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The serene village of Hateno Team Cece vs. Team Reede in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom faces an unexpected challenge – a heated mayoral election! Two charismatic candidates, Cece and Reede, vie for leadership, and you, Link, find yourself smack dab in the middle of their passionate campaigns. This side quest, aptly named “Team Cece vs. Team Reede” throws you into the heart of a charmingly divided village, forcing you to pick a side (or perhaps play both sides?).

The Candidates: Cece and Reede

Cece: A flamboyant fashion designer, Cece bursts onto the Hateno scene with a vision of modernization. Her shop, brimming with brightly coloured, mushroom-themed attire, clashes with the village’s traditional aesthetic. Cece promises to revitalize Hateno, attracting new residents and businesses with her trendsetting designs.

Reede: The incumbent mayor, Reede embodies the spirit of Hateno’s established ways. A kindly, familiar face, he values preserving the village’s peaceful, timeworn charm. Despite lacking Cece’s flashiness, Reede emphasizes stability and community spirit.

Picking a Side: Team Cece or Team Reede?

The choice between Cece and Reede is not a straightforward one. Both candidates have valid points, and the impact of their leadership remains to be seen. Here’s a breakdown of their potential influence:

Team Cece:

  • Pros: A modernized Hateno could bring economic prosperity, attracting new residents and potentially offering a wider range of goods and services. Cece’s fashion sense might inject vibrancy and life into the village.
  • Cons: Modernization might disrupt Hateno’s tranquillity and sense of community. The influx of new residents could strain resources and alter the village’s established way of life.

Team Reede:

  • Pros: Reede represents continuity and stability. His leadership ensures a peaceful and familiar Hateno, preserving the village’s cherished traditions.
  • Cons: Stagnation could lead to a decline in Hateno’s relevance. The village might miss out on potential opportunities for growth without embracing some change.

Ultimately, the decision rests on your vision for Hateno. Do you seek a bustling, modern village, or a tranquil haven that cherishes its past?

Beyond Picking Sides: Uncovering Secrets

While the quest asks you to campaign for Cece, a deeper mystery unfolds as you delve into the election. Here are some intriguing aspects to explore:

  • Unravelling Secrets: Speak to Sophie, standing outside Cece’s shop, to begin the “Cece’s Secret” side quest. Similarly, talk to Reede’s wife, Clavia, to embark on “Reede’s Secret.” These quests can shed light on the candidates’ motivations and pasts, potentially influencing your decision.
  • A Culinary Conundrum: Reede seeks your help in the quest “A New Signature Food.” This seemingly straightforward task might hold a hidden agenda, potentially revealing Reede’s strategy to win over voters.

The Impact of Your Choice: Does it Matter?

The internet is abuzz with questions about the long-term consequences of siding with Cece or Reede. While the immediate outcome seems to be swaying votes in Cece’s favour, the true impact remains shrouded in mystery. Here are some possibilities:

  • A More Complex Election: Choosing Team Cece might lead to further quests involving the election, potentially revealing hidden depths to the political landscape of Hateno.
  • Post-Election Hateno: The game might showcase the village transformed after the election, allowing you to witness the effects of your choice firsthand.
  • A Moral Dilemma: Perhaps the most intriguing possibility is that the game doesn’t definitively declare a winner. You might be left to ponder the long-term ramifications of your decision, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

As more players delve into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we’ll likely gain a clearer picture of the long-term consequences of the “Team Cece vs. Team Reede” quest. For now, the choice remains a fascinating exploration of tradition versus progress, wrapped in the charming world of Hateno Village.


Who are Cece and Reede?

  • Cece: A newcomer to Hateno, brimming with fashion sense and ambition. She’s opened a shop and is challenging the current Mayor, Reede, for his position.
  • Reede: The long-standing Mayor of Hateno. He represents tradition and stability in the village.

What’s the Deal with the Side Quest?

  • The “Team Cece or Team Reede” quest kicks off the mayoral election storyline.
  • Cece tasks Link with swaying undecided villagers to her side using Hylian Shrooms.
  • You’ll need to find eight specific villagers throughout Hateno and give them the mushrooms.
  • Tip: Look for villagers who don’t wear mushroom-themed clothing – those are likely Reede supporters!

Does My Choice Matter?

  • There’s no direct impact on the story based on who you help (Cece or Reede).
  • However, completing quests for both Cece and Reede unlocks additional side quests that reveal secrets about each candidate.
  • Ultimately, the choice seems to be more about influencing the overall feel of Hateno Village.

Where Can I Find More Info?

  • Check out online guides for the exact locations of the eight villagers you need to find for the “Team Cece or Team Reede” quest [Search for Team Cece or Team Reede quest walkthrough].
  • You can also find videos showcasing the quest on YouTube [Search for Team Cece or Team Reede quest on YouTube].

Bonus: Who Should I Choose?

That’s entirely up to you!

  • Do you favour a fresh perspective and potential change with Cece?
  • Or do you value the established leadership and tradition Reede represents?

The decision is yours, Hero! But remember, a lively Hateno needs a strong mayor, regardless of who wins.

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