauntlet of Thrills and Danger in Starfield


Starfield red mile, The vast expanse of Starfield offers countless wonders to explore, from bustling spaceports to forgotten alien ruins. But for those seeking a unique blend of excitement and peril, the Red Mile beckons. This notorious casino-resort on the harsh planet Porrima III has carved its niche as a hotbed of gambling, ruthless competition, and a deadly challenge that pushes adventurers to their limits.

Starfield red mile

Where is the Red Mile and How Do I Get There?

The Red Mile isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but its location on the fringe of settled space keeps it from being a common tourist destination. You’ll find it on Porrima III within the Porrima system, situated slightly west of Volii on the galactic star chart. Early in the game, reaching it might require a couple of jumps depending on your available GravDrive technology. However, once you’ve visited, the Red Mile becomes a fast-travel point accessible from any planet with solid ground.

The Allure of the Red Mile Casino

The Red Mile isn’t just a deadly gauntlet; it’s a fully-fledged casino resort catering to those with a taste for risk. Here, you can indulge in classic casino games of chance, test your luck at the slots, or even engage in high-stakes backroom dealings. The clientele is a motley crew, ranging from thrill-seeking gamblers to shady smugglers and mercenaries. The Red Mile caters to a specific type of spacefarer, offering a lawless atmosphere where Credits can be won (or lost) just as quickly as your life.

For those seeking to upgrade their ship’s capabilities, the Red Mile holds a particular allure. It’s one of the few places in the settled systems where you can purchase shielded cargo holds and signal jammers – essential tools for the aspiring smuggler or pirate.

The Red Mile Run: A Test of Skill and Grit

But the true heart of the Red Mile’s infamy lies in its namesake challenge – the Red Mile Run. This grueling gauntlet throws you headfirst into a perilous trek across the unforgiving Martian-like terrain of Porrima III. The challenge itself is deceptively simple: activate a beacon at the peak of a treacherous mountain and make it back to the casino alive. However, simplicity is far from reality.

The Red Mile Run is a brutal test of your character’s preparedness and combat prowess. Here’s what you can expect:

Hostile Environment: Porrima III boasts a frigid atmosphere, so a functional environment suit becomes essential. Without proper protection, frostbite will quickly claim you.

Red Mile Maulers: These vicious creatures, akin to mutated wolves, roam the desolate landscape. They’re relentless hunters, and encountering them in packs can quickly turn the tide against unprepared adventurers.

Environmental Hazards: The Red Mile itself is a treacherous path filled with uneven terrain, treacherous cliffs, and blinding sandstorms that can disorient and hamper your progress.

While the challenge is undeniably difficult, the rewards are substantial. Completing the Red Mile Run grants you significant reputation and a hefty sum of Credits. Your name will also be etched onto the leaderboard, a testament to your skill and bravery.

Tips for Conquering the Red Mile

The Red Mile Run is no walk in the park. Here are some valuable tips to help you survive and potentially conquer this dangerous challenge:

Gear Up: Ensure you have a well-maintained suit with sufficient environmental protection and a reliable weapon to deal with the Maulers. Consider using Stimpaks or other healing items to keep yourself in the fight.

Plan Your Route: While there’s no single “safe” path, familiarize yourself with the terrain beforehand. Look for potential bottlenecks where you might be ambushed by Maulers.

Prioritize Movement: Focus on improving your character’s movement speed and stamina. You’ll need to outrun Maulers and traverse the uneven terrain quickly.

Companions Can Be Lifesavers: Consider taking a strong companion with you for backup. They can provide much-needed firepower or act as a distraction during encounters with Maulers.

Don’t Be Greedy: The Red Mile is littered with scattered loot and hidden caches. Resist the urge to deviate from your path unless you’re confident you have the time and resources to deal with any potential threats.

The Red Mile: A Flawed Gem?

While the Red Mile offers a unique and thrilling experience, some players have found it lacking. Criticism centers around the challenge’s repetitiveness and a perceived lack of depth in the casino itself. The Freestar Collective questline, which takes players to the Red Mile, has also been criticized for ending abruptly.


What is the Red Mile?

The Red Mile is a notorious gauntlet located in the Porrima System. It’s essentially a sprawling space station with a dark reputation. The station itself is a crumbling, lawless zone filled with ruthless criminals, dangerous creatures, and a lucrative underground circuit. The main attraction? A deadly obstacle course known as “Running the Red Mile.”

Is there a recommended level for the Red Mile?

While you can technically visit the Red Mile at any point, it’s highly recommended to wait until you’re around level 30. The enemies here are no joke, and venturing in underprepared is a recipe for disaster.

How do I reach the Red Mile?

Once you’ve escaped the Jemison mines and reached New Atlantis with your companion Vasco, the galaxy opens up for exploration. Head to the galaxy map and search for the Porrima System. Once you’re there, you can land at the Red Mile station. Remember, the environment outside the station is hazardous, so pack your spacesuit and gear up!

What can I do at the Red Mile?

The Red Mile offers a variety of activities for the daring adventurer:

Run the Red Mile: This is the main draw. It’s a brutal obstacle course filled with hazards, enemies, and a final boss fight. Completing the run earns you serious rewards, but surviving it is no small feat.

Explore the station: The Red Mile station itself is a den of iniquity. You’ll find shady bars like Sati Chandra’s where you can buy supplies, rent a room, or pick up rumors. There are also vendors selling weapons and armor, but be wary – not everyone here is trustworthy.

Take on side quests: Keep your ears open for whispers of side quests. You might encounter interesting characters with their own agendas, offering unique challenges and rewards.

Tips for surviving the Red Mile:

Pack for a fight: You’ll be facing heavily armed enemies and vicious creatures. Make sure you have strong weapons, plenty of ammo, and healing supplies.

Don’t be afraid to run: Not every fight is winnable. If things get too dicey, use your jetpack to boost away and regroup.

Loot everything: Completing the Red Mile run rewards you handsomely, but don’t forget to loot fallen enemies and containers along the way. You might find valuable gear and resources.

Explore strategically: While the main path leads you through the gauntlet, there might be hidden areas with bonus loot or shortcuts. Keep an eye out for alternate routes.

Is the Red Mile worth the risk?

Absolutely! For the thrill-seeker and the treasure hunter, the Red Mile offers a unique challenge and the potential for immense rewards. Just remember, fortune favors the bold (and well-prepared) in the unforgiving environment of the Red Mile.

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