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The sprawling landscapes of Hyrule in the latest Legend of Zelda title, Tears of the Kingdom, hold numerous secrets waiting to be unearthed. Among these hidden gems lies the Suariwak Shrine, a unique challenge tied to the notorious Yiga Clan.

This guide delves deep into everything there is to know about the Suariwak Shrine, from its location and unlocking process to the intricate puzzles and rewards that await within.

Locating the Elusive Suariwak Shrine

Unlike many shrines readily accessible in the open world, the Suariwak Shrine is cleverly concealed and requires you to complete a specific side adventure. This adventure, aptly named “The Yiga Clan Exam,” throws you into the heart of Yiga territory, demanding both cunning and combat prowess.

Finding the starting point for the exam is the first hurdle. Head towards the northwestern edge of the Gerudo Canyon. You’ll find a Yiga Clan member standing near some ruins at coordinates -2429, -1821, and 0147. Speak to him, and he’ll reveal his desire to test your skills to become a Yiga Blademaster. Brace yourself, for the path to the Suariwak Shrine, is anything but straightforward.

The Yiga Clan Exam: A Test of Cunning and Strength

The Yiga Clan Exam is a multi-stage challenge that requires you to infiltrate hidden locations and make offerings at specific Yiga Clan statues. Here’s a breakdown of each stage:

  • Stage 1: The Mighty Bananas: The Yiga Clan member will task you with offering Mighty Bananas to five strategically placed statues scattered across the Gerudo Canyon. Finding these statues can be tricky, so keep an eye out for landmarks and use your Sheikah Slate to mark their locations. Remember, the harsh desert environment can be unforgiving, so prepare for extreme heat and cold as you traverse the treacherous terrain.
  • Stage 2: Trial by Stealth: Having successfully presented the Mighty Bananas, you’ll be directed to a hidden Yiga Clan hideout. Here, your stealth skills will be put to the test. Navigate the hideout undetected, avoiding watchful Yiga Footsoldiers and strategically placed motion-sensor traps. Reaching the designated point within the hideout will mark your success in this stage.
  • Stage 3: Show Your Might: The final test throws you into a combat encounter with a Yiga Blademaster. This formidable opponent wields swift blades and boasts impressive agility. Dodging, parrying, and utilizing well-timed attacks are crucial to emerge victorious.

Conquering all three stages grants you the coveted Yiga Clan armour set, a valuable piece of equipment that boasts impressive defence against electric attacks. More importantly, it unlocks the entrance to the Suariwak Shrine, signifying your (apparent) acceptance into the Yiga Clan.

Entering the Suariwak Shrine: A Trial of the Mind

Having donned the Yiga Clan armour and gained their trust (or so it seems), you can now access the Suariwak Shrine. Step inside, and the true test begins. The Suariwak Shrine presents a unique environmental puzzle, unlike any other shrine in the game.

The central chamber features a raised platform surrounded by a vast pool of water. Electric currents periodically surge through the water, making direct traversal impossible. Strategically placed metal crates are scattered around the perimeter. The objective is to use these crates to conduct electricity and create a safe path to the central platform where the monk awaits.

Solving the Shrine’s Puzzle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step approach to conquering the Suariwak Shrine’s electrical labyrinth:

  1. Observe the Current Flow: The first step is to understand the pattern of the electric currents. Watch closely as they surge through the water, identifying their origin and path.
  2. Positioning the Crates: Carefully position the metal crates in the water, aiming to create a chain that conducts electricity from a safe starting point near the entrance towards the central platform. Experiment with different placements to find the optimal configuration.
  3. Utilizing Magnesis Rune: The Magnesis Rune proves invaluable in this puzzle. Use it to precisely move and position the metal crates, ensuring a continuous electrical flow.
  4. Timing is Key: The electric currents only surge for a brief period. Plan your movements accordingly, making use of the temporary safe zones created by the deactivated current to reposition crates.
  5. Reaching the Monk: Once you’ve successfully created a path of conductive crates, swiftly navigate across the electrified water to reach the central platform. Here, the monk will acknowledge your accomplishment and reward you for completing the Suariwak Shrine.


Q. What is the Suariwak Shrine?

The Suariwak Shrine is a shrine located in the Gerudo Highlands region of Tears of the Kingdom. Completing this shrine grants you access to a valuable reward – Rauru’s Blessing.

Q. Where is the Suariwak Shrine located?

The shrine itself is hidden, but you can find it on the northwestern edge of the Gerudo Canyon. The exact coordinates are -2429, -1821, 0147. However, there’s a catch! You can’t simply reach it – you’ll need to complete a specific side quest first.

Q. How do I access the Suariwak Shrine?

The Suariwak Shrine is locked behind a side adventure called “The Yiga Clan Exam.” This quest requires you to infiltrate a Yiga Clan hideout while disguised as a member. To gain access, you’ll need the entire Yiga Clan armour set.

Q. How do I complete “The Yiga Clan Exam” quest?

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Find the Yiga Clan Exam Giver: Look for a Yiga Blademaster near the shrine’s location.
  2. Locate the Frog Statues: The Blademaster will task you with finding five Frog Statues scattered throughout Gerudo Canyon.
  3. Make Offerings at the Statues: Each statue requires a Mighty Banana as an offering. Be prepared to brave the harsh Gerudo Canyon climate!
  4. Return to the Blademaster: Once you’ve offered at all five statues, head back to the Blademaster to prove your worth.

Q. What happens after completing “The Yiga Clan Exam”?

Congratulations! You’ve passed the exam and gained the Yiga Blade master’s approval. This unlocks the entrance to the Suariwak Shrine.

Q. What’s inside the Suariwak Shrine?

The Suariwak Shrine presents a puzzle that requires you to use your problem-solving skills. There are also treasure chests containing valuable items to help you on your Tears of the Kingdom journey.

Q. Are there any guides available to help me solve the Suariwak Shrine puzzle?

You’re not alone, adventurer! Many gamers have already tackled the shrine. There are video walkthroughs available online on YouTube that can guide you step-by-step through the puzzle solution.

Q. I don’t have the Yiga Clan armour yet. Can I still access the Suariwak Shrine?

Unfortunately, no. The Yiga Clan armour is essential to completing “The Yiga Clan Exam” and gaining entry to the shrine. Focus on finding or acquiring the armour before attempting this challenge.

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